Itinerary Ideas For Tanzania Safari Trip: Things You Need To Know!

Tanzania Safari Tour

Safari is truly a touch of the exotic! Where humans first stepped foot in this earth! If you are a bushy-tailed first-timer or you are a bright-eyed, versed explorer then Safaris Tanzania can’t fail to enchant you.

Let’s assume you are a globetrotter. You are very much interested in taking a safari or planning for one of the best Tanzania safari tours. First of all, congratulation, because you are going to have a great trip, and a safari in Tanzania is an awesome idea!

Safaris Tanzania can also be called a “game drive”. Yes, it is an amazing opportunity to see the mesmerizing wildlife up close, not in a zoo for sure, but in their natural habitat!

Assuming, you are taking Tanzania safari preparation. Below in this blog, we are about to discuss many important things, like things to discover, why Tanzania well known for, best time to visit Tanzania, and lot more things.

We will talk about luxury and budget safaris, as well as ideal length of safari, especially one week before your Tanzania trip. We will give you some itinerary ideas that are suitable for honeymooners, couples and adventurous travellers or anybody dreaming for an unforgettable safari experience. Read on to know more!

Why Choose A Safari In Tanzania?

If you are seeking for other options, let us tell you why you should think about Tanzania safari tours. It deserves your attention. Tanzania is less crowded and more affordable compared to other African countries. It is a country, where you can see the Great Wildebeest Migration throughout the year. Also, you can combine with a great beach getaway. If you like adventure, then you can top it off with a Kilimanjaro hike. Many people do it.

You can make the trip a perfectly planned vacation in three week, combining a separate active, learning and relaxing part to it. In order to make your Tanzania trip smooth and hassle free, you can hire a Tanzania travel guide, which will help you make a perfect vacation over there.

How to Prepare For a Safari?

To get the food you eat, shelter you like and safari experience you dreamt of, you need to research for your trip. You might have a question how do I prepare for Tanzania one week before my trip or you just want to know how to prepare for a safari. Here is a thorough list to consider.

Needless to mention, a safari vacation in Tanzania or any part of the Africa is probably the organized trip you will ever get.

  • Visas & Cash

Before you embark on to the destination of your safari, it is important to check what visas you need. You can buy visa prior to your trip after getting confirmation of your hotel or campsite booking. You need to have a letter of invitation to visit in some countries that is provided by your Tour Company or hotel. Ensure you do a little bit of research on official websites before you leave.

In a remote safari site, you will be travelling small, rural villages. You hardly get to see bakeries, grocery shops or cash machines there. If you are travelling to Tanzania, then your Tanzania travel guide and itinerary will help you in planning cash stops. A few cash and card is good to carry throughout the safari journey.

  • Photography

To make your safari the best Safari in Tanzania, you need a zoom lens. If you don’t have one, it would be worth to buy one or hire before you go. You shouldn’t forget to pack memory cards to back up your pictures. Photography is not all about the animals, tress or birds. You can also capture the moments you spend by a fire or enjoying a warm drink. It’s better to carry a travel tripod to capture the beauty of the nature.

  • Packing Essentials

When you travel for a safari, you need to know what the environment and season will be there. In Africa, you will observe a hugely diverse weather. You may experience cold lows, hot highs or ever-changing weather forecasts, so packing layers is important. You may feel different weather while camping in Tanzania National parks. It would be better if you carry some waterproof layers, hats and sunglasses. You can arm your pack with camera, chargers, batteries and some clothes that you need.

Things to discover in Tanzania

Africa’s most famous natural attractions and natural parks are situated in Tanzania, including Mount Kilimanjaro. Safaris and wildlife-related adventures are the things for which many people visit the country. The great number of visitors will find themselves heading out to the wilderness places and passing through Dar es Salaam, and other destinations. It is a great country for those who like to spend some time with friends or family soaking up the sun, the mesmerising beaches of Zanzibar beckon.

Scuba drivers and snorkelers who come in this country from all around appreciated Pemba and Mafia islands is another natural wonder. You can also experience the crystal clear water, coral gardens and colourful fish. Discover Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, about 5,895 m and Tanzania’s most iconic image. Visit at Serengeti National Park. It is a vast treeless plain with many hundreds of thousands animals living there and sometimes passing through in search of fresh grasslands.

Explore the island of Zanzibar, part of the Zanzibar archipelago, some of the best beaches in the world. Visit Ngorongoro conservation area. It is home to most attractive volcanic NgorongoroCrater, also a most popular wildlife viewing areas in Tanzania. Generally, visitors come here to see large animals and birds. Also the place of interest is the Olduvai Gorge. This essential archeological site has revealed primitive skull and bone fragments.

You should visit Lake Manyara National Park. The park is comprised of grasslands, forest, woodland and swamps. Here, you get to see elephants, hippos, lions, including baboons the home of the largest concentration here at this park. Here, at Tanzania, you see twenty two national parks that cover all but 15 percent of the land area that mandated to conserve and manage the wildlife in the country. Nyerere National Park is the Largest National Park in Tanzania.

At Tanzania, you should visit Pemba Island. It is beautiful and beyond description. Actually, Pemba is less visited compared to Zanzibar, as a result has a laidback atmosphere. You should visit stone town, Selous game reserve, Arusha national park, including other Tanzania National parks, like Ruaha, Gombe stream, Katavi, and more. 

There are many places to visit in Tanzania, but here we will conclude after Lake Victoria. It’s the largest freshwater lake in entire Africa, and is bordered by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It is a less visited place, but you can visit there to drink the beauty of freshwater lake. To make your safari trip in Tanzania hassle free, smooth and easy, a Tanzania travel guide can be your best friend.

Tanzania Safari Packages

On an average, a safari trip to Tanzania costs around 200 US dollars per day, per person. The midrange price goes around 300 to 350 USD and the luxury price is around 650 USD per person, per day. We have given an average cost. It will vary from tour company to company. Not to worry at all! Getting the affordable Tanzania safari packages is easy when you contact with a trusted travel outfitter. They will help you create a fully bespoke trip.

Best Time to Visit Tanzania

The best time to visit Tanzania is during the long dry season, i.e. from July to September every year. Travellers believe these are the best months for safaris Tanzania the Great Migration, trekking as well as beach holidays in Zanzibar are just amazing during this time. Beyond doubt, July to September is the peak travel season.

How Long Should A Safari in Tanzania Be?

The ideal length of safari in Tanzania can take between five to ten days. Many travellers stay there for 2 two weeks or more depending on their wish. To ensure you hit all the top sites in the country on your safari, you need a maximum of two weeks. You can increase the number of days on your Tanzania safari packages, depend on how long you like to stay there and enjoy a specific park, place or hotel on your itinerary.

Summing It Up

No matter the destination you choose; it can be any part of the Africa, your first Tanzania safari preparation will surely be good prior to one week, if you go through the blog properly and make it step by step. Tanzania has a tropical climate. It varies by altitude and region. Your safari will be an exhilarating experience. Take on board the info, tips or tricks we have given here to enhance your preparation skills. It’s time to pack light, smart and throw in a few bucks!

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