Naked Yoga Secret: Why Should You Practice Naked Yoga At Home?

Nude Yoga

Many of you must have heard about Naked Yoga. Some say it is Nude Yoga and some say it is Nagna Yoga. Though two things are same for sure! It is not at all nudity and nothing related to the word NAKED. Yes, it is yoga that is practiced without clothes. These days, many yoga teacher and model love to practice yoga. They like fitness, anatomy and freedom. Many believe nudity in yoga can bring inner peace, inner freedom and balance of mind that is why many yoga teachers teach nude yoga. If you like to participate in naked yoga class to feel the difference, you can join in a nude yoga school in your city at a Physical Therapy Center.

Naked Yoga! What’s That?

If you are in United States, then it is not very difficult task to find out a naked yoga school. You will get to know many that offer naked yoga and Pilates classes.

Why Naked Yoga?

You may have grown up watching your family battle with a deep feeling of shame about their bodies. You may have watched many of them experienced wild fluctuations of body weight and tried every diet as well as exercise program on the books. You may have struggled with relentless self-criticism about the state of mind and body. If you are one, then naked yoga can be a good choice for you. This can be a way or a tool for developing your mind and body relationship.

Nagna Yoga
Naked Yoga

Naked is in motion! Consider this…..

Your body is awesome and it deserves love and care. Whether you like to change the parts of your body, that’s okay, but one thing you should keep in mind is – changes happen most effectively with self-compassion, instead of criticism that comes with pursuing fitness objectives – in the age of workout fanaticism. Unlike the regular gyms and calorie-counting classes, weight loss diet, toning or yoga for weight loss. We can say only one word “Not Enough.” Your need to have a hope to get liberating and empowering experience. If you can get one moment of self-compassion joining a naked yoga class, one kind thought about yourself during a nude yoga school, then we must say that you will accomplish a lot. And if it takes you a few classes to get there, that absolutely okay, you can go on.

Still could not make up your mind? Read this article, we are surely that after finishing this article, you will understand much better why should you join a naked yoga school.

Things to Know:

Naked Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word Nagna Yoga or Vivastra Yoga. It is a form or practice of yoga without clothes. This form of yoga has existed since time immemorial as a spiritual practice. It has mentioned in the 7th to 10th Century in the Bhagavata Purana.

Nude Yoga
Nude Yoga

What will you learn at Naked Yoga School?

Many schools provide online classes alongside offline classes. It is up to you which mode of class you choose. Almost all naked yoga schools provide weekly online yoga instructional video series, where you will be given instructions through nude yoga sequences that you can practice in the privacy of your own home.

The yoga series are developed with unity in mind. The goals of these yoga series are to help the participants to reconnect with themselves in an open way.

Yoga without clothes is not doubt a liberating experience, but many practitioners shy and fell shame at first. The trainers in the yoga videos will guide you and help you to cultivate security, strength, centeredness and wholeness.

Nudity in yoga sometimes viewed with fear and shame. But the naked yoga practice is geared towards removing shame, fear as well as other limiting self perception. And, it brings you closer to pride, honor, respect, openness and acceptance.

Your yoga instructors will guide you through the practice sessions and also help you gain confidence with your body, which is one of the most important things in nude yoga practice.

One thing we should not forget that ‘all humans born naked, so to you and me. So, it is absolutely okay to be naked. There should be nothing to shame, nothing to hide or nothing to fear. Let’s practice naked yoga, be proud and feel free.

Things to Know:

 In the 21st Century, the practice is gaining popularity worldwide, notably in Western countries that have more familiarity with social nudity and nudity with yoga. Not to mention, that yoga has been practiced nude since ancient times.

Nude Yoga
Nude Yoga

In the Bhagavata Puran that was written c. 800 to 1000 AD. It described the following – “An individual in the renounced order of his or her life may try to give up even a cloth to cover himself or herself. If he or she wear a piece of cloth at all, it should be only a loincloth, and in the time there is no necessity, a SANNYASI or MONK should not even accept a danda. A Monk should give up carrying anything but a danda as well as kamandula

Discover The Art of Naked Yoga

Do you know that many nude yoga girls are getting popularity for their nude yoga photos, videos and poses?

They are getting millions of followers and featuring by many magazines. Doesn’t it mean people want know the secret of nudity and yoga practice?

Even many yoga practitioners travel worldwide with their partners to make videos, shooting photos and learning the presence of nudity in yoga. This is cool because learning from all over the world and sharing thoughts is a great thing.

Let’s discuss the ways to improve self esteem with yoga.

Many believe strong self-esteem is not natural to them, which is why many like to improve their self esteem through yoga.

By developing your mind and body you can improve your self-esteem and make your life better. Because a good self esteem affects your well being, relationship with others, and everything that are important in life.

In this naked yoga post, I will discuss some important things that can help you improve your self-esteem. Let’s discuss.

At one state you may feel your self-esteem is low. You may feel lost with yourself. Maybe you feel you can’t find your place in the world, in anything really. In this situation, you need to understand your failure and your want. You need to feel comfortable in the moments that bring positive vibe for you. Have patience and understand the reality.

Nude Yoga Pose
Nude Yoga Pose

Things to Know:  

Alexander the Great reached India in the 4th century BC with his army. He tool Greek academics with him during the journey to India, and later wrote about the people what they saw. One of his companion named Onesicritus, quoted in the book 15, Sections 63 to 65 by Strabo, who narrated that Yoginis of India used to practice seclusion and many different yoga poses – standing or sitting or even lying nude.

Uncover The Truth of Naked Yoga – Baring Is Caring

Naked yoga will teach you to accept your body and accept yourself exactly how you are today, with all your imperfections. Naked Yoga is about knowing and loving yourself at the core of your heart. It is nothing but a tool that you can use on your road to self-acceptance. Just being naked can make you feel uncomfortable, not to mention the core pain that surfaces in the time you practice yoga. By facing these uncomfortable situation or vulnerabilities with this brave as well as bold approach, you will become more and more grounded, and comfortable with yourself.

The best thing is – you will feel liberal seeing the change you are making in your life and how confident you become. You will feel your purpose in life is to free the world from your body shame and to remove the negative connotations from the word “Nudity” and “Nude Yoga.”

Yes, you may feel uncomfortable, because the nudist community can be overwhelmingly male. Though this type of unisex class generally conducted by the naked yoga school, if you are not uncomfortable. But if you like, they can conduct personal yoga session for you or a class only with women.

Regardless of if you agree with naked yoga or not, it is fair enough to say that yoga is not just bending, stretching or practicing some asanas, and that millions of people practicing yoga – the better. If it is nude yoga, goat yoga or traditional yoga in a yoga school, you will surely have a lot of respect for the yogis and your yoga trainers out there who are inspiring people to live healthier and more mindful lives. You should be neutral about, if you agree with nude yoga or not, because people come to practice in naked yoga school for many different reasons. You may think in some conditions it can really be good to do!

Things to Know:

Since 2001, Aaron Star has taught male-only nude yoga in New York City

I would love to hear your thoughts on naked yoga. Feel free to share your comments on your nude yoga journey!

Thank You!

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