Types of Yoga Props for Beginners and Advanced Yogis

Yoga Props Benefits

The benefits of usage of yoga props has been a cause of debate for numerous yoga practitioners. A few of them are of the opinion that yoga props can be a weakness. While most of them are firmly confirming the widespread benefits that yoga props bring in performing yoga.

Indeed, yoga props have tremendous benefits, such as it provides support for various yoga poses; it enhances the overall performance and corrects body postures. Whether it is yoga mats or yoga blankets, each prop offers its benefits to a yoga practitioner.

Yoga Mat

Whether a yogi is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, the yoga session will be practically incomplete without a yoga mat. The yoga mat is the indispensable prop that a yogi needs to start practicing yoga. It requires to lengthen holding time and integration while performing different asanas. Hence, a yoga mat is of great benefit to let a yogi perform yoga sessions comfortably. 

Yoga Blanket

A yoga blanket acts as a gentle support for a yogi. For example, it can support the spinal curve when a yogi is doing the corpse pose. Usually, when a yogi is performing the Yoga Nidra Meditation, the body gets cold gradually. Therefore, yoga blankets can be of great help to cover the body. Additionally, yoga blankets assist a yogi in diverse sitting poses and accommodate additional height. Yoga blankets provide warmth, comfort, and sweat absorption.

Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are highly useful to deepen stretches and poses while practicing yoga. A yoga block aids a yogi to ensure proper alignment during yoga sessions. Yoga blocks are excellent for yogis who are trying to take their flexibility to another level. Moreover, a yoga block can reduce the distance between the practitioner’s arm and the floor, especially for those having difficulties because of their height.

Yoga Wheel

The yoga wheel is one of the trendiest props on the market. Yoga wheels help mainly to roll out the spinal curve and for body alignment. The yoga wheel stretches a yogi’s front body to the maximum. Moreover, yoga wheels massage the entire spinal curve profoundly and safely. A yoga wheel can also help yogis looking to do deeper backbends and balancing of the forearm.

Yoga Strap

A yoga strap is astonishingly useful when a yogi is performing an intense restorative yoga posture. Furthermore, a yoga strap is of great help when a yoga practitioner attempts to unblock physicals or mental issues. While performing deep stretches, yoga straps provide gentle support to the body muscles and joints. A yoga strap also helps to align body postures correctly.

Yoga Bolster

A yoga bolster is similar to a pillow, but it is firmer compared to a standard pillow. Yoga bolsters usually comes in rectangular or circular shapes. A yoga bolster helps in reducing the level of stress and anxiety from a yogi’s mind and body.

Meditation Pillow

Most yoga exercises consist of meditation. Some yoga exercises related to meditation can cause some uneasiness. Consequently, a meditation pillow is of great help to alleviate any potential discomfort when trying new yoga poses.

Yoga Wedge

The intensity of yoga poses increases when a yogi gradually transitions from beginner to intermediate or intermediate to expert level. Progressively, a yoga practitioner will start performing weight-bearing exercises, which means the body weight will rest on the toes and hands.

Fortunately, the yoga wedge helps a yoga practitioner to progress to more challenging poses. Yoga wedges promote high supports to maintain proper yoga poses. Additionally, a yoga wedge helps alleviate any potential pain as it supports the body weight and reduces pressure on the toes, wrists, and hands.

Yoga Neck Pillow

A yoga neck pillow is of great advantage as it supports the neck to its entirety. Any level of yoga practitioners can use a yoga neck pillow. A yogi can fill the neck pillow with soothing organic herbs such as organic flaxseed, which greatly benefit relaxation exercises. A yoga practitioner can also heat or chill certain brands of the neck pillows.

Yoga Ball

The yoga ball or the exercise ball helps to strengthen and stretch the body. Yoga ball also improves the stability and balance of yoga practitioners. Yoga balls can take poses to the next level as it imperatively helps with body posture and proper alignment.

Final Thoughts

You may now deduce which yoga props will benefit you in different yoga poses. Using yoga props can be incredibly useful for the reason mentioned above. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level yogi, you can always opt for the yoga prop you think will help you the most in your yoga sessions.

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