Swedish Massage Helps Eliminate Your Muscle Tension

Swedish Massage

People have always suffered from back pain, muscle tension, stress, poor circulation, and other ailments and illnesses. However, there are methods and practices that are very effective in combating these problems. We are talking about a good Swedish massage, a traditional and truly effective version of a therapeutic massage. But what is a Swedish massage really? Below we will learn a little about the history of this massage and its current meaning.

A Swedish massage is nothing more than a type of massage whose aim is to eliminate any muscle tension, reaffirm those muscles and joints. In addition, this type of massage has a relaxing effect that benefits the circulation of blood in the body and the lymphatic system. On the other hand, it eliminates many toxins and allows the body to regain its natural balance.

This massage not only relaxes the body but also the mind. This is one of the reasons why it is the most common of all massages. If you get a mobile massage therapist for your therapy you will have an awesome experience. As you will notice that most of the movements make in your body are towards the heart, in addition to being a very passive massage and gives vitality to the joints of the patient giving better welfare.

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage

Origins of Swedish Massage

Being one of the oldest healing techniques in the world, massage originated in several countries in the East; China, Egypt, and India. Through these and other countries were developed different massage techniques which gave rise to the many types of massage that are known today. However, in 1812, a Swedish doctor Per Henrik Ling had the ability to combine certain systems of physical exercises in order to correct and strengthen the bodily deficiencies of those times.

Since then, more than two centuries have passed for a Swedish massage to be recognized as such. Although there are versions that say it was a Frenchman who specialized Ling techniques and developed Swedish massage as it is known today. However, it is still the most popular therapeutic massage in the East and West.


If we mention all the benefits that Swedish massage brings the list would be extremely long and may not yet be able to mention all. However, here are the most important ones:

  • Promotes blood circulation.
  • It benefits the lymphatic system and its drainage effect.
  • It tones the skin.
  • Stimulates muscle tissue.
  • Diminishes adipose tissue.

A Swedish massage also benefits the metabolism and the digestive system. This allows meals to be processed better and faster, as well as allowing you to urinate more often, for example. In addition, it provides a positive psychological effect by making the person feel more relaxed, de-stressed and relieved.

Swedish Massage Therapy
Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage Session

A Swedish massage consists of different techniques which are performed one after the other. That is why this massage can be slow and gentle, then vigorous and invigorating, and thus continue until a session is completed. The application of this massage will depend on when you hire a massage therapist that you perform. Each masseur can apply it differently according to the patient’s needs.

It is common for the therapist or masseur to ask a few questions before starting treatment. These questions may be related to your general health and why you want to have this massage. Generally, the reason why many people get this massage is that they have some pain, allergy, illness, pregnancy, pleasure, etc.. In addition, this allows the therapist to know your preferences and this will allow them to make a plan to do the personalized message.

Once all the conditions are established, we proceed to lie on the stretcher, either face up or face down. The Swedish massage is usually applied on the body completely naked or in underwear, although a towel is always used on the intimate parts or those that are not working.

Once the session begins, the patient can begin to relax and enjoy the massage. Some therapists are accustomed to using aromatic oils or creams that allow you to relax better and do the massage better. A Swedish massage session can last between 45 to 70 minutes, depending on the patient’s need.

So if you need a massage, a Swedish massage may be right for you. If you are hiring a massage therapist, find out about the techniques they use and how they can benefit you. Don’t wait any longer and start relaxing and relieving all your discomforts.

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