How Often To Replace CPAP Filters?

Cap filters replacement

Replacing the CPAP filter is a crucial thing of CPAP tool performance and maintenance. Replacing or changing your required CPAP air filters helps set the tool’s long-lasting life. If you use this machine daily, ensure the filters are clean and contamination-free. But on the other side, it all depends on the climate where you live and the use.

Most CPAP users should replace their filters at least once a month or as their manufacturer recommends. If you live in an incredibly dusty environment, replace them more frequently. Likewise, if you have allergies or asthma, it’s also a decent idea to change out more often than once a month. Furthermore, certain types of foam and ultrafine filters may need to be replaced every two weeks instead of months due to the thinner material they are made from, which tends to clog quickly with dust and debris. 

How Often To Swap It Out:

If  you‘re  suffering from sleep apnea, then ensure you and you’re caretaker know about the crucial things and parts of the CPAP machine; it’s also imperative to comprehend the anticipated lifespan of your tools and know how often to substitution it:

When you’re using the CPAP machine ( continuous positive airways pressure machine)  or the other bilevel to cure your sleep apnea, you’ve to replace CPAP filters and other parts of your device.

·       The mask

·       Headgear

·       Chinstrap

·       Tubing (heated or standard)

·       Filters (disposable or reusable)

·       Humidifier water chamber

·       CPAP device

Here we mentioned some mandatory parts of the CPAP machine and precautions. Keep reading!


Take care of your mask, and you’ve to change your mask every three months because the first hard plastic thing is the mask that covers your face. Make sure it’s light and soft plastic; this is the only thing attached to your face first.

Mask Cushions and Pillows

Mask cushion or nasal pillow replace twice a month because it plays an integral part in CPAP therapy. It provides excellent comfort and support to the patient or user while ensuring a proper fit for the mask. An improperly fitting mask may leak the air, cause skin irritation, or disrupt sleep completely.

So, that’s why it is also recommended that the user replace the CPAP filters, cushions, and pillows after some time. On the other side of checking, ensure the seals are perfectly set on your face. With these precautions, you can save yourself from high and harmful infections.

Furthermost, you’ve to check out and clean your pillow or cushion with mild soap and warm water; it’ll help prevent infectious bacteria and treat well in sleep apnea.


Generally, in sleep apnea replace the headgear every six months. As we know, neoprene is used in headgear, and it’s a bit stretchy material that helps you to accommodate the exact shape of your head and ensure you the precise and accurate optimal mask position. With the rubbery texture, it may not keep the appropriate seal.

On the other hand, your dirty head’s kin or hair may also accrue, so it is recommended to change your headgear every six months or, whether you feel the headgear can’t hold the seal and faded color for so long, then change or replace it.


As we know, the chinstraps is a crucial part of the CPAP machine; then ensure to change your chinstrap every six months, AS the headgear; when you feel the chinstrap loosened and faded, replace it. It may be reduced chinstrap not effective in your sleep apnea therapy.


Replace tubes every three months and if you got dirty tubs, change them instantly because these dirt tubes are harmful to you and may cause lung infection. Breakage or tiny holes affect the machine’s efficiency and the CPAP machine’s performance.

Humidifier water panels:

Another name for humidifier water panels is media panels. These panels perform their functions just like air filters. They are located in a bracket and soaked by water. HVAC operation starts, and the air will blow in it so that the air produced in it is moisturizer shape. The water will remain blocked in panels due to mineral deposits. It will help maintain humidity in almost all seasons, especially in thirsty seasons.

Best time to change the water panel:

In the HVAC system, the water panels are disposable, just like the standard air filters. Because the water contains minerals, the firm water jam the boards much faster. After one year, the panels need to be changed.

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