Top 5 Causes of Enlarged Heart or Cardiomegaly

An enlarged heart is also called cardiomegaly. Enlarged heart be happened due to several reasons. But generally it is occurred due to high blood pressure or hypertension, and often for the purpose of coronary artery disease. In this condition the heart cannot transport blood properly evolving in congestive collapse of the heart than usual that potentially harm the heart muscle. An enlarged heart can be better over time, but almost a major people with cardiomegaly need a continuous medical care for whole life. There are different causes of cardiomegaly or enlarged heart, but the main cause is the obstruction of the blood supply in the heart and high blood pressure or called coronary artery disease.

Due to High Blood Pressure

In the condition of cardiomegaly or enlarged heart, the heart has to push very hard to transport sufficient blood to the other parts of the body, because of the enlargement and thickness of the heart muscles. This is generally happened due to high pressure in blood and the result is left ventricle increase in size, and for that reason the heart muscles start decreasing its hardness. High blood pressure also creates another issue in the enlarged heart. It starts increasing in size to the upper chambers of atria.

Due to Heart Valve Disease

There are four valves in our heart; these four valves keep the blood flow in the proper way in the right direction. There can be several reasons for which the valve damaged. It can be occurred due to rheumatic fever, some infections in heart, disorder in tissues, radiation treatment done for cancer etc. and due the above mentioned causes the heart starts enlarging or enlarged heart.

Due to Cardiomyopathy

Cardiomyopathy or enlarged heart is a disease which is occurred in the heart muscle. When the heart starts enlarging and thickening, the muscles of the heart begin to expand, then the heart try to force more and more blood to the other parts of the body. Sometimes for thyroid disorders your heart beat can increase and if you do not get proper treatment you can face heart problems, heart enlargement and abnormal functions of heart beat.

Due to Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulmonary Hypertension is a disease when your heart starts facing high blood pressure and connecting the artery to your lungs and heart. Pulmonary Hypertension can cause several diseases and lead to reduce exercise tenacity and massive heart failure. In this situation your heart tries to push more blood to your lungs and heart. For this reason your heart starts enlarging on the right side.

Due to Anemia

Anemia is a disease causes for low count of red blood cells. In this condition there is an inadequate supply of low red blood cells to carry sufficient oxygen to the tissues. If an individual faces this anemia, it can lead to fast and abnormal heart-beat. In this situation your heart tries to force more and more blood to manage for inadequate oxygen in the blood.

The condition of a heart with you born, harm from a massive heart attack or called abnormal heart-beat or often known as arrhythmia, then it starts enlarging. In this condition an individual needs to have proper treatment for a certain time or maybe it is for whole life.

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