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Yoga2all.com has come as a healthcare platform for everybody who is incorporated or would like to be incorporated with yoga, meditation, spirituality, yoga therapy, massage therapy, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, color therapy, skin care, and natural health. In that, we have developed this blog/website/online platform with a variety of information, something for the purpose of every segment that directly or indirectly related to the above ‘mentioned’ topics. This blog has been providing reliable information that is strictly educational that have been helping millions of students, professionals, amateur, and families across the globe, with user experience being a continuing authentication mark of its existence.

What is Yoga2all.com?

Our only blog/website/online platform yoga2all.com focuses on the subject of yoga, meditation, spirituality, yoga therapy, massage therapy, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness, color therapy, skin care, disease and common remedies, diet for adult and children, sleeping, food and health, style and beauty, yoga for children, yoga and anatomy and natural health from a beginner’s perspective. Herein, individuals can be expected to find reliable information (educational information) on different facets of health and wellness, and the same time can stay in tune with manifold articles on the subjects.

What we (yoga2all.com) hope to attain? 

We yoga2all.com provide authentic educational information for all people who like the ‘mentioned’ topics. We have a team of qualified researchers who study and research in diverse topics to provide authentic information that can be reliable and used for educational purposes and can also be utilized with the help of experts on the ‘mentioned’ areas. We hope to attain ultimate user experience, the information we provide by which all people who search for information on the ‘mentioned’ topics can be benefitted. This can be a one-stop online platform for seekers to select from a variety of information so that anyone can use it and can derive benefits in its own unique way. By facilitating the information, we hope that we can assist yoga, meditation, spirituality, mindfulness, and other natural health touches more and more people’s lives in a more and more meaningful way, from toddler to senior most of the world citizens.

What is our structure?

As an online platform/a blog/or a website, yoga2all.com has come up as a family, where we believe in providing educational information by which people can live a better life. The one common and most important link running by way of all is a positive attitude that promotes strong ethics as well as humility. Although, the most essential direction that runs by way of all is an authentic love as well as concern for all those who incorporate with us at yoga2all.com

What is/are our inspirations?

We yoga2all.com draws impulses from different learned and highly skilled personalities, who we trust are the real teachers and instructors of this vision.

We are highly committed to improving our website/blog/online platform yoga2all.com. We shall continue to publish more and more online educational content to help make people their lives better, to assist them to find their way in the time faced with healthcare educational topics and to help them feel better about their health as well as that of their family.

In Conclusion

I, Kabbyik Mitra, the owner of this blog/website/online platform yoga2all.com. Me and my team’s hope that our mission, as well as core values, resonate with all people who read educational information on health and wellness and use them for the healthy life and well being. I (Kabbyik Mitra) have started this blog in the year 2013, just to share and help people looking for educational information on health and wellness.

Now after 5-year, I and my team of health writers, health bloggers and researchers in different areas feel happy that we have been consistently providing useful educational information to people all over the world. We are here for you and wish you to get the best out of educational information on health and wellness what we have to offer.

Thank you, Namaste!

I and my team will see you live a healthy and happy life!

Kabbyik Mitra and the yoga2all.com Team

Bankimpally Main Road, P.O. & P.S. – Nimta,

Kolkata – 700049, West Bengal, India

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