Top 3 Natural Ways to Strengthen & Boost Your Immune System

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We are living in the world, where nature rules everywhere. Nature is beautiful and she changes her behavior all the time. For our convenience, we name the change as season and each season comes with different weather. Weather changes every day and we have to accustom with it to survive. A large number of people fall prey to airborne disease due to this weather change. The one and the only way to prevent chances of falling ill is to take precaution to boost our immune system. We need to maintain few things to boost up our immunity level Here we have discussed top 3 natural ways to boost up immunity system for healthy and fit life.

Role of the immune system to fight seasonal disease

We are living in an era, where technology engulfs us. Due to this reason, we are used to taking lots of stress sitting in front of the computer, developing the program and move on. We love to take the elevator rather use the staircase, prefer online chat to the meeting, children love to play video games to playing outside. All of these reasons are just enough in weakening our immune system. Literally, the immune system is our bodies’ natural strength. The system depends on the whole set of connections of cells, tissues as well as organs in our bodies. They connect together and defend our bodies against invaders. The invaders are bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus. These all have full potential to make us ill.

A strong immune system prevents these invaders from creating a barrier in our bodies that the antigens cannot able to enter in our bodies. In case an invader enters in our bodies slipping the protection wall, our immune system creates white blood cells, essential chemicals, and proteins which help to destroy these invaders and protect us. When our immune power breaks down, it identifies good substances as harmful. This situation creates an allergic reaction to our bodies. So it is very important for us to boost up our immunity level that we will not fall prey seasonal diseases like flu, cold, cough, airborne and water-borne diseases. 

Strengthen your immune system
Strengthen your immune system

Some ways to build a strong immune system

There are several ways that we can increase immunity in a natural way. Such as,

  • Eat high protein diet.
  • Practice yoga
  • Control blood pressure level.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.
  • Go for medical tests routinely.
  • Wash hand frequently.
  • Provide a long time for cooking.
  • Do not drink much.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid junk food.
  • Avoid late night sleeping and get up early in the morning.

These are the small tips to maintain good health and increase immunity level.

Three Major Tips to strengthen the immunity system

Main three tips or ways to boost up our energy as well as immunity level are, eating a healthy diet every day, practicing yoga regularly and proper sleep. Let us discuss this three immunity boost up tips in detail.

Strengthen your immune system
Strengthen your immune system
  • Diet Plan: We need to take high protein diet regularly to fight disease. Diet plays an important role in strengthening the immune system. Add more vegetables and fruits in the diet chart. Plenty of green vegetable and colorful fruits provide antioxidants in our bodies that fight against germs, invaders and prevent our bodies to fall ill. A good diet should be rich in fiber, vitamin (A, B6, E, C, and D), protein, mineral, iron, zinc, folic acid and plenty of water. We can get these nutrients through food alone or with the help of something like this zinc ionophore supplement to ensure that we are getting the correct amount of nutrition each day. Do not forget to add little amount of spice like turmeric, garlic, and ginger to cooking, it not only brings taste in cooking but also help to increase immunity in our bodies. These are good for health. Vegetable like spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato, carrot, and red bell pepper, and fruits like banana, watermelon, barriers, avocado, lemon, citrus and dried fruits like a nut, almond and more helps to boost up the immune system. We should also make sure to eat a sensible amount of fish, meat, and eggs in our diets.
Strengthen your immune system
Strengthen your immune system
  • Regular Yoga Practice: One of the best things to increase immunity is Yoga. Daily yoga reduces stress from our lives and provides peace in mind. Our bodies become balanced with regular doing yoga. It also helps to strengthen our immunity system in a natural way. Just spend 30 minutes practicing yoga regularly and feel the difference in life. Some basic yoga like Cobra Pose, Supported Fish Pose, Downward Dog Pose, Boat Pose, Plank pose, Warrior I and Warrior III Pose help to improve blood circulation, strengthen muscles, digestive system and move on. Overall regular yoga regime helps to boost up our immunity system day by day.
Strengthen your immune system
Strengthen your immune system
  • Proper Sleep: Regular seven to eight hours of sleeping is important to maintain good health as well as to increase the immune system. Getting plenty of sleep as well as rest is very essential to rejuvenate our body and recover from stress. The study proved that our bodies produce more growth hormone during sleep. So we all need proper sleep to boost up our immunity that we can live healthy and happy

Naturally everyday diet, the discipline of living as well as daily workout helps to achieve strong immunity power in human bodies. There are few people among us who maintain this daily regime. But to stay healthy and fit, everyone needs to follow these tips in boosting immunity level for living happy and prosperous.  

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