Yoga And Anatomy

Apart from spiritual freedom and peace, yoga is used to alleviate different health problems, reduce stress and make the spine supple in contemporary times. It is also used as a complete therapy and exercise for mind and body. Different yoga poses (asanas) focuses on different anatomical parts. Yoga also focuses on various ailments.

In the West, the term yoga is widely used but associated with Hata yoga and asana, as a form of exercise. Where it has been using purely as a form of exercise, its profound benefit of mental, physical and spiritual awareness. Many of the Western countries believe that the long-term practice of yoga improves musculoskeletal, different anatomical parts, and mental health and also prevent different disease, such as Asthma, Back pain, Spinal pain, Diabetes and more. Regular YOGA practice increases brain GABA levels and improves mood and anxiety.

Yoga and Anatomical Focus:

Yoga is very effective for all persons, for any age. yoga is not only prevented various health diseases but also focus and strengthen different anatomical parts of our body. But each of the yoga has its different style and pose, though it is very much important to know what and how every style or pose of yoga need to apply to get the overall benefits. Though there are various styles or poses of yoga are available, posses are applying in the yoga at present time are really hard to count. Many style or poses are there.

Different yoga poses/asanas focus on various anatomical parts. Even each yoga pose/asana focuses on different parts of the human body. Every single yoga helps us to get different benefits and helps to prevent various diseases.

Yoga is an ancient art of keeping the body and mind in balance, and further keeping oneself in sync with the universe.  It is believed that our body is controlled by the universal law, which although being invisible is strong and surpasses all the other scientific laws, as it is known as the universal law. Now when yoga infuses with the human anatomy miracles can be achieved as both mingle in an outstanding way making it easy for many people to lead a healthy and focused life each day.

The human anatomy is quite a large and interesting to know, and when yoga influences it the results are very strong and deep. It is said that through yoga one can activate all the body cells making the body a strong mechanism to nurture life. Further, it has been described as that yoga balances the spiritual, mental and physical side of the human anatomy, so in a way, Yoga and anatomy walk hand in hand. Let us understand the working of the yogic anatomy and ancient science.

The main facets and the science of yoga:

It is said that the human hand too has its own mechanism of functioning and operating, and while talking about yoga and anatomy one needs to focus on both the aspects of human anatomy and the actual science of yoga, together they become yoga and anatomy, it further helps understanding yoga anatomy for yoga teachers, in a deeper way. It can be segregated into five parts namely, the prana, the vayus, the nadis, the chakras and the koshas. To be precise it is quite essential to understand the understanding yoga anatomy for yoga teachers and their functioning in a person’s body.

  • The Prana or the life force:

Life in itself is special and when understood it through the yogic anatomy way it becomes more interesting. So if you want to live life than the inner force from within which helps in the reviving the internal power of the human body is known as the Prana or the life force. In the Chinese and Japanese way of life it is known as the Chi, and through breathing one can feel this invisible yet invincible inner power of life.

  • The Vayus that which flows:

In itself, vayu is the replica of the wind that flows through the universe. And Vayus is known to the flowing path of the Prana all through the body bringing a balcony overall. There are known to be forty-nine total Vayus, among which five have major functions. Vayu is the wind and the Va here means that which flows, so it flowingly governs the specific areas of the body, like the digestive system, respiratory system, and the speech. All the forty-nine Vayus have their own individual functions and alternative powers. Through its understanding of the functions, one can easily bring an amalgamation of the body and mind, with the daily practice of through the practice of yoga.

  • The Nadis of the invisible tube :

It is the invisible tube or pipe, or the better way the channel which carries the Prana throughout the human body. In other words, they are the replica of the veins which carry the blood in our body. They can only be felt, sensed and also seen just through the inner vision of our conscious mind and soul. There are seventy-two thousand Nadis, out of which three are main.

  • The Chakras the wheels of energy:

The wheels of energy or the chakras, are the spiritual powers which are embedded along the Nadis, namely, there are seven Chakras in the human body describing the human anatomy and yoga. Each of them has their own color, vibrations, sound and even symbol. Moving around the body in a spinning motion, these Chakras govern the different aspects of the human psyches.

  • The Koshas the energy layer:

The various aspects of a person’s being are represented by the energy layers or the sheaths, commonly known as the Koshas. From the outer and moving deep  to the inner most core of the human body the five Koshas are vital namely the annamaya or the physical, pranamaya  or the pranic energy, the manomaya or the mind, emotions, and the nervous system, the vijanamaya or the wisdom and finally the anandamaya or commonly known as the bliss.

Each of these facets help in understating the unity of the yoga and anatomy, helping many yoga gurus and the practitioners of this ancient exercise art form to bring a healthy balance in their human anatomy physiology and yoga forms.

Understanding the Human anatomy physiology and yoga:

Modern science has also found out that yoga and anatomy are related, and yogic anatomy actually helps in the proper understanding of the human anatomy physiology and yoga, together with science and medicine. Each part of the body like the system, the organs, molecules, tissues, veins, cells, atoms and energy, all are controlled through the invisible yogic anatomy which helps in the proper functioning of the body. Further, it is said that practicing yoga helps in the increase level life span of each cells in the body through maintaining the fresh youth of the cells. Precisely there are main five principles of anatomy and yoga restoring the proper balance of the healthy cellular system in the body. These are namely,

  • The principal of relaxation where the normal breathing rate of the heart is in a proper rhythmic manner
  • The principal of rhythm, this is the Para sympathetic tone vibrations in the cells
  • The principal of repair it is simply the healing power of the body from within
  • The principal of rejuvenation, after going through the previous yogic anatomy principles, the feeling good essence is actually to rejuvenate
  • The principal of reprogramming well this can be explained as the inner transformation of personality, which in many Buddhist languages is also known as the human revolution.

Few common health ailments and their treatment through yoga and anatomy:

The human body has its own way of healing, and through practicing the yoga and anatomy understanding one can easily fight back these ailments totally making oneself fit and healthy. The few common ailments and their treatment through yogic anatomy help understanding yoga anatomy for yoga teachers, to teach the patients.

  • Osteoporosis and its yoga and anatomy perspective:

Osteoporosis is a disorder of degenerative bones, leading to an increased risk of fracture. It can be prevented and even treated through the regular yoga asanas. One of the practices is the pranayama, the exercise of the breath, along with a proper diet with good habits to lead your life can surely help and cure this ailment, as it harmonizes the balance between the ovaries, adrenals, Para-thyroids, pituitary and pineal gland with the other glandular secretions of the human body.

  • Arthritis and its human anatomy physiology and yoga treatment:

It is the common medical condition where the joint suffers from inflammation and severe pain disorders. It is an ageless ailment of the body, attacking at any age, and the two most common of them are the osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It is said that practicing the yoga and anatomy perspective one can easily overcome poor posture, which elevates the joint misalignment causing the erosion of the joint cartilage. It also helps in reduction and managing of the pain, with the breathing practices helping is de stressing and relaxation of the tissues.

It can be concluded that leading a life following the human anatomy physiology and yoga, in daily life, one can attain the goal of having an ailment free life, with the higher and enhanced immunity system and will power. Everything starts with the mind to think of achieving the ultimate goal of gaining a fit life, helping one to focus rejuvenated each day with the proper guidance of the understanding yoga anatomy for yoga teachers, and practicing diligently. Further yoga and anatomy also keeps the human body and soul in tune with the as mentioned above universal law which governs each cell, particle, water droplets, fire and air in the universe, and our body being an asseblence of these together gets empowered and activates all its healing process to fight any type of health issue, from within making the functioning together of the human anatomy physiology and yoga stronger.

All the five facets of the ancient yogic anatomy functions within our human body every second of a day, although may not be seen, through practicing yoga one can easily feel its presence, making it clear that ancient science of yoga and anatomy has an impressive influence on the human body and soul. If a person is thinking to avoid painful medical treatments for any form of health issue, then the best form of cure and treatment would be to follow the balanced and regular form of anatomy and yoga system of life. Even many senior medical practitioners all around the globe have accepted this truth through years of research and tests on different people with different human anatomy.

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