Yoga For Children

In this busy time our kids live in a hurry-up world of busy parents, competitive sports, school pressures, malls, video games, incessant lessons and many more. We normally do not think these impacts as stressful for our children. The rushing pace of our kids’ lives can have an extreme effect on their natural enjoyment. Yoga teachers found practice yoga can help to overcome the pressure. Whether children learn various techniques of yoga, they not only get the benefits of self-health and relaxation but also get the result of their inner fulfillment. They get the navigation power to face the challenges of life with a little more ease at the very early stage of life with self-esteem. Promoting collaboration and sympathy—in lieu of opposition—is beyond doubt a great gift to give our kids.


Benefits of Yoga for Children

Children acquire extensive benefits of yoga.Yoga enhances their overall flexibility, coordination, strength and awareness of body and mind. Their calmness, concentration and relaxation of body and mind improved. Practicing yoga helps our children to exercise, play and connect more enormously with inner-self, and helps to develop a close relationship with natural world that surrounds among them. It helps coordination, devotion and confidentiality of mind and body connection.

Yoga – A Kid’s Way

The nature is our best teacher. When our children emulate the sounds and movements of the nature, they have a great chance to understand and to get inside the another being and visualize taking on its standards. As example if children assume ‘Lion Pose Yoga’, they not only experience the behavior and power of lion but also this pose helps them to understand their own sense of power. The pose also helps them to behave properly, like when to retreat and when to aggressive. Many yoga poses/asanas are suggested by yoga experts that are active and playful, which help kids to cope up their emotion, help children to release extra energy, and help to handle frustration, or give relaxation before bed. Children may behave better — and surely parents will feel great too.


Yoga – Snake Pose for Children

Yoga helps children in many ways, offers different possibilities to exchange intelligence, good times and put the foundation for the purpose of a life-long practice that will help them to continue to deepen the feeling of mind and body. Here we (adults) need to be very cooperative with them (children). We must encourage our kids.  Because yoga for children and for adults are quite different. Children should discover the earth on their own way. We need to inspire them to think harder, do better, love everyone and care all. Yes we need to love them, but love should not be all in their life. We should not make only a responsive and loving environment for them; similarly we need to uncover the truth of life. This will be good to them to understand their life day by day. When they perform different nature asanas / yoga poses and animal yoga asanas / poses, these poses help them to engage in their minds to deepen their self-awareness. As example, when they perform snake pose / Bhujangasana, helps children to imagine that they are just a snake with a long spine with no legs or arms. To realize the pose in mind better.


Yoga- Tree Pose for Children

On the other hand, if kids perform Tree Pose’ / Vrksana, trainer tells them to visualize being a ‘giant tree’ with roots and branches, growing from the bottoms of their feet. When they pose like a ‘dog’, balance like a ‘lion’ or stand like a ‘giant tree’ while doing these poses they visualize in making a connection between their mind and body. The importance of self-esteem in life and the truth of interdependence become apparent to them, then children start to know the ultimate truth of life that we are all made of the same “material”. We are just in different forms.

Yoga Poses for Children

Yoga for kids is a form of asanas / yoga poses specially designed for children of all ages. Yoga poses can be performed by children of all ages. There are no hard and fast rules. Generally, asanas / yoga poses performed in the yoga classes designed for children assimilate the different asanas / poses and games, especially aimed to hold the kids’ attention and concentration in different aspects. Practicing meditation is suitable for the age group of 12 years or older children. The main aim of yoga for children stimulates the physical as well as mental capabilities. Yoga can be a very successfully form of therapy for children with various physical as well as mental illness. This yoga therapy is very useful for kids with special care and needs.


Benefits of Yoga Poses for Children / Yoga Benefits for Kids

Donkey Pose / Down Dog Pose

This asana / yoga pose makes your child laugh and helps him or her to forget frustrations (if any). For donkey pose, you need to show your kiddown dog’ pose first and then say ‘like your leg for donkey’. Or, you can say what does a donkey say? Your kid says Hee Haw!

Falling Star Pose / Kite Pose / Start Pose

This yoga pose helps your kid to stand with feet wider than hip-width apart and encourage to raise arms out to the side and palms down. Help your kid to tilt torso left and try to place left hand close to left foot. Tell him or her to reach the right hand up; straight ahead. Now encourage to hold for five to six counts. Need to return to standing pose and repeat this way for five times on the left side. Switch sides.

Reverse Warrior Pose / Viparita Virabhadrasana

Help your kid to begin in Warrior II PoseEncourage your child to keep his or her body open to the side, and say to bring the back down the back leg. Now rest the back hand on the lower leg. Tell him or her to inhale properly, and reach the front arm straight up, encourage that he or she can try to the palm facing behind you. Tell him or her to breathe while doing this pose at least for 30 seconds. Help you kid to come out from the pose, return to Warrior IIRemember for a deeper stretch, you need to help your kid to gently lean back and extend the top arm past the ear.

Benefits of Reverse Warrior Pose for Children: This pose will help your child to opens the ribs, arms, neck, strengthens legs, stretches inner legs and hips and also helps to increases self-esteem.


Partner Boat Pose / Navasana

Help you kid to sit properly so that he or she can face his or her yoga partner and bend the knees, with feet flat on the ground. Now tell him or her to touch the big toes or yoga partner’s big toes. Now tell your kid to lean forward and hold the yoga partner’s hands, with the arms on the outside of the legs. Now need to press the soles of the feet to the yoga partner’s on one side, should do the same on the other side. Whether both the yoga partners are in a balanced position and like to challenge then press the feet together and lift towards up straight the legs. Now help your kid to return slowly and comfortably the feet to the ground and stop holding hands while releasing the yoga pose. Now say your kid to rock back and forth gently and sing ROW YOUR BOAT that they can feel encourage about breathing properly.

Upward Facing Dog Pose / Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

The yoga upward facing dog is one of the best yogas for children. Help your kid to start this yoga pose. Being on the ground, tell you kid to place on the stomach. Now say to bring the hands up by his shoulders and palms should be on the floor. Start inhaling and simultaneously press the hands onto the ground. Now try to straight the arms and lift the head and torso upwards as higher as you comfortable to do. Keep your elbows near to your body. Stay in this position and breathe easily. Breathe very deeply and stay in this position for at least 30- 60 seconds.  Exhale and prepare to return to the ground.


Plant Pose / Side Plank Pose / Vasisthasana

Side Plank Pose or Vasisthasana is one of the most popular pose in the entire yoga style. Though, this full version of the pose is practiced with the top leg raised surface to the ground. That posture is quite advanced but we are giving some easy way to practice this pose that anyone can start practicing this yoga poseYour kid can start this Side Plank Pose or Vasisthasana lifting his hips slightly upward. Now, he needs to shift his weight onto the right-arm that he can roll onto the outside of his right-foot and opening his entire body to the side. Keeping both of his feet bend, now mound the left-foot on the top of his right. This is very important, so tell him to try to do this very comfortably. 

Chair Pose / Awkward Chair Pose / Utkatasana

Awkward chair pose is the 3rd posture in the series of Bikram Yoga. This pose is very good for your muscle in the body. This pose prepares for your entire muscular system to give strength, at the very first moment you will feel quite crazy in doing this pose but after a few days of practice you will be able to gain huge strength. There are three parts available in Awkward pose. This yoga pose helps in strengthen the legs, stretch chest and shoulders.

Kissy Knee Pose – Improves Your Kid’s Digestive System

Yoga experts say this yoga posture improves digestive system. Try to encourage this pose to your kid, as it will give your kid an overall feeling of calm. Encourage him or her to sit with right leg stretched out and left foot against inside of right thigh. Now you need to tell your kid to bend forward and make a smooching sound as you kiss your right knee. Help this step to do very slowly. Now come back to starting position comfortably. Repeat up this step for 3 times at least before switching legs.


Monkey Pose – Balance and Strengthen the Legs

Help your kids to start this yoga pose in mountain pose. Now encourage your kid to jump the legs out wide. Now you need tell you kid to inhale and bend the knees. Now say you child to exhale as he or she straighten the legs, swinging the arms to one side. As his / her arms just swing back down, now try to raise up the arms as the swing to the opposite side. Try to encourage your kid to repeat for several times. Now tell him or her to bring the feet back together. To encourage your kid for full body movement and breathing, tell your child have a money style and make monkey sounds as they swing the arms from side to side. This pose stretches your kid’s arms, helps to increase balance and strengthens legs.

Corpse Pose / Savasana

Corpse pose is also known as Savasana.  This pose is the final pose in any yoga class and due to that, it is sometimes called as Final Relaxation Pose. The corpse pose may look like a simple asana but this exercise needs a lot of concentration and will give benefits through continued practice. The benefits of corpse pose yoga are much more than just physical – this pose enhances and renews the body, mind and as well as the spirit.

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