An Exclusive Sneak Peek at What’s Next for PEMF Machines?

Learn how innovations of PEMF fit into the evolving lifestyles of the human race in this era; the future aspects of the flourishing market of the PEMF machines.

Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapy researchers believe that human beings of this era persistently involved in a rigorous routine on a day-to-day basis should take their time to slow down. The human race of this century is going through serious health problems, which might be mental or physical. But nature has got all the answers. It’s time to tune in with the Earth’s natural symphony of Electromagnetic waves. 

PEMF is the safest and ultimately growing source of these replicated electromagnetic waves. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field works in order to improve cellular function, encourage rapid healing and provide mental stability. It enhances the strong electromagnetic activities taking place in the brain and heart. 

And thus, fights with your panic attacks too. Its use can be traced down to back in the 1920s but the present lifestyle of the human race requires a lot more medical care at the back end. PEMF therapies have been playing a significant role, and are constantly evolving to fit into the maximum number of medical conditions naturally. So there’s a lot more to this Earth-inspired technique in the future. Here’s a sneak-peek at its development and future aspects, so stick around. 

PEMF- The Innovative Magnetotherapy

PEMF is continuously evolving for the past few decades. Being a topic of concern in more than 10,000 research papers across the globe and 2000 double-blind studies in the National Library of Medicine, this innovative therapy is something everybody is talking about. And that’s not for no reason, its miraculous results in treating cervical osteoarthritis, knee osteoarthritis, chronic lower back pain, healing wounds, restoring normal potential, reducing inflammation, and regeneration of tissues have made it all worth it. Over the years, it has altered the way medical treatments operate. 

Many medical conditions can be treated at home now. And all of these treatments by projecting microcurrents in the body without involving the use of massive drugs and surgeries having enormous side-effects.

PEMF is a symphonizing agent that sets your body to the natural electromagnetic rhythms of the Earth. PEMF Therapy techniques have been constantly evolving to give better results. A Research paper by Marko S. Markov suggests that the PEMF Magnetic Therapy techniques are constantly evolving to bring about state-of-the-art machines. There are different PEMF Machines in different shapes and sizes with different characteristics accordingly.

PEMF and Evolving Lifestyles- A Regional Analysis

The human lifestyle has been constantly evolving to be more and more mechanical with every passing year now. Increased loads of work and unhealthy lifestyles lead to physical discomforts as well as mental stress situations. 

They ultimately end up in poor health, weaker regenerative processes, and diminishing immune systems. All of these things not only invite future ailments but also make the past healing slower and less effective. Dealing with all this through multiple expensive surgeries and high-potency drugs is somewhat a very bad idea. So why not tune in with nature? Here’s a regional analysis of rapidly growing physical issues across the globe.

According to PEMF Global Analysis Research 2019-27 if human beings mindlessly keep on going to the same track of rigorous routines without taking care, over 130 million individuals are estimated to get osteoarthritis by the beginning of 2050. Ministry Of Health and Family welfare, India research suggested that osteoarthritis is the 2nd most common disease in the public.

Increased sports activities lead to an increased injury rate, especially among kids. In the U.S.A alone, over 3.5 Million kids under the age of 14 get injuries during sports. On the other hand, lack of physical activity is another story that leads to several other problems such as joint function problems, back pain, and muscle fatigue. 

This electromagnetic therapy has rapidly swiped across the regions of North America, Asia, Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East Africa. 2018, significantly proved to be the dominating year for PEMF therapy primarily in North America.

PEMF- The Electrosmog Cleanser

Waves around us aren’t always healthy, human beings have invented a new kind of pollution namely, “Electric Pollution”. Also known as Dirty Electricity or Electrosmog, radiated by the devices around us like cell phones, WiFi, tablets, computers, laptops, smartwatches, and more. 

This electrosmog turns out to be destructive to our natural metabolism. It disrupts the natural flow of metabolic and anabolic activities taking place at the cellular level. This further causes physical and emotional issues such as tension, headache, jitters, anxiety, depression, muscle stiffness, neck pain, agitation, and nervousness. And by the end of the whole day around these electronic devices, you’re completely drained!

But PEMF Therapy got you covered here as well, PEMF to your body is like a shower! This washes out all the excessive charges out of your body leaving it relaxed and all set to step into another hectic day. 

HAELO- The All-new PEMF Innovation

HAELO is the PEMF innovative biohacking optimizing tool inspired by PEMF TESLA coils that form a toroidal field around the body. HAELO is the new generation easy-to-use tool that optimizes cellular function as well as detoxifies the cell by entering the cellular membranes. 

It has a Cumulative Effect which means that it works like workout routines. 

You have to stick to the routine to see apparent changes in your metabolic activities. Attuning your body to this therapy makes it strong and resilient for a longer run. According to NASA Research, electromagnetic waves are capable of regenerating over 30 Trillion cells of a human body. Recalibration of your body cells through a rhythmic pattern of Sine waves prepares it to withstand future ailments and medical conditions on its own. PEMF Dermatological Research suggests that these electromagnetic waves are capable of healing a diabetic wound as well. Its abilities of Collagen Deposition, Alignment, and Orientation make it a highly effective therapy to heal wounds as complicated as diabetic ones. 

PEMF- The Flourishing Market in 21st Century

Changing lifestyles, obesity and rapid aging drive the market of the PEMF machines. This market is flourishing by touching the untapped points by critically analyzing user requirements and avenues emerging across the globe over time. The plethora of benefits makes PEMF a perfect fit not only for the patients but for the manufacturers too, who keep on mapping the best innovative ideas. 

Many companies like BioBalance, Pulse Centres, SEDONA Wellness Ltd., Swiss Bionic Solutions, Pulsed energy Tech LLC, Nuage Health, and Orthofix Holdings are a few big names in the market. EIRS Theory is one the leading theories followed by manufacturers to put their efforts and investments to bring about the best PEMF machines for the public.  


The PEMF Therapy, widely used around the globe is the best fit for the present-day lifestyle of the human race and all the problems that come along with it. It is suitable to be used for individuals of all ages for a multitudinous variety of medical discomforts. Hyping up across the globe, PEMF Machine Industry is now a hub of medical experts and entrepreneurs collaborating to make the best devices that are affordable as well as effective. So pick the best PEMF machine for yourself and tune in to Nature’s symphony.

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