Can You Have an Elliptical in an Apartment?

Elliptical in an Apartment

Elliptical workout devices form the better part of a complete fitness regimen. These devices provide workout enthusiasts what they need to achieve their fitness goals. They are ideal both in commercial gyms and for home use. But can you have an elliptical in an apartment?

In the recent past, most people have resorted to purchasing elliptical devices for use at home. This is not only important for privacy purposes but also a way of saving fuel driving to work outstations. So, can you have an elliptical in an apartment?We shall get in-depth limelight into this topic herein.

Can You Have an Elliptical in an Apartment?

Most apartment floors are made of wooden floors. Using elliptical machines in your daily workout routines might disturb neighbours with loud noises. Since this is a great concern, most people are left worried about setting these devices in apartments. So, can you have an elliptical in an apartment? 

Yes, elliptical fitness devices can fit in apartments. However, ensure you place it on a flat surface. Moreover, ensure you put a rubber mat underneath to prevent the spread of shifting sounds to neighbours. 

Elliptical manufacturers construct elliptical for apartment devices of different sizes. Some are wide, long, and tall. There are others built with compact designs that fit apartments. Therefore, before purchasing these facilities, ensure you measure your space to get what fits in your apartment. 

Consequently, these devices feature different components that combine to provide service. These components operate differently and in different directions. Examples of such components include the footpads, a large body, and the handlebars. The large body holds into place the belt, and the footpads move to and fro. Considering the movement of its components, you won’t place it near a wall. Other than these components, elliptical devices come with add-ons like stabilizers, a water bottle holder, a console, and a table holder. 

With technological advancements growing root, elliptical manufacturers have resorted to constructing collapsible models. They are great options for apartments, and users can neatly store them after use. With these options, you can set space for it by pushing aside your living room table. After completing your workout session, fold the device and push it to give your table its space. 

However, other people might find it too much work for them. Such people should consider compact devices. These models boast the same features as other versions, but they fit in limited spaces. 

Moreover, compact design elliptical devices have a stride length and shorter widths. Such specifications are excellent for short to medium people but can affect the stability of taller users. If you can find an option with the right dimensions, it can be great for a comfortable routine every day.

The Right Location To Place Your Elliptical Machine

We have gotten the limelight that elliptical machines can work in apartments. But what is the right location to place them?

Manufacturers recommend placing these workout machines on flat surface floors. Also, ensure you put them next to an electrical outlet since they use power to function. However, if you have an additional spare room, take a step and make it your workout room. Those who lack such a space can transform or use their bedrooms as workout spaces.

Find a spot with a space of four feet in width and eight feet long in your apartment. Moreover, ensure you leave an area of about twenty inches on each side to enable you to have an easy installation. Space is also essential when you would like to move the machine elsewhere. Consequently, ensure you leave space of about 20 inches at the front and back. This provides users optimum safety for a comfortable workout routine. Back and front space is also crucial since the pedals extend even past the length of the equipment. 

Another vital aspect to remember is the headroom. The headroom refers to the space between the ceiling and your head. Ensure you leave about four to six feet inches headroom to prevent you from hitting the ceiling. Ceiling measuring between eight and ten feet inches makes the best space to assemble this equipment. 

However, you might find that you live in an apartment whose ceiling measures less than 8 feet inches high. In such cases, you need to take measurements right before you purchase any equipment. In addition to this, measure your height and add it to the equipment’s step-on measurements. By step-on height, we mean how far the machine places you when it moves its highest point. From your record, if you get a value four to six inches below your ceiling height, install the machine. All these measurements aren’t done for formality. They help your head not to touch the ceiling while exercising.

How Safe Is An Elliptical Machine?

We are almost completing the discussion. But before that, how safe is placing elliptical equipment in apartments?

Several aspects determine the safety of placing elliptical machines in apartments. However, crucial of all is structural integrity. Any apartment with well-built flooring can bear the weight of elliptical machines. Manufacturers design elliptical machines mostly weighing between 150 and 250 lbs. If, for instance, your weight is around 300 lbs., the total weight pressed on the floor becomes about 550 lbs. Such a weight surpasses the set code building by far. 

Various people construct their houses in different manners. How you build your home also plays a role in the total weight it can bear. Houses constructed abiding by the set construction standards have better flooring to support weights or even over 500 lbs. 


So can you have an elliptical in an apartment?Yes, you can purchase this machine and place it in an apartment for your workout routine. You can set it up in any additional free room and run successful workout sessions. Whichever floor you live on, you can set the machine and use it to burn calories and maintain fit. Elliptical machines are excellent workout machines that you should employ to achieve fitness goals.


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