Try 5 awesome foot scrubs at home

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With the days in summer, every single day is getting hotter and surely your feet are also feeling this scorching heat. Hope you know that the cracked heels and dry sore may come into view throughout all the seasons of the year but they are more likely to cosmetic in this summer season. You can try below mentioned home-made foot scrub to get the awesome benefits.

Mint and lime scrub:

Take some mint leaves, sugar, two full tea spoons of olive oil and surely a lime. Now blend and wash the mint leaves with a little quantity of lime juice, add with sugar and olive oil, now mix it properly. Now it is ready to use. You can apply it after your shower.

Chocolate scrub:

Have you heard chocolate can be a great foot scrub and can act as a moisturizer?

Add white and brown sugar (half a cup) with cocoa powder. Now you need to add one fourth cup of coconut oil to make it thicker enough. You can also try this mixture in water like a foot soak.

Honey scrub:

You need one cup brown sugar, two spoons almond oil with equal amounts of sugar. Mix it properly so that the paste may thick enough. Massage your feet with this scrub in a circular motion. It is good for your hands and also for your rough spot (if you have).

Strawberry scrub:

You can use this fruit for your foot scrub. This scrub can be stored for a few months. Smash 12-15 strawberries, mix sea salt with two teaspoons of olive oil until it becomes thicker enough.

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