Colour Therapy

Today in the age of globalization alternative medicines are widely used to solve numerous health and mind related problems. Color Therapy or Colour Therapy is one of the most popular alternative medicines; sometimes called Chromotherapy or Colorology used to influence the behavior and brain of people. It has been immense used in Egypt, India and China for centuries. The benefits of color therapy are undeniable. Colour Therapists or Chromotherapists claim to be able to use different lights or rays in the form of color to maintain a balance or energy lacking in a person’s body. The lacking can be of emotional, mental, spiritual and/or physical. Sometimes, it proves much effective to some levels.

You can ask a color therapist about the benefits of color therapy. He or she will tell you the benefits of using colors. Colors can heal several disorders generated out of stress and anxiety. Colors are useful and each color has a different effect on human mind. If you study about color therapy, you will come to know that colors are connected to seven chakras of our body, these seven chakras are energy centers of our body. These chakras help balancing the body function smoothly.

Colour Therapy
Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy is easily distinguishable from other types of light therapy. This light therapy can be ultraviolet blood irradiation and/or from of photobiology, these are scientifically accepted worldwide. It is also accepted that effects of light on living organisms. This therapy is very old. Avicenna (980 – 1037), was a Persian, polymath, his almost 450 works on a wide range of subjects. He also worked on the benefits of color therapy and its importance for both diagnosis and treatment. He has discussed regarding Chromotherapy and its effects on the human body and mind for the purpose of treatment and diagnosis in his book “The Canon of Medicine”. He has tried to show the effect of color therapy, is an observable symptom of diseases. He has shown that red moved the blood, blue or white cooled it and yellow minimize the muscular pain and or inflammation. His works shown how different colors can improve the growth and heal the diseases in human body and mind.

Modern Chromotherapists Dr. Seth Pancoast and Edwin Dwight Babbitt conducted various experiments and have shown the effects of chromotherapy in their books, Blue and Red Light, Light and Its Rays as Medicine and The Principles of Light and Color.

Indian-born American scientist (1933) Dinshah P. Ghadiali has also shown in his experiment The Spectro Chronometry Encyclopedia, an elaborate work on color therapy has given numerous examples. His experiment has shown how and why the different colored rays proved therapeutic effects on human body. He thought that different colors represent different chemical potencies in higher octaves of vibration, each color stimulates our particular organs and systems of the body, if one can apply the right color for the purpose of therapy or treatment or for diagnosis that can tend to balance the action of any organ that has become abnormal or functioning in an abnormal condition.

The 19the century Color healers or Chromotherapists believed colored glass filters can treat different diseases like meningitis, constipation, sleeplessness etc. Practitioners of Ayurveda believe that a human body has seven “chakras”; sometimes it is called a “spiritual centers”. And, each of the chakras can be stimulated with a single or multiple colors of the visible light spectrum and can correct such imbalances or abnormality.

Colour Therapy
Colour Therapy

Although, this is a complementary therapy and a couple of years of old therapy, found in China, Egypt and in India. The therapy especially used for treating a different part of the body, including abnormality if any, with the help of varying wavelengths and energy. The therapy not only help to improve imbalance of human body parts but also help to re-balance seven chakras.

The color is absorbed by skin, skull etc. and the energy of colors affects us almost all stages like physical, spiritual and mental.

Our life is full of positive and negative experience. These positive and negative experiences make an impression upon us. Our positive experiences help us to grow further and energies ourselves in future. On the other hand, the negative experiences manifest physically over time as diseases. This can exhibit our problem in throat chakra, which is related to the spiritual aspect of our self-expression. When our self-expression has been choked, the energy in this area will be affected to perform correctly, thus the abnormality starts and the result leads to a physical evidence of diseases.

Color has the great impact on us. Color plays a major role in setting up particular mode of mind. Colors are wavelengths of electromagnetic energy, are the part of the visible spectrum, and are reflected back by or from a certain object. The color is the part of our everyday life. The color is everywhere around us. If everything is there in the earth, there must be some reasons. So, color is no exception.

Ancient Egyptians used solarium rooms with various colored glasses. The sun would shine, the beam of the sun through the colored glass onto the patient to attain the therapeutic benefits.

Chromotherapy is not only good and effective for adults and children but also helps to relieve pain and treat animals. Always try to seek professional Color healers or Chromotherapists, who can help you to reduce pain and treat diseases that can be cured by color therapy.

Colour Therapy
Colour Therapy

Numerology and Colors:

Colors Numerology can be potential for you to make your life really colorful, inspiring and energizing. If numbers play a vital role in our everyday life, then surely colors numerology also play an important role in our life. This is helpful to discover our qualities, strength and of course true potential.

Analyzing your date of birth (time of birth, place of birth, month, and year) and how these numbers are related with different colors that can amazingly change your life are discussed in color numerology. If you really believe in numerology and the effect of numbers in your life then you can take a consultation of a professional numerologist who can help you to decide the appropriate colors for you to get the ultimate benefits of color numerology in your life.

A single color denotes your quality of life, your fortune, how it favors you, your life path, the aim of life, soul color, your energizing color and more.

We are fond of different colors. It varies from person to person, what one likes another may dislike. If I love yellow, sky blue and brown it is not mandatory for you to like the same colors. You may have a different choice like deep blue, white or pink. Whey this liking varies, color numerology discusses this all.

There are negative and positive aspects to all the colors, where color numerology and color therapy indicates your potential color and how you use your potential color to get the overall benefits of your life.


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