Yoga for Zero Figure

The Secret of Zero Figure Every Women Should Try

Zero figure is great, but tell us how many women like to have a zero figure? Maybe not many. The small number of people like to have zero figure and want to know the secret of zero figure. Most of them go to Gym, do regular exercise, and maintain a proper diet. However, hardly they get zero figure. Let us see what does the ZERO FIGURE mean…….

Size zero often called figure zero refers to building a bust size of around 31 inches maximum, a waist of 23 inches maximum and 32 inches of hip size maximum. Why we say here maximum? Yes, you can stick in it or less, but not more surely. So here it comes your complete ZERO FIGURE.

  • Bust – 31 Inches
  • Waist – 23 Inches
  • Hip – 32 Inches

So, here it comes in short……….your figure…….31/23/ 32.

Now getting this ZERO STYLE FIGURE requires a lot of hard work from your side, and that is on a regular basis. You need to maintain a strict diet, adequate water, fruit juice, protein and all such things that are also important with your regular exercise for weight loss.

Most of the people these days think dieting means starvation, but this is not right, where diet maintain means – proper diet – no junk or spicy food. Diet that you need, and that is in strict discipline. You probably have heard the renowned name, Kareena Kapoor. She has a ZERO STYLE FIGURE. She is one of the most successful, attractive and great actresses in Bollywood Film Industry. Almost all people in India know her Zero Figure Type Body that gave her age in the industry compared to other actresses.

Here we have given a Diet Plan For Zero Figure, you can say it is a QUICK ZERO FIGURE DIET PLAN.

  • Eat 400-500 calories per day.
  • Do workout at least 2-3 hours every day without any gap – This will help you reduce twice the amount of fat you are consuming each day, which is mandatory for having a ZERO FIGURE.
  • Try to consume more fluids – Take water, nuts, coconut water to help your body hydrated.
  • Eat fresh green vegetable every day. They should be rich in Vitamins, proteins, and other important nutrients.
  • Take grains cereals and pulses, whole grains, such as oats, barley flakes.
  • Eat chapattis or rotti rather than taking rice. This helps you reduce unwanted fat. Though, you can add fish, egg, pulses etc. in your regular diet.
  • Avoid eating junk food is one of the most important things to get the benefits of having ZERO FIGURE.
  • Take low-fat products in your size zero diet plan.
  • Take soups, this is healthy as well as tasty, for instance, Cabbage Soup.
  • Eat Salads and fresh fruits every day. This will give you enough nutrition that you need when you like to have a Zero Style Figure.

Try to compromise all junk, heavy, and spicy or snacks that are all worst stuff. It is not easy to do in a day or two, but make a habit not to take these foods.

Now, when you have come to know the secret of getting a ZERO FIGURE – DIET PLAN, you got the major thing, but apart from the important thing – that is – Exercise.

You might question what exercise or workout is best for getting ZERO FIGURE in a minimum time? We highly recommend Jogging, Pilates, Arm Exercise, Zumba, Crunches, Squats and yoga for zero figure. Let us discover the secret of Yoga for getting Zero Figure.


Before you start practising yoga, you should do a little warm-up. Warm-up increases movement of your blood through your tissues and makes the muscles more and more pliable. It also helps increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your body muscles. Benefits of Yoga for women is undeniable, due to the reason millions of women these days practising yoga, not only for getting toned muscles but also for healthy body and mind. Warm-up prepares your muscles for stretching of all types, and also prepares your heart to increase activity, prevents a rapid increase of blood circulation.

Power Yoga for Zero Figure

Power yoga is good to lose weight or reduce fat. Power yoga helps to increase your flexibility, strength, and stamina. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body, helps your body sweat and improves the immunity system. Yoga experts believe power yoga for women has a very low impact but it is a very effective exercise for weight loss.

Hot Yoga

Women who are devoted to practising yoga to reduce weight or to get a zero type figure, like to practice this yoga. Hot yoga for women has several benefits. This yoga is practised most of the time to cleansing the toxin from the body. The heavy sweating helps to flush the toxins from the skin. This yoga style is used for the extensive warm-up of muscles. When you discuss the benefits of yoga for women, especially who want the more intense workout, develop strength, flexibility, and stamina, yoga experts suggest this yoga.

Surya Namaskar / Surya Pranam

Surya Namaskar sometimes called sun salutation is a posture of showing gratitude and respect to the sun. A set of twelve yoga postures help your body brings strength and stamina. When you perform this Namaskar very early in the morning, it revitalizes your body, makes you feel energetic throughout the day.

Yoga Mudra

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a royal eight-fold yoga. Astanga yoga often called Eight Limbs Yoga. It employs a multitude of techniques, such as poses, breathing exercises, concentration and a cluster of meditation techniques. There are many benefits of Astanga yoga for women. It has physical, emotional, mental and intellectual benefits.

Cobra Pose

Bikram Yoga

In accordance with 66 years old Indian Yoga Guru, the sequence of total 26 yoga poses and 2 breathing exercises or Pranayama in Bikram Yoga must be performed within 1 hour and 30 minutes in a heated place of 100-degrees + to allow the body stretch, detoxify, reducing stress, tone the muscle and heal the chronic pain, such as arthritis, upper and lower ache, knee injuries.

Boat Pose 

Women who are thinking of practising yoga for weight loss and tone back and belly can try boat pose. This yoga for women can tone your belly, back, strengthen your abdominal muscles, improve balance and digestion, stretch hamstrings, improve confidence and reduce stress.

Cobra Pose 

This yoga increases flexibility, improves your arms and shoulders, elevates mood, firms, and tone the buttock. Women who are planning to practice yoga for zero figure surely practice this Cobra Pose.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Mountain Pose 

Mountain pose also called Tadasana, a great yoga for zero figure. If you are practising yoga and other exercises on a regular basis for getting zero figure, and have not included mountain pose in your yoga routine, you should include this yoga immediately. This yoga pose strengthens your thighs, knees, ankles, abdomen, legs, and buttocks.

Yoga Mudra

Warrior Pose

Warrior pose should be included in the women’s yoga chart who practice yoga for zero figure. It is good for increasing core muscle strength. A full-body poses great for many body parts, including legs, hands, belly, buttocks, thighs, chest, shoulders and arms. Warrior Pose is divided into three parts Warrior IWarrior IIWarrior III.



Kapalbhati is not yoga, it is a breathing exercise or called pranayama. It should be included in the women’s yoga chart who do yoga to reduce weight and think of getting a nice zero figure type body. There are many benefits of kapalbhati Pranayama, one of the important benefits of this pranayama is it helps dissolve toxins and waste materials from the body.

Kundalini Yoga

The above-described yoga poses are the best yoga poses to get zero type figure, or you can say the best yoga for zero figure. These yoga poses can be your effective weight loss exercise, including the diet plan.

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