What is Narcissism?

Narcissism is a personality disorder that can have serious implications for people in relationships and other aspects of life. It is characterized by an excessive need for admiration and a lack of empathy. People with narcissistic personality disorder often struggle to maintain healthy relationships and may exhibit selfish, manipulative, or controlling behaviors. In this blog post, we will discuss some common traits of narcissists and how to spot them.

Grandiose Sense Of Self-Importance

People with NPD tend to have an exaggerated sense of their own importance, believing that they are superior to others and deserve special treatment. They also may exaggerate their achievements or talents and believe that they are unique or “one-of-a-kind” individuals who can only be understood by other special people. This grandiosity can lead to feelings of entitlement in which the person expects favorable treatment or compliance from others without any regard for their feelings or needs.

Need To Be The Center Of Attention

People with NPD enjoy being the center of attention, often taking over conversations or trying to dominate conversations with stories about themselves. They also may become overly jealous if someone else takes away the spotlight from them and become angry when not given enough attention from others. This need for attention can lead to manipulative behavior in order to get what they want from others while disregarding any consequences this may have on other people’s feelings or wellbeing. 

Lack of Empathy

Another key trait of narcissists is their lack of empathy – they are not able to feel compassion or sympathy for others, which can make it difficult for them to connect with those around them. This can lead them to be manipulative or controlling in order to get what they want from others. They may also be very critical or dismissive towards others in order to bolster their own self-esteem.

Need for Admiration

Narcissists need constant admiration from others in order to feel good about themselves. They will often seek out compliments or praise in order to boost their self-esteem, but this admiration is never enough because it doesn’t last long enough for them. This means that narcissists are always looking for more validation from those around them and can become frustrated when this admiration is not forthcoming.


Narcissists tend to be extremely self-centered, often focusing solely on themselves and disregarding the feelings and needs of those around them. They may engage in behaviors such as talking about themselves excessively or expecting others to do things for them without any regard for the effort required from the other person. Additionally, they may neglect household responsibilities or ignore family members when there are more important matters (in their eyes) at hand. 

Treatment Options

The most common option for treating narcissism is therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective methods for helping people better understand their condition and learn how to cope with it in healthy ways. During CBT sessions, individuals will be encouraged to explore their thoughts, behavior patterns, and triggers in order to identify areas that need improvement. Therapists may also assign personalized homework designed to help individuals practice their new skills outside of session time.

It’s important to remember that while these traits are commonly associated with narcissism, they do not necessarily constitute a diagnosis — only a qualified mental health professional can provide an official diagnosis. However, being aware of these traits can help you identify potential narcissistic behavior so that you can take steps towards protecting yourself if needed. If you think someone close to you might be exhibiting narcissistic behavior, it’s important that you seek help from a mental health professional who can assess the situation and provide guidance on how best to move forward with your relationship with them.

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