Top 9 Healing Benefits of Indian Olive Oil for Hair & Scalp


Olive Oil A Natural Remedy Pamper And Nourish Dry Hair and Scalp. Using olive oil regularly can give you different healing benefits, due to the reason many experts believe it is good to use olive oil for hair and scalp throughout the year.   

Olive oil for dry hair

Scorching heat, extreme cold weather as well as humidity affects hair rapidly and makes hair dry and unhealthy. Does it mean that you need to cut your hair every time? Of course no. Dry hair has tended to become tightly curled after each wash. Are you suffering from this problem for a long time? Looking for a permanent solution to say goodbye to your dry scalp and frizzy hair? Then here you are in the right place. Use olive oil to cure your dry hair. Olive oil not only takes care of dry scalp and hair but also improves the quality of your hair.

There are top 9 Healing benefits of Indian Olive Oil or Natural but Hidden Secret of Olive Oil for Your Dry Hair & Scalp

  • Olive oil helps to restore natural gloss and thickness of hair.
  • Olive oil improves the strength of hair and makes dry hair flexible as well as manageable.
  • Olive oil stimulates the dry scalp and dry hair. It moisturizes dry hair and repair split ends.
  • Olive oil revitalizes dull hair in keeping them hydrated. You can use olive shampoo to regain the health of your dry hair.
  • Olive oil also prevents hair loss in summer, chilling cool and in the rainy season.
  • Olive oil helps in conditioning dry, damaged, frizzy and brittle hair with regular use. You can use also olive oil conditioners after hair wash to get sheen, soft and beautiful hair.
  • Olive oil reduces the bad effect of UV rays; salt water, hair color as well as hair fall with daily use.
  • Olive oil also prevents premature graying of your hair.
  • Olive oil has anti fungal and anti bacterial assets that help to cure dry scalp and makes it healthy. The anti-oxidants relive the dry scalp in abolishing free radicals and save cells.

Even extract of olive leaf is highly advantageous for dry hair and scalp. It accelerates the growth of hair and makes it soft.

Some Olive Oil Hair Masks for Dry Hair and Scalp

There are so many ways that you can apply olive oil to vitalize your damage, dull and dry hair. You can use it directly on your hair or you can add olive oil in several hair masks. The advantage is that you can treat your dry hair at your home and you do not need to go to any salon or spa. It saves your time and money also. Here are some tips in applying olive oil for dry hair and scalp.

  • Hot Olive Oil Massage Therapy For Dry Hair:

Take a cup and full one-fourth of it with olive oil and make it warm. Carefully and gradually apply this warm oil all over your head. Then massage your scalp in a gentle way. At the same time, apply this oil through hair length that the oil can spread in an even way and moisturize your hair. Use plenty of olive oil for dry hair and scalp treatment that your hair and scalp get soaked with oil. Keep your hair like this for more than 30 minutes and wash it with olive shampoo to have a good result.

  • Concentrated Olive Oil Treatment For Extremely Rough, Damage And Dry Hair:

If you are facing an extreme problem with your brittle and damaged hair then you need intensive olive oil treatment for your acute dry hair. Add up the same amount of olive oil and hot water in a liquidizer and blend it at high speed until the mixture gets emulsified. Then apply the mixture over your scalp as well as hair. Do one thing; wrap your hair with a towel or plastic wrap for 15 to 30 minutes. Finally, wash your hair organic shampoo twice to remove oil and get gorgeous looking healthy hair. Share this secret with your friends and colleagues who are suffering from dry and frizzy hair problem.

  • Olive Oil And Egg Mask For Dry Hair:

Eggs are enriched with protein and it strengthens dry hair streaks. Also, cucumber adds superfluous nourishment to acute dry hair. So, add an egg, half peeled and crushed cucumber, and four tablespoon of olive oil into a mixer. Blend it properly and your homemade olive hair mask is ready to apply. Cover your whole scalp and hair with a brush and keep it on for ten to twenty minutes. Now rinse your hair twice with olive oil shampoo or any other nourishing shampoo. It helps to revitalize your hair and provide volume to your dull and dry hair.

You can also add banana or avocado or honey or coconut oil with olive oil to make various kinds of dry hair masks at your home. Before that, pick your olive oil brand carefully and do not go for a cheap one. Always prefer extra virgin olive oil for massage. Extra virgin olive oil is made of organic olives and is rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Go gorgeous and beautiful with shining hair with regular use of Olive oil directly to your scalp or hair or use it in your hair mask.

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