Wellue Eagleview Handheld Ultrasound Scanners: The Future Of Ultrasound Is Here!


Today’s, medical practitioners, all around the world are considering an app-based Handheld Ultrasound Scanner, often known as ultrasound system. If you are using an Android or Apple device, you can select the best one available from a range of options to befit your suit your image quality requirements, speciality as well as budget.

The choice of ultrasound scanner narrows considerably, when you want a pocket hand-held ultrasound scanner sans a cord. Yes, we are talking about duel-head wireless handheld ultrasound scanner or system. Here in this review, I have put together a list of seven most important reasons why you should choose Wellue handheld ultra sound system, like linear wireless handheld ultrasound scanner or dual-head wireless handheld ultrasound scanner for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

  • Linear probe, highly efficient for vascular applications
  • Medical ultrasound in your pocket
  • Get premium quality image on your palm
  • Scan in wireless, completely
  • A clear view for procedure with free movement
  • Share ultrasound scanning instantly across multiple devices
  • Easy to carry your ultrasound scanner anywhere you need

You don’t need to worry about changing or disappearing ports on smart devices. It works with an application, and you can also connect via Bluetooth. You can connect with Wi-Fi as well to most iOS as well as Android devices.

The best thing is – you never have to worry about the potential consequences of changing or disappearing your smart devices. If you are using Wellue Eagleview – Linear wireless handheld ultrasound scanner, you will get the following features and benefits.

  • It is ideal for vascular.
  • Uprobe-L uses high-frequency to produce high-resolution images of structures near the body surface.
  • It is no doubt perfect for the purpose of vascular imaging, good for MSK, breast, thyroid, carotid and particular procedures, such as central line placement.
  • An easy to use high quality medical ultrasound in your pocket.

With about 230g or 0.5lbs, it contains the basics you need to image structures near the body surface. Put it in your pocket and bring it to the bedside of the patient, whenever you need it. It is especially designed for more remote-able as well as efficient diagnostic imaging.

If you are looking for a handheld ultrasound scanner that can give you premium quality image on your palm, you should look no further than linear wireless handheld ultrasound scanner or dual-head wireless handheld ultrasound scanner offered by Wellue. With a high spedd of 18 frames per second on your hand, you can easily get your image in maximum clarity for a quick diagnostic imaging. You will be able to see patients’ health issues in HD.

With Wellue Eagleview – Linear wireless handheld ultrasound scanner, you can scan in wireless, completely. Now, you can get rid of cables, chargers or wires that are really complicated to carry on the go. You don’t need any limited hand movements around the human body when you operate it. You will be amazed to see that your scanner and smart device will work together and separately, and that’s too at the same time.

Why Choose Wellue handheld ultra sound system?

First thing first, you don’t have to hold everything for the whole time. Now you can put your smartphone or tablet on the stand for a more clear and stable view. Full body scanning from every angle, absolutely hassle-free. It was difficult for you to show the image to the patients at the same time, so that they could see their own blood vessels and assist them know more about their anatomy, but now it is absolutely easy.

Last, but certainly not the least, you can say bye bye to wires, you can concentrate on your patient’s condition, which is your first and foremost priority. So, what are you thinking of? Visit Getwellue today!

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