6 Incredible Tricks to Tame Your Anger Right Away

How to tame your anger

When you have an active social life, and you get to interact with a lot of people on a daily basis either offline or online, you are bound to have some arguments. When there is an argument, usually someone gets angry. The problem is not getting angry. Anger is a natural response.

The factor that sets certain people different from others is tolerance. Even the calmest, most collected, and most composed people feel anger, but instead of expressing it, they practice tolerance and calm down; perhaps using skills like mindfulness or herbal products like cannabis (you find more here about ordering – https://lowpricebud.co/how-to-order-weed-online/) to bring about a much-needed sense of peace. You should always try to calm yourself and increase your tolerance when you are angry. Here are some effective and common tricks for anger management and relaxing your mind.

    Go to Your Happy Place

Imagine a super peaceful and soothing place in your mind and create a happy place. It is a well-documented and widely used psychological technique to calm your mind in any stressful or highly emotional situation. This is a great way to stay calm and avoid doing or saying anything rash during the anger-inducing situation. It is a method to distance you from the situation and get some perspective mentally. Many people have ruined their lives because of anger and ended up regretting it later, so don’t be one of those people and try to stay calm and relaxed.

     Think of the People You Love

Another effective anger management technique that is suggested by many psychologists is thinking about your loved ones. You wouldn’t want your children or family to see you when you are super angry and yelling. So, think about them and be the person you want them to see and take inspiration from. It is an effective method to stop yourself from making any emotional and rash decisions, and it keeps you civil and focused. This way, you have a higher probability of explaining and conveying your concerns effectually and coming to a solution of the scenario that causes anger.

    Distance Yourself from the Situation

A method that is commonly taught in anger management is distancing yourself from the anger-inducing situation physically. Most professionals suggest taking a walk to think about the situation. It allows you to look at the issue from the perspective of everyone involved, and you can find a non-emotional and logical solution to the problem.

Also, by distancing yourself from the issue, you make sure that you don’t do anything rash that you may regret later. So, the next time you have an argument at work or at home that makes you angry, take a break and go for a walk, think about the problem logically instead of emotionally to come to a solution.

    Chew Some Gum or Have a Smoke

When you are angry, you should find an activity that will calm you down so that you won’t vent on others and make some bad decisions. Some people make the mistake of turning towards alcohol to get rid of the anger, but that is not safe at all. Alcohol is your enemy in every situation, especially when you are in an emotional state.

Instead, you should chew some gum or maybe have a smoke. If a simple smoke doesn’t work, you can also turn to cannabis. There are plenty of websites with a wide cannabis range, such as Area 52 and many more, that are good to explore if you aren’t sure what cannabis product to experiment with. Cannabis is legal in many states of America and Canada and it is also easy to purchase online, be sure to check out the different strains of cannabis as an indica and a sativa strain give different ‘highs’ to the body, and some strains will help you calm down, whereas others will help you with focusing for example. Cannabis typically causes a feeling of euphoria and happiness, while alcohol typically causes numbness, and potentially increases anger. According to many users, THC is one of the most effective cannabis products for anger management. Websites like https://www.heraldnet.com/marketplace/best-delta-8-thc-tinctures-top-brands-reviewed-for-2021/ and many more review the top THC tincture brands, so you can experiment with the different types available to you. This cannabinoid owes its newly found fame mostly to its mild psychoactive effects.

    Meditate and Use Breathing Techniques to Calm Down

Another common anger management method is using breathing exercises to meditate and calm down. Scientists and psychologists suggest that when you are angry at a situation, you should take three deep and relaxing breaths, inhaling from your nose and breathing out from the mouth. Then you should take a seat and have a glass of water before you take any action.

This simple exercise can calm and tame your anger significantly allowing you to think more clearly and effectively. It is a great method to calm down instantly and move towards the solution of the issue instead of escalating it with anger.

     Don’t Bottle Up Your Anger

Expressing yourself is very important, and you should always make a point to do it, but not when you are emotional and angry. If a situation makes you angry, take some time and figure out why. Think about the reasons in your mind and try to express them in a way that doesn’t offend anyone.

Psychologists suggest using ‘I’ more often and refraining from pointing the blame on others. This is an effective tip for conflict resolution. Say statements like ‘I believe’ and ‘I feel’ instead ‘you’ statements and start your argument with acknowledging that you understand the other persons perspective. This will allow you to express yourself in a civil and professional manner, and it won’t ignite any anger in anyone.

I hope the article helps you tame your anger and achieve a calmer state of mind. Leave a comment below!

About the Author:

Jack is a psychotherapist and neurodegenerative disorders’ expert. He has been practicing in New York for 25 years now, and since then he has been fighting to make marijuana legal in the United States for it comes with numerous health benefits.

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