CBD Oil For Dogs: Revolutionary Healing Agent For Pets

CBD oil for pets

CBD Oil For Dogs Enhances Your Pet’s Holistic Growth

Our furry friends (dogs, cats or rabbits, or other animals) feel same type of pain and sensitivity what we actually feel. We can express our pain and ask for medications or therapeutic applications. But the sad part is – these innocents can’t. Let’s assume you also have used best CBD gummies or oils for yourself and got the benefits.

No, you are the owner of your dogs or cats, and it is up to you, how you can manage their pain and sensitivity. You might have known the benefits of CBD oil for dogs. Maybe your friends have already used and got the benefits, and now they are asking you to use CBD oil for pets.

But before you take decision, you should know what this CBD oil is, the THC, HEMP and many other things which will help you decide the best CBD oil for your furry friends.

CBD is also known as cannabidiol. It is a composite that occurs naturally, and collected from the cannabis plant. It is also called marijuana. Though the cannabis plant has two different variants, one is – HEMP and the other is – MARIJUANA.

The factor that differentiates these two plants is the content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Actually, the THC contains are very high in marijuana plants. But the THC contains found in hemp is not that much high, which is why manufacturers of CBD products for pets use hemp that contains THC 0.3 percent or less than that.

Almost 50% Pet owners in the US use CBD Oil for their beloved pets

What is this THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)?

THC is nothing but a composite that holds psychoactive properties. It produces the feeling of intoxication on consumption. Normally, it makes you high. But the CBD extracted from the hemp variant of plant is used only for animals, like dogs, cats and rabbits, to name a few.

Don’t get bored as we are discussing the science behind CBD oil for pets. Actually, our motto is to guide you about THE best CBD oil for your furry friends, and make you understand what it is about and how to use them. After reading this content, we are sure, you will be confident enough to take the decision.

Global CBD Oil Market Is Growing

The global CBD oil for pets market size is burgeoning. You will be amazed to know that it was valued at USD 130.00 million in the year 2020, which is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 60% from the year 2021 to 2028.

This is quite normal because the perceived benefits of cannabis, high awareness amongst pet owners, especially CBD oil for dogs and the huge preference for the purpose of natural pet supplements have led to an upheaval in the market growth.

The many different benefits of using CBD-based products in fixing mental as well as physical disorders, like pain, bone disorders, and arthritis in pets are driving the market. In accordance with the Cannabis product news report, all but 25% of pet owners in the United States use CBD-based products either for themselves or for their furry pets.

The Science Behind Endocannabinoid System

Normally CBD exact that collected from the hemp plant interacts very well with endocannabinoid system, which is present in animals’ body. This is another body system like our nervous system or immune system. This endocannabinoid system plays a significant role to regulate the key physiological processes, such as: sleep, pain response, feeling, mood and appetite, to name a few.

Pet owners report CBD oil is good and safe for their pets, treating allergies, anxiety, distressed or sudden fear

This endocannabinoid system is present in the body of all mammals, including humans. So our dogs, cats and rabbits also have this system that works to remedy any imbalances. The role of this system is to ensure the optimal body function and maintain a balance among all internal processes.

As CBD oil for dogs is derived from the hemp –cannabis plant, it is out and out safe for your dogs, cats or rabbits or even other domestic animals.  But the products, either oil or other things derived from the marijuana variant of cannabis plant are not safe for pets.

As we have discussed above products derived from marijuana plant contains high level of THC, which is dangerous for your pets’ health. But the CBD oil derived from the hemp variant of cannabis plant doesn’t show any dangerous or toxic effects in dogs or other pets.

Though a few pet owners have observed mild effects, such as: mood swing or lethargy in their pets, and that’s too on initial application of CBD oil. It would be better if you use it very little and monitor your pets’ behaviour to the very first dose. This will not only help you get a better idea but also help you to understand what exact dose your pets’ need.

CBD Oil for Pets Are Truly Great

The benefits of cbd oil for dogs, cats and other animals are many. When your pets grow old, they suffer from arthritis, joint pain and other bone related disorders, like humans do. In such conditions, cbd oil works magical, and they can live pain free and happy life.

When you will use an ideal dose of CBD oil for your dogs or cats, even other pets, you will surely get to see phenomenal benefits. CBD oil for pets can support and improve their overall life and wellbeing. CBD oil interacts with the receptors of animals’ body very well. It has shown phenomenal improvements, especially in the bodies of geriatric pets.

A survey has shown, almost 1,500 pet owners used/use CBD oil for their pet dogs and cats, sometimes based on veterinarian recommendation

Diseases in pets like cancer, anxiety, sleep disorders and epilepsy are often treated using CBD products. Rising issues of anxiety disorder, bone related issues, pain and arthritis in pets, especially in dogs and cats, is another growth propelling factor for the current CBD market.

CBD Oil for cats and dogs

A high quality CBD oil for pets formulated from hemp variant cannabis plant can give many different supportive benefits to your furry friends. When you use whole plant CBD oil on a regular basis, you will get to see the benefits. It will help balancing the endocannabinoid system of your dogs or cats. This effect supports many different functions, given below.

  • It provides care and comfort
  • It supports your pets’ connective tissues and promotes joint health.
  • It is good for neurological issue, GI tract and immune system.
  • It is helpful for stress management.
  • CBD oil is capable of soothing the brain and nerves.
  • It improves cardiovascular health.
  • CBD oil has anti-inflammatory effect and it helps relieving stiffness and soreness.
  • Highly effective for reducing damage caused by free radicals
  • It is good for antioxidant function and maintain disposition
  • It is effective for allergies.

The Effects of CBD Oil On Your Dog’s Health

If your pets are having issues, like arthritis, bone disorders or others, you need to consult your vet first, to avoid serious injury or other medical emergencies. But if you are planning to support their overall health and happiness, like calming their mind and relieving their join issues that most aged dogs and cats face, and that’s too in a holistic way, then CBD oil for dogs could be the best choice. 

CBD oil works wonder for dogs and cats suffering from arthritis or bone related issues due to old age

CBD oil will help your canine or feline happy. They will feel comfortable. CBD oil works very well when a dog or cat struggles with situational or separation anxiety, sleeplessness or even behavioural issues. Many dog owners have seen their dogs suffering from anxiety in their lifetime. Whether your dog also shows the same symptom(s), or issues, like heavy breathing, vocalizing, pacing, and abnormal behaviour, you can apply high quality CBD oil.

If the issues are situational, like loud noise, thunderstorms or even for fireworks, you can apply CBD oil on your dogs, which will calm them instantly. CBD oil helps calming mind and soothing the body’s stressful situation. Your dogs, maybe very playful, very sporty, but with age they may suffer from arthritis and/or joint pains. In this situation, you can use CBD oil to support joint health and better neurological function.

Why Organic CBD Oil for Pets?

Your dogs may become distressed because of spaying, neutering or certain types of injuries. Sometimes physical stress can cause trauma and distress. In such circumstances, CBD oil for dogs helps your pets get instant relief. CBD oil calms their behaviour and relaxes their body, and comfort them during the recovery phrase.  

Similar to dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals too need CBD oil when they suffer from situation anxiety. Cats sometimes experience anxiety, stress and sudden fear due to loud noise, separation, rides or guests come at home, in this situation a few drops of CBD oil for cats will help them a lot. Though, senior or mature cats benefit the most using CBD oil.  

Some dogs and cats face issues adjusting to a new home, especially aged dogs or cats suffering from arthritis or bone disorders, in this case, CBD oil works wonder. Dogs are much friendly than cats. Cats are basically solitary animals that are very much efficient in hiding their injuries, stress, discomfort and pain. You can’t even find out when your cats are hurt or in pain.

Choose 100% pure broad-spectrum CBD oil for pets

So, keep a sharp eye on them for even slightest changes. If you found anything different from their regular food habit or behavioural change, you can talk to your vet, and CBD oil for cats is the best way to apply. But remember one thing. Always choose 100% pure broad-spectrum CBD oil for pets. It would be an added advantage if you choose MCT oil with chicken flavour added to reduce your pets’ pain or trauma. A good quality CBD oil is generally comes after lab test that is good for your pets’ holistic growth.

Pet lovers, owners or parents main mission is to make their furry friends life easy and happy. If your immense happiness lies on seeing your dog’s wagging tail, then why not apply CBD oil for dogs? You can make your pet’s life comfortable, pain free and happy with CBD oil!  

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