Yoga for Women

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Today’s women are successful. They do multi-tasking and many of them are parents. They are often workaholic. They are sometimes homemaker. They are the essence of family, but they are really worried of managing stress, tension, headache, anxiety and other physical and mental ailments. The question is – how to overcome these situations and live a pain free life? How to reduce and get rid of tension, stress, frustration and pressure? Yes, Yoga is the answer for all. Yoga for women can help to make strong from mind and body. Yoga can be the solutions of today’s woman.

There are many benefits of yoga for women. Yoga is not only for women, but also for men. Here we have mentioned the key benefits of yoga for women. Yoga is really good for women considering physical and mental benefits. Many studies have conducted on yoga and yoga therapy showed that the lifespan of women practice yoga is more compared to women who do not practice yoga. Yoga is sometimes known as cleanser of mind and body. Yoga helps clean the body and mind with other important things to lead a healthy and happy life.

Yoga for Women
Yoga for Women

You must have heard the benefits of yoga for women during pregnancy. Women practice yoga during and before pregnancy keep their body and their children strong from healthy mind and body. Women who do practice yoga before, during and after pregnancy have painless labor and happy motherhood.

Yoga Boosts Your Metabolism

Benefits of yoga for women helps functioning proper metabolism. Yoga helps in maintaining healthy and fit body, tone muscles, reduce excess fat and control hunger. Yoga helps women achieve balance and efficient metabolism.

Yoga Can Improve Your Emotional Health Reducing Depression

When you feel depressed yoga can be your best tool to make your feel better and help you to come out from depression. A study has been conducted by Duke University Medical Center on the benefits of yoga for women, showed that women who suffer from stress, tension, anxiety, depression and other issues can benefit a lot practicing yoga on a regular basis.

Yoga for Better Sex Life

Who does not want to get a healthy, fit body and mind from inside out? A study has conducted by a reliable Journal on Sexual Health and Medicine, and showed that a regular practice of yoga up to 16 weeks is good for women, especially when you think about the benefits of yoga for women for better sex life. The best outcomes were seen amongst the women aged under 46, women who practiced yoga for 16 weeks found increased orgasms a lot.

Yoga Boosts Your Organ Functioning

Women who do practice yoga on a regular basis can improve their organ functioning. Yoga helps them prevent diseases as well.

Yoga for Women
Yoga for Women

Yoga is good for Women’s Healthy Skin

Yoga is good for women’s healthy and attractive skin. When you think about the benefits of yoga for women, you must think yoga for healthy and attractive skin. Yoga helps you beat stress, depression and anxiety. When you beat depression, stress and anxiety and improve your sleep, your worst problem like acne, warts etc. will reduce. Yoga is called the great stress reliever. It helps heal your skin faster and stay clear.

Yoga Improves Blood Pressure

Yoga improves your blood circulation. It helps improve your blood pressure level make your feel calm from inside out. This is one of the major benefits of yoga for women, especially who try to control their blood pressure level.

Yoga is good for Menstruation

During menstruation, women experience hormonal imbalances that make them very anxious and depressed. Women who practice yoga on a regular basis at home can relive pain during menstruation, reduce discomfort in the time of period and make them fit and healthy from body and mind. PMS is one of the most common issues the majority of women experience to menstrual period. This can cause sleeplessness, irritability, depression, anxiety, headaches and other similar issues. Yoga practice can cure all these issues.

Yoga is Good for Nice Legs

There are many benefits of yoga for women; one of the benefits is toning your leg muscles. Thus yoga helps build your legs nice, toned and attractive at the same time. So, if you are planning to travel to a beach, or having a beach-party, you will be appreciated for your bikini body.

Yoga for Women
Yoga for Women

Yoga is Good before and after Pregnancy

Have you heard the benefits of yoga for women before and after the pregnancy? Yoga is good for women of all ages, and during pregnancy. Yoga is good for fertility, reducing stress, hormonal balance, improve sexual stamina and enhance intimacy. Yoga can acts as a therapy when you like to enjoy the motherhood. This can increase your ovulation and balance hormone, thus you are expected to get pregnant easily. Besides, yoga improves your blood circulation and reproductive organs.

Yoga Tones Your Muscles

Yoga is good to tone your muscles. Yoga poses or asanas work on muscles, relax and make stress free. It works in two ways. Some of the poses like Chatturangasana or Four Limbed Staff Pose and Paripurna Navasana or Boat Pose are known as body-weight exercises that mostly work on muscles in the same way.

Yoga Improves Your Fertility

Studies have shown that benefit of yoga for women are many. Yoga can reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Yoga can affect on fertility. Most of the yoga experts believe that specific yoga postures can help promote specific organs or body parts. It can promote making bay by increasing the blood flow to one’s pelvis. It can stimulate the hormone producing the glands as well as releasing muscle tension.

Yoga for Women
Yoga for Women

Yoga Is Good for Hot Bootie

Yoga like Warrior I, Warrior II and Warrior III poses are good to improve your bootie. Apart from these poses you can practice Chair Pose which is good yoga for women. Regular yoga practice can improve your body flexibility and make your back muscle strong.

Yoga Helps Tighten Your Abs

Whether you are tired of crunches then some of the yoga asanas can help you tighten your abs. If you are struggling for a long time to tuck in tummy and get the well-toned abs then try Standing Forward Bend Pose and Plank Pose for great help. These two asanas are excellent tighten your abs, including Bridge Pose, Headstand and Cobra Pose.

Yoga is Good for Gestational Diabetes

Women who have the risk of gestational diabetes can practice yoga. The benefits of yoga for women are undeniable as it cures gestational diabetes. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus often called GDM, a maternal hyperglycemia that arises generally during the third trimester of one’s pregnancy. In this situation, you can practice Shoulder Stand Pose, Camel Pose, Cobra Pose, Bow Pose, Cow Face Pose, Plough Pose for better results.

You can practice Alternate Nostril Breathing with Relaxation and Mediation to get the result faster.

Yoga is Good for Pain Management

If you are living life with chronic pain, then you must know how discomfort the situation be when you do certain works and you cannot. You lack of strength, energy and feeling of well-being. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can ease your chronic pain. Yoga asanas like Cobra Pose, Warrior Pose I, Butterfly Pose and Plank Pose can help you relieve various chronic pains.

See more Yoga Poses that can help you minimize the medication usage and also help you live a fuller and happier life.

Yoga is Good for Balance Issues

Most of the women these days face balance issues. The benefits of yoga for women are many when we talk about yoga and balance issues. Some selected yoga asanas like Tree Pose, High Lunge Pose, Big Toe Pose, Chair Pose, Extended Triangle Pose, Lord of Dance and Half Moon Pose are good to improve your balance.

`Yoga for Women
Yoga for Women

Yoga for Spending Quality Time with Friends

Do you know yoga can strengthen your love and relationship? Yes it is. Studies found that women who practice yoga on a regular basis spend quality time with friends and families. It may sound odd, but it is true that practicing yoga can help boost your mind and body, thus you lead a happier life.

Yoga for Weight Management

Managing weight is a major concern for today’s woman. If you are one of them who is looking for top yoga poses that help you manage weight, then here we have mentioned some yoga poses good for your weight management. You can also see yoga for zero figure, most of the women like to have zero type figure and try yoga for reducing weight, stay slim enough and fit. Yoga is no doubt good for weight management.

Yoga for Women of All Ages

Yoga is good for women of all ages, it is not that adult women can only practice yoga. These days, women of all ages are practicing yoga. But some yoga poses are recommended for adult only and some are for children. Some yoga poses are recommended for women over 60 years of age. Some yoga poses are for pregnant women. When you practice yoga you should discuss with your yoga trainer who can guide best.

Yoga Increase Your Energy

Yoga can boost your energy level. Do Mountain Pose on a regular basis. This yoga is very effective. This pose can work as a energy booster. It is easy to perform. You can practice Extended Mountain Pose with Forward Bend Pose. Ask your yoga trainer if you need other poses to boost your energy level.

Yoga for Women
Yoga for Women

Yoga Improves Your Sleeping

Do you know the benefits of yoga for women to improve sleep? Here we have given some popular yoga poses that help improve you sleep. You can practice these yoga poses such as Locust Pose, Lizard Pose, Forward Bend Pose, Corpse Pose, Hero Pose and Bridge Pose for better sleep.

Yoga is Good for Immune System

There are many yoga poses help boost your immune system. You can practice Astanga Yoga for Immunity, which is sometimes called 8 Limbs of Yoga. Cobra Pose is a very popular one that helps boost your immune system. You can also practice a range of yoga poses such as:

Downward Facing Dog Pose I Bow Pose I Bridge Pose I Wheel Pose I Camel Pose I Headstand Pose I Child Pose

Pranayama like – Kapalbhati is also good for boosting immune system.

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