What is Sensual (Sexual Massage) and What Are Its Benefits?

Sensual massage

When we talk about massage we normally think about rubbing on head and body with essential oils, and sometimes other parts of the body. But when we talk about sensual massage, which is often called erotic massage or adult massage, we think this is not a massage. These are not therapy at all. Would you really believe that erotic massage, sensual massage or adult massages have some benefits? Yes, it is. There are various things to know about massage therapy, the benefits of massage therapy and much, much more.

Are you wondering about the mental and physical health benefits of erotic massage? It’s not something that is just purely sexual. It is also a great therapy for your health that I am going to discuss it here.

Erotic Massage also called sensual massage for those who like to explore the Eastern origins of art.

Though, all massages are art, so the erotic massage. It is an art form. It is a type of physical therapy, which involves naked or nude bodies working together to attain or enhance your sexual arousal. If you are a person who likes to stimulate libido, then this sexual therapy is best for you. Many different techniques are used around the world in many different cultures to enhance sexual relationships as well as personal happiness with the help of erotic/adult/sensual massage.

Benefits of Erotic massage/adult massage / sensual massage at a glance

  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Alleviate overall stress
  • Manages pain
  • Stabilize blood pressure
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Improves immune system
  • Develop, maintain and rehabilitate physical function
Adult Massage
Adult Massage

All massages can promote muscle relaxation, reduce stress, stabilize blood pressure and develop, maintain and rehabilitate the physical functions. I do not believe sensual massage, sexual massage, adult massage, and erotic massage are different from each other. They are more or less the same thing. The name only differs. The fundamental benefits of these massages are – sensual massage vis-à-vis sexual massage is about the expectation of receiving the genital stimulation to sexually excite as well as result in sexual release. Thus, it allows you to feel and enjoy your body more in each moment.

In India, in different places, in the name of massage and massage therapy some massage parlors are offering sexual or erotic massage. They are very, very erotic. If you do not know what are these massage therapies, and without knowing the basic things visit a massage parlor and ask for a sensual or sexual massage, then you will be in trouble. But if you have already taken one or more times and very much acquainted with sexual massage, then you are free to do and enjoy.

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Sensual Massage for Relationship Partners

It has long been proven that massage on a regular basis can boost white blood cells. White blood cells play an important role in defending the body against illness as well as disease. Well, in fact, an erotic massage or sensual massage or adult massage does actually count as exercise. Many studies had conducted on this subject matter and have been conducting but most of the studies have shown massage therapy either sensual or non-sensual is good for a healthy body and mind. Soothing massage strokes shred just under 65 calories during 40 minutes of massage. Here, in this blog post, I will share you my personal experience, better to say one of my friends shared an experience with me. Let us dive into his experience.

For him, massage may have different names; many people say it is mainly for the body, many say it is for mind and body as a whole. Unlike other common types of massages (think Swedish, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Thai, and the list can go on), sensual massage is done as a sexual therapy to stimulate libido which is important for relationship partners.

Sensual massage or sexual massage is of Eastern origins. It is considered an art form and a type of effective physical therapy that has been practiced for years.

adult massage
Adult massage

A True Story of a Sensual or Erotic Massage Session

Deb, one of my childhood friends who had tried a sensual massage in Malaysia because at that time he was there for a job. He used to work for 12-hour a day and hardly find time to relax. After 6-month of a strict schedule, he started getting frustrated and looking for something special and feel-good thing. One of his friends in Malaysia suggested him to go for a sensual or erotic massage session. At times, he was confused, because he was from India, and he did not know anything about this massage and did not try even. After a week has gone, he finally decided to take a sensual massage.

He visited at a well-known massage parlor nearby which he knew for sometimes. They asked for a certain amount for the 2-hour massage session and told him for 100 percent satisfaction. Without thinking anything he just took the decision to go for a 2-hour session.

Masseurs who were present in the parlor asked him to put off his clothes. He knew that this kind of thing would be happened, so he was well aware of it. He put his clothes off and got naked. Terrible, is not it? Not at all, because you have to put your clothes off if you want to take full body erotic or sensual or adult massage. Before that when he asked them about this message, people sitting in the parlor told this is an erotic massage, for this, you have to be completely naked for satisfying and enhanced sexual arousal.

He had asked to enter a room which is nice, beautifully decorated and medium in size. He was greeted by two nice cute ladies in shorts and a tight tank top. They showed him the massage bed and asked him to lie on that. They asked if he likes essential oil. He knew about essential oil but did not use before, so he told to use which is necessary for ultimate sexual arousal.

Massage Erotica
Massage Erotica

Now the main episode begins.

Deb was told to lie down on the massage table. Then he discovered after getting fully undressed there was no covering sheet and just the one sheet protecting the table.

When she (masseur) came back into the room and asked if he was comfortable, then he mentioned there was just the one sheet. She apologized and told him most of her clients don’t want to be covered and offered to get another sheet but do not want to seem shy so he told her that he would be okay.

The massage began and she (the masseur) had been doing an excellent job beginning with his back and then neck, shoulders, arms, and his legs and then surprised him by massaging his butt. When she asked him to roll over, he hesitated because he was somewhat excited and was not sure how she would manage it. She must have sensed something and told him she needed to get something from the other room and would return in a minute or less time.

She returns with a bottle of essential oil and started massaging my back, especially my waist and the lower portion which he started enjoying a lot. Suddenly he felt that she was taking off her cloth because the next thing he felt her bare breasts roaming and grazing his back. In a low voice, she hears him moan, she told, “If you wish me to stop, just say so”. He moans again, and she knew that was her cue to continue because he said please continue your job.

Erotic Massage
Erotic Massage

He had not been touched very much in this way, and it felt so calm, so good that he was unable to express. She puts some oil in her hands and works her way from his shoulders down his back. She reaches the small of his back where his rear meets, and the bucks my hips. She slips her fingers inside his underwear and slides down the sweat pants as his boxer briefs go with them.

He felt so nice having her hands roam on his body and to be free. To his surprise, she started to run her lips over his backside, and down the legs. At this point, he reached behind and felt her hands. She guides his hand to her stomach, and he went a little lower. She helped him undo her shorts and she is no straddling him, and he did not refuse.

She laid on him, pouring some oil down his back as she slides her chest down his body. She reaches under and grabs a hold of him, and she likes what she feels and sees. She asked him if he would like some pleasure, he moans.

She told him to flip over, and she proceeds to kiss him from the chest down. Stopping at his navel and caressing the thighs.

She admires the length and gets in a kneeling position. She proceeds to flip the tip of his head with her tongue and watches him go crazy. She glides along the underside of the shaft and watches his reaction.

He was in bliss right then, and she grazes her nails along with his balls before slipping a finger in his backside, He was ready to explode. She knew because she saw his hips buck, and she takes his full length in her mouth as she pleasured him to full satisfaction.

He lifted her to her feet and brought her in for a kiss….a deep and unstop.

She told him whenever you want another special, just come right in, no appointment, nothing permission needed, and she winked and he knew this would be lovely……….lovely……………..lovely.

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