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Since its humble beginning in the year of 2013, Yoga2all.com was made to inform, inspire and engage the web community by way of authentic and highly informative content on health and wellness. We have amassed more than One Hundred Thousand (1,00,000) readers or visitors each month. We have been updating our website/blog every day with informative posts to explore some new things about health and wellness that our readers love.

We always welcome having new bloggers, writers, web journalists or amateur writers to join our team as (Guest Writer/Contributor). Our motto is very honest and clear. We produce content not for search engines but for our readers. So we look for writers to write from the core of their heart, studying, researching and authenticating the information online, and pen down that information according to their words for final production to yoga2all.com readers.   

Write for Us

We look for guest bloggers/writers who have strong desire to produce quality content, a lesson or new piece of knowledge that readers or visitors of this blog can apply in their own projects or benefited enjoying a healthy life. This is completely an educational blog, so you accept content that is highly informative and educational. In return, we ask their name, social media links and website/blog URL to publish their contributed content for final publication.

What Kind of Blog/Article Do We Publish?

Our blogs/articles fall into 18 main categories on the blog yoga2all.com.

  1. Yoga
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Pranayama / Breathing Exercise
  4. Meditation
  5. Mediation and Music
  6. Mind and Body Connection
  7. Mindfulness
  8. Sleeping
  9. Spirituality
  10. Massage Therapy
  11. Style and Beauty
  12. Color Therapy
  13. Aromatherapy
  14. Ayurveda
  15. Food and Health
  16. Diet
  17. Common Diseases and Remedies
  18. And, something relevant to the above-mentioned categories, something interesting relevant to lifestyle, health, and wellness of any kind.

We do accept other categories that are not directly or indirectly related to the blog, but that we do publish in another section called “Editor’s Choice”. To know more about the category, we are asking you to visit the section. Becuase we inspire other writers who are not writing for health and wellness can publish their amazingly informative and educational content for other niches that readers of our blog love. 

We accept the following kinds of content:

Quick Tips – Blog / Articles (500 – 700 Words minimum) These blog or articles are short, simple and concise with a focus on a particular technique or approach.

Articles (800 – 1200 Words minimum) These articles cover a wide range of topics that have mentioned above. You can pick any one of them and write accordingly. The topic may be of health and wellness or similar kind that produce unique approach on the current health & wellness landscape.

The article can be more than 1200 Words depending on the style and topic. You can add the image to the content you write, otherwise, we will choose accordingly.

First Things First:

We like if you send the content topic before you start writing so that it cannot clash with our previous published blogs or articles.

Please follow the guidelines mentioned below.

Send an email with your chosen topic or title that you wish to write to yogatoall2016@gmail.com.

  • Title of the Blog or Article or Headline
  • Approximate word count of the content
  • Format (Quick Tip, Tutorial, News etc.)
  • A clear 1-3 lines description of what the content is about
  • Samples of your writing or links to published blogs or articles, if any

When you are done with the above things, you are free to write the content. While writing the content you need to follow the guidelines.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Easy to digest beautiful topic.
  • Insightful personal or researched article or blog.
  • Life tips on health and wellness.
  • If it is a tutorial kind of, then it should be original.
  • Creative, relatable blog or article on any topic mentioned above.
  • Be honest and authentic while writing the content
  • We welcome informative topic only that add value to the readers.
  • Your content should provide something new and useful to the readers.
  • Do not use slang in the content.
  • Keep headlines or titles of the content clean and easy to digest that tells about the content.
  • All submissions must be your original work (do not copy or make the duplicate).
  • Your submitted content should not submit other websites or blogs for approval.
  • You can include image relevant to the content.
  • The image should be high-resolution.
  • Submission of the content does not guarantee it will be published on yoga2all.com. Our team will reach to you through email, whether you need correction, rectification or other things.
  • If you are submitting or contributing article/blog for promotion of your products or services, you are welcome, but we only provide 2 links to your website or blog.
  • You can add your social media URL at the bottom of the content.
  • You can add a small bio at the bottom of the content.

Once the content meets the above-given standards, the editorial team will review it to see whether it suits yoga2all.com and go for final publication. After the content published, we will send you a formal email mentioning the published link.

Currently, we are not accepting guest post for free. We charge $30 for each blog or article you submit at yoga2all.com. (Charges include editorial review, editing – if required, submission process, links to your blog or website and publication).

We take submission charge via PayPal at mitrakabbyik2008@gmail.com within 24 hours after the content is live.

You are welcome as a guest writer or contributor to yoga2all.com


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Owner of Yoga2all.com (A Healthcare Blog)

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Email: yogatoall2016@gmail.com

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