What Is Paschimotasana and What are Its benefits for Premature Ejaculation?

Seated Forward Bend Pose

Paschimotasana (Seated Forward Bend Pose) is – slow-paced restorative style to vigorous flowing style.

Paschimotasana is called Seated forward bend pose in English. In Sanskrit it is called पश्चिमोत्तानासन. You can pronounce it like this – “Paścimottānāsana” or “PASH-ee-moh-tan-AH-suh-nuh. ”

Paschimotasana has been discussed here one of the best yoga for the benefits of premature ejaculation. Though, I have also discussed other benefits of Paschimotasana, including the other yoga asana for premature ejaculation.

Seated forward bend pose is one of the essential and widely practiced yoga poses in the HATA YOGA style.

One thing you should note here is – Paschimotasana is one of the fifteen yoga postures outlined in the yoga text that dated back in the 15th century or before.

How to do Paschimotasana?

  • Keep your shoulders down and away from your ears when you start bending from your waist.
  • Sit with your legs stretched out on the floor. Use a yoga mat while practicing.
  • Now you should hold the big toe of your feet and that should be easily with your index finger and thumb. Do not give much pressure on your body.
  • Now, you should exhale and slowly by slowly bend forward and try to touch your forehead to your keens.
  • You should make sure that your elbows touch the floor.
  • Whilst in the bent position, you should hold your breath, at least 5 counts, and inhale as you rise back to the sitting position.

What are the benefits of Paschimotasana?

Seated Forward Bend pose is also called Intense Dorsal Stretch. The pose targets hamstrings, calves and your back. It gives your whole back a good stretch, starting from your calves to your hamstrings i.e. back of the thighs to your spine. To get the benefits, you should practice this pose on a regular basis.

Paschimotasana: Benefits in General

  • The pose stretches your whole back portion and helps you open up the hips.
  • It is an excellent yoga posture for runners who normally have tight hamstrings.
  • Paschimotasana is called calming pose.
  • This asana can help relieve your stress and improve your mood.

What are the benefits of doing Paschimotasana for Premature Ejaculation?

We will tell you something about premature ejaculation before we start discussing about the best yoga for premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is the inability to satisfy your wife or woman. Simply put, the lack of sex drive getting you down.

Now, we will tell you some of the yoga asana for premature ejaculation, especially Paschimotasana for Premature Ejaculation. These yoga poses can be your natural solution for ejaculation. Not only these poses help you relieve the symptoms of ejaculation but also boost other parts of your body.

Yoga asana for ejaculation are many, but Seated Forward Bend Yoga Pose one of the best yoga postures in the entire yoga style. These postures will not only bring the vitality back but also considerably heat things up between the sheets. Yes, it is!

  • Paschimotasana or seated forward bend yoga is a pose that can help increase your libido, quantity of semen as well as control your ejaculation.
  • Women can also practice this yoga to improve their sexual desire, reduce pain during sex and even help them a lot increasing blood flow to the upper part of their body.
  • This yoga helps improve digestion and activates the abdominal organs. It relieves your stress.
  • This posture relieves symptoms of menopause and helps reduce the pain during menstruation. It is a great asana for toning the muscles of the lower back and increase the flexibility.

Therefore, all factors that described above help you have better sex!

Here are the following Yoga for premature ejaculation that you can practice at home with Seated Forward Bend Asana. We have given 10 yoga poses to help beat premature ejaculation. Let’s have a look.

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Things to Remember

We hope you have got your answer about Paschimotasana for premature ejaculation! Few things you should remember that have been described here.

You should not practice yoga without a yoga trainer.

If you have complications, like diabetes, high or low blood pressure, cardiac issues, back pain, arthritis, or other issues that are serious, then you should consult with your physician first before you go for it.

This blog and all articles and blogs that have been written or given in this site yoga2all.com are only for educational purposes. You can use our information for educational purpose only. We do not provide any medical guidance or advice.

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