The term “spirituality” shortfalls a specific meaning, though social scientists have described the meaning or the term spirituality is the search for “blessed”.  But the term “spirituality” has changed several times throughout the ages. In modern times, we see this term is frequently used and differentiated from Abrahamic religions and imply a mixture of humanistic psychology with mystical and esoteric heritage and in eastern religions this term specially aimed and used for the purpose of personal well-being and development. The idea of “Spiritual Experience” plays a vital part in modern spirituality but we see this has comparatively recent origin.

Though, there is no single and widely acceptable meaning or definition of spirituality we can get. As discussed the meaning “Blessed” is the only term we can use for Spirituality. Different people use this term in differently but the ultimate meaning is same. Here we can use the definition given by Waaijman, said the traditional meaning of spirituality is a procedure of re-formation which pointed to regain the original shape of human, more clearly the image of “God”. This represents the original shape in Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices may cover meditation, prayer, mindfulness, ethical development, use of psychoactive substances, and even teachings from online schools like Wicca Academy to help bring inner peace and a Sense of Purpose. Love has been described as the cornerstone of spiritual progress. Spirituality is sometimes called “a common sign of the value of tolerance for scope, practice, and belief of wisdom, thoughtfulness and especially appreciation for the institution of other religious communities or other sources of authority”.


The term “Spirit” meaning – “animate”, “vital” proposition in animals and human. In modern times it has become one of the internal experiences of an individual. At present time spirituality is also associated with mental health. It is also suggested that spirituality leads to find out the purpose and the meaning of life.

  • In Hinduism, the four ways of spirituality are defined as Jnana Yoga (The way of Knowledge), Bhakti Yoga (The way of devotion), Karma Yoga (The way of works), and lastly the Raja Yoga (The way of meditation and contemplation).
  • Jnana Marga is one of the paths frequently assisted by a teacher, known as a spiritual guru for spiritual practice.
  • Bhakti Marga is a way of devotion and faith to deities, this spiritual practice includes music, singing and chanting mantra.
  • Karma Marga is the way one work with hard working practical work becomes in itself a spiritual practice.
  • Lastly, the Raja Marga is a path for cultivating the necessary virtues, meditation, and self-discipline, in this state Samadhi is called the peak experience.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a cosmic (never-ending) consciousness. Though, the term spirituality is not same with spiritualism. It is to be said that Spiritualism is just a medium, interface with the dead etc. Spirituality is an infinite consciousness – same as never-ending, cosmic or ultimate.

We all know that the meaning of “Truth” was realized by our great spiritual teachers in every part of history such as Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna. In accordance with spirituality, the main aim of life is to amalgamate or consolidate the individual mind into the ultimate consciousness and the path to achieve this by practicing spiritual-meditation.


Contemporary Spirituality

The term spirituality has recently been using called religious spirituality, those who use the term spirituality without religion sometimes called “Spiritual but not Religious”. But modern or contemporary spirituality is placed in the profound meaning and values by which human lives. This is nothing but an idea encircles of an utmost immaterial reality. It visualizes an innermost path authorizing a person to uncover the necessity of his or her being.

A personal well-being, both mental and physical is an important facet of contemporary spirituality. Modern authors demonstrate that spirituality grows inner peace and shapes a substructure of happiness, in this way meditation helps a practitioner in cultivating his or her innermost life and character which is a form of spirituality.

Scientific evidence of Spirituality

The principal idea of spirituality is a never-ending/cosmic/ultimate consciousness with an ultimate reality is very much common to most occidental and oriental form of mysticism.

Though, this idea is not widely accepted or not accepted by everyone, from philosophers to mystics. In the last century, scientists have proved by different studies that the parallels between the mystical view of reality and quantum theory already described in the earliest texts of Taoism, Buddhism, and Yoga.

Great scientist Albert Einstein and all his fellow or peers including Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrodinger, Max Planck and Niles Bohr and most of the modern physicists have given evidence of “Mysticism”.

Come to India, Rabindranath Tagore (First Nobel laureate in literature from Asia) a poet and philosopher, he was happy to find somebody who did not think his ideas were insane.

The earliest philosophy of yoga appeared to be saying the same thing about the reality as the transpiring and emerging Quantum Theory. From 1960 till date this is one of the subjects of much discussion in the world.


Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices may cover meditation, prayer, mindfulness, ethical development, use of psychoactive substances, love and sometimes described as the cornerstone of spiritual progress. Spirituality sometimes called “a common sign of the value of tolerance for scope, practice, and belief of wisdom, thoughtfulness and especially appreciation for the institution of other religious communities or other sources of authority.

What is Spiritual Manifestation?

”Spiritual Manifestation” is the hypothesis that can attain through daily meditation with constructive and positive thought, by this way one can make his or her longing and dreams become reality. This idea has a little while back been popularized in American media by such things as the book “The Secret” and the sitcom “My Name Is Earl”. Simplified down to a single statement, the Law of Attraction states that think and act in a positive way, good thing will surely happen to you, but whether your think and act negatively, bad things will happen to you. This conception has been throughout a long time from the early Hindu conception of “Karma” to its many contemporary forms of mental science, positive thinking, pragmatic Christianity, divine science and practical metaphysics.

Spiritual indication grasps that whether you really wish something and truly think it is possible then it will surely happen. And, whether you are thinking about what you do not want or do not wish to happen, giving it lots of mindfulness and thought, that will most likely happen, too.

How does Spiritual Manifestation Work?

Spiritual indication works on three levels: namely, the psychological, physical and spiritual. Each level needs its own explanation.

  • On the ground of spirituality, it is assumed that thoughts have its own spirit which captivates whatsoever the person thinks of it. This spirit itself is neither negative nor positive but it is simply what it is actually. In order to control this spirit to the person’s benefit, one person must practice for a few things such as,
  • Identify what you want,
  • Ask the universe for it.
  • Feel, try to understand and observe the object what you longing for.
  • Always open your mind to receive it.

On the ground of psychology, a spiritual indication is observed a structure of “self-fulfilling divination”. If a person is satisfied with his or her longing and dreams are unobtainable, the person will only make a half-hearted endeavor, be excessively open-minded to any hindrance as a symbol of imminent defeat, and sometimes it becomes prevented and stopped.


On the other hand, whether one is satisfied their longings and desires are accessible, even unavoidable, they will react individually. They will cast themselves into the function, performing very strongly to attain their longings. They will view hindrance only as non-permanent issues and the outlook of indication of victory as demonstrate that their longings and desires are becoming reality at a slow pace.

Scientifically, human ideas are just a biochemical operation of neurons shifted between different synapses in the brain. However, this moves of neurons build an electrical current-very small, certain but noticeable.

This electrical current also produces a very small magnetic field. Supporters of spiritual indication assert that magnetic and electrical waves transfer content, not just silly unchanged, though we don’t even have to implement to determine and affirm this theory. Supporters of spiritual indication assert that by the way of meditation and mental training, people can rule their ideas and opinions, and therefore the biomagnetic and biochemical energy discharged by their brain waves. Nevertheless, this theory has not even proved, though it is nothing but a fascinating scientific theory.


Albert Einstein believed, “the most pleasing and very deep emotion we can experience is definitely the sensation of mystical. This is the ultimate root of all true science. Somebody to whom the emotion is unfamiliar, this deep and extensive emotional thought of the existence of an upper reasoning power that is released in the unfathomable and inexplicable universe, is my idea of God.”

Difference between Religion and Spirituality

The definition and the aim of Spirituality are taught at different times by different founder of the religion. We found that the aim of religion and spirituality is not the same thing. Though the core definition of all the religions is same and within all the major religions the features of mystical traditions are already included.

But it is important to understand the real differences between religion and spirituality. Spirituality is related to theism and a wise concept of God. On the other hand, religion can be theistic like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam or can be atheistic like Buddhism and Shintoism. The concept of God is discussed better in the subject of spirituality than that of religion.


Spirituality is very practical and can be the meet and perceived by practicing spiritual-meditation. This helps the practitioner going on a personal realization. On the other hand, religion draws attention to belief and faith, teaches people various types of prayers, most of them are focused externally which involve festivals, rituals, and ceremonies.

Spirituality is a choice and is unsegregated into every facet of human existence. But religion is in generally ritualistic and a section or part of a person’s life, generally implemented in churches, temples etc.

Spiritual Meditation

Meditation with spirituality is called spiritual meditation. In terms of Spiritual meditation generally, our mind is directed towards the spiritual ideas.

In simple terms, we can say this is an infinite love, peace, harmony, and happiness. Sometimes we say it is all about God. Though, the term “God” is not actually important here. The important thing is that to remember the infinite love, peace, harmony, and happiness are within and with our surrounding.

Spiritual meditation teaches us to concentrate on a spiritual idea, which is associated with our infinite consciousness; this consciousness is beyond doubt great than ourselves, where our mind and body transform into a pure, unfathomable and ever-lasting consciousness.

How can we live More Spiritual Life?

You will surely find out that there is so much of ideological conception everywhere in present days that tries to simplify the foremost way to live a further more spiritual life, and the path to entrance a spirit that will empower us to heal ourselves in a physical and emotional manner as a result of a brilliant power that take place itself by the method of supernatural phenomenon.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing has been discussed hundred years ago in Asia and other countries in the world, but most of the people do not understand the appropriate meaning of spiritual-healing. At present days in our busy lives, we handle everyday stresses, in this situation meditation and healing are the some of the foremost ways to handle our daily stresses.

Healing is an art of making our mind and body power to manage any stressful circumstances much peaceful and calm. It helps us to regain healthy life, reduce stress, depression, mental tension, anxiety, and trauma. The above-mentioned health issues can be simply cured by meditation. It improves our immune system and develops our overall health. Healing brings you near to the source and you get in harmony with Mother Nature.


Our body and mind are very closely connected with each other. Thoughts which are negative, affect our body negatively and thoughts which are positive, have a positive healing effect on our mind and body. While doing meditation we need to give up all negative thoughts from our mind, stressful feelings and anxiety build negative vibrations on our mind and body.

Healing meditation helps us to link with our sub conscious mind. It also helps us to moderate and arrange our body enough to permit medication to work better. There are many advantages of spiritual healing; it helps us to give up bad habits without having in the most fight which we normally feel when we try to modify our habits. It happens because our subconscious mind controls us to walk behind a particular pattern. We can reprogram it to a healthier pattern. Healing medication is widely used to heal for any types medical issues, such as headaches, mental stress, depression, hypertension and more. With the help of spiritual healing, you can increase your positive energy and can heal your illness, improve your life to live to stay happy and healthy. Because of its immense benefits, spiritual healing is being practiced by many people in the world.

Influence of spirituality in our life

Sometimes a question comes in our mind; can spirituality really help us to live a healthier physical life? How can it strengthen our family health?

The latest studies designated that spiritual persons show fewer self-destructive behaviors (like smoking, taking drugs, abuse alcohol etc.), they get less stress and live a better life with higher life satisfaction. Though, the studies have shown spirituality helps to reduce anxiety, depression, helps to improve blood pressure and improve the immune system.

Physical Health and Spirituality

Many times scientists and physicians keep away from spirituality with medicine and health. But many types of research and studies have shown within past 10-15 years that religion and faith (Spirituality) helps us to improve good health and combat different illness. It is shown that senior citizens, who get involved in such a spiritual association, are less affected with physical disability and depression, anxiety etc. Seniors who regularly get involved in religious services, improved immune systems, and lower blood pressure than those people who did not attend.


Spirituality and Mental Health

Spiritual and religious faiths are major parts of how people manage with the joy and happiness of life and distress. This religious faith helps people to live a better life and a sense of purpose of living.

When a person faces a troublesome situation, including health issues, this religious belief or spiritual-belief helps him or her to combat against it, helps to reinstate the order and meaning of real situation of life, and helps to manage to recover a sense of control. If a problem arises in one’s family, spirituality can be very important and strong source of strength. Medical studies have established that spiritual belief can have a great result of mental states.

Study shown men who were in the hospital, almost half rated religion as beneficent in surviving their diseases. On the other hand, the more patients who were more religious, they recovered more from some illness. Another study has shown that high levels of expectation and confidence about spiritual belief help in combating with depression, anxiety, and some disorders commonly found among those people who practiced their religion with great belief. 

How Spiritual Beliefs Enhance Parenting?

People attending well-organized religious services may help their families to connect with great spiritual values, but this is not the only way. To encourage spiritual-belief within the family, one person may wish to analyze his or her own values. If you do this, at first you should ask yourself:

  • What is important for you?
  • How well do your daily activities mirror your values?
  • Do you really neglect some issues that matter to you because you are busy to spend time on things that really matter less?

The concept of spirituality and non-spirituality is up to you, but if you believe and have faith in spirituality then you can be a part of a larger group of religious community and friends. Making a spiritual journey might be helpful for you and for your family to live a positive and healthier life, both emotionally and physically.


The role and impact of Spirituality in Health Care

The recent technological advancement has led to extraordinary progress in medicine and has given people the capability to make a longer life. Yet, in the past few years’ doctors have tried to stabilize their care by retrieving medicine into more spiritual seed, identifying that till present-day spiritual-belief was sometimes connected with health care. Sympathetic care includes helping the complete person—the physical, spiritual, emotional and social. This type of service is definitely a spiritual pursuit.

Spiritual Wellness

Spirituality is distinctive to each person. Your “inner self” normally deal with the profound part of you, the part that allows you make sense of your sphere or the world. Your inner self-gives you with the divulging sense of who you are and why you are in this world and what is the main purpose you are here. It is that deepest part of you that permits you to acquire the hope, desire, and strength. Spiritual impact on one’s life is inevitable and unavoidable. For some, a spiritual belief perhaps considers with traditional religions like Hinduism, Christianity or Buddhism. But for others, it may signify at peace with nature.

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