Discover Naked Yoga An Ancient Indian Practice

Naked yoga style is a part of yoga

Naked yoga have an Indian history from a long past. It is to be known, some of the India’s Naga Sadhus or monks started Naked yoga as a part of spirituality, but this name Naga has been misunderstood as ‘Nagna’ or ‘Nude’. But in generally, Naga means, ‘who represents power’, this word ‘Naga’ came from a word NAG means, ‘Snake’, which indicates the power of Hindu philosophy.

About Naked Yoga

Indian sadhus or monks practiced naked yoga to tame their desires, to identify their physical bodies and specially to break the attachment with everything. Kama (Sex), Krodh (Anger) and Lova (Greed) or can be said, physical, material and sensual. Naked Yoga or Nude Yoga is the practice of yoga without clothes. Many people practice Naked yoga at home and in nature. This yoga is popular among the different ages of people. Participants are young, old and children.

This yoga is getting popularity all over the world, notably in western societies. It is also becoming very popular in Europe and United States.

The benefits of Naked Yoga are immense no doubt, but if you wish to get the benefits of nude yoga then you must think whether you are comfortable to practice this yoga without clothes and if you are really sure to do then you can practice, or you might think this is just  a ridiculous yoga, or you can think this is not the proper way to practice any yoga exercise.

No matter how you feel about it, you might be curious to know whether there are any health benefits related to this yoga. I must tell you please do not see the title of this yoga practice only. Think the meaning of it and then start practicing.

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