How do you know which food is good for your child?

Vegans and meat eaters

Parents sometimes get confused what food is good or what food is worst for their child, if this or that is good for them, then again an another confusion arises if your child can digest the food or not.

  • Some of the food described below that can be worst for your child, and you need to restrict from feeding your child. Parents should be careful regarding some foods. You can provide cow’s milk to a child, but is it really easy to digest? As we know very well that a mother should give breast milk to her child until the child becomes one year old.
  • There are many gummy and sugary fruit-flavoured candies available in the market, your child can fond of those but you need to restrict in your child’s dish, as these types of gummy and sugary fruit-flavoured candies are not good at all, are consists of large amount of sugar that only can provide empty calories, very worst kind of food. These kinds of food sticks in mouth and really very hard to swallow.
  • Avoid soft cola or drinks, those are contains with large amount of sugar and also supply empty calories. These are worst for your child’s health, specially the cause of weight gain in future.
  • Always avoid ketchup and pickles that contains artificial colors. These kinds of ketchup and pickles rich in high amount of sodium that can be harmful for your child.
  • Avoid cheese, as it is rich in high amount of fat and contains rich calories and not very easy to digest. That can lead to indigestion and stomach ache.
  • Cereals can be good for your child’s health but due to its high amount of sugar, it can be harmful for your child.

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