How Yoga Poses improve your nervous system to work efficiently?

Our Nervous System is responsible for our essential body and mind functions. It is the predominant controlling  system interacted with different parts of our body. Due to that it is very much important to work efficiently that our body parts and mind can work in an efficient manner. Practicing yoga regularly may help us to improve our physical as well as mental health.

Benefits of yoga are many but the key benefits lies in its ability to help our nervous system to work in an efficient way. This can helps us to live a healthier and stress-free life. Healthy nervous system not only helps us to stay healthy in body but also helps us to stay cool and calm in mind.

To control and maintain the wave of information from one part to other parts of our body efficiently, the nervous system coordinate in a responsible manner, helps us to stay active, cool and calm in mind and helps us to keep aware in every aspect.

Some of the yoga poses listed below will stimulate our nerves/nervous system by moving our muscles. This different moves our muscles or yoga poses helps us to stimulate in each parts of our nervous system that may active and function well.

There are different poses available in the entire yoga style that can help us to remove toxin and waste materials from our body and our body parts and different organs can work faster efficiently. These poses help our nervous system to work faster and properly.

Some yoga poses are there to improve our nervous system properly

Surya Bhedan or Right Nostril Breathing Exercise

Many researchers have reported that ‘PRANAYAM’ or ‘BREATING EXERCISE’ is very beneficial in treating different stress related disorders; it improves autonomic function and helps our nervous system to work properly. It also improves resistance power of our body, it is also very much useful for respiratory disorders, improve concentration, prevent sleeping disorder and many more which is very beneficial for sound mind and healthy living.

Surya Bhedan is also called  right nostril breathing exercise. This breathing exercise helps us  to revitalize the supportive nervous system, helps us to minimize depression and or anxiety and also helps us to feel re-energized.

Practicing this pranayam or breathing exercise is not very difficult.

  • You can sit in a comfortable way and cross both of your legs.
  • Now align your head and your neck with your spine.
  • Close your eyes now.
  • Now you need to bring your right hand up to your nose and use index finger to close your left nostril.
  • Now inhale deeply through your right nostril. You can pause for a moment, I meant just for a seconds and hold your breath.
  • Now you need to release your index finger and close your right nostril with your right thumb.
  • Now exhale very slowly and comfortably out of your left nostril.
  • You can repeat this exercise for sometimes. Say for 2-3 minutes.


Savasana or Corpse Yoga Pose

Savasana or Corpse pose is a very good and relaxing yoga pose that can help your nervous system to work efficiently.

You can practice this yoga pose at any time in a day to invoke feelings of deep relaxation and calm in your body and mind.

This pose is the final pose in any yoga class and due to that, it is sometimes called as Final Relaxation Pose. The corpse pose may look like a simple asana but this exercise needs a lot of concentration and will give benefits through continued practice. The benefits of corpse pose yoga are much more than just physical – this pose enhances and renews the body, mind and as well as the spirit.

It decreases heart rate and slows down the rate of respiration. This pose decreases blood pressure, muscle tension and metabolic rate.  On the other side corpse pose mitigates the occurrence of headaches.  It gives you relief from fatigue and insomnia, from anxiety and panic attacks. And most of the all this pose heightens self-confidence.


Viparita Karani or Legs up the wall pose

This is one of the most popular yoga pose that helps your nervous system to work efficiently and to make you feel cool and calm in mind.

  • If you wish to practice this pose you need a folded blanket that can give you a support of your hips and buttocks.
  • Just place the folded blanket from the wall (not very far) and sit by the side with the right buttock resting on the folded blanket, so that the right hip can touch the wall properly.
  • Now exhale and try to dangle the legs up to rest on the wall as you bring your torso and head back to lie on the ground.
  • You can adjust the folded blanket as necessary that your buttocks and lower back are totally supported.
  • Do not unbend your leg, just try to keep as straight as you can, bending the knees slightly whether necessary.
  • Now you need to rest your arms outsides, palms facing up.
  • Now just close the eyes and try to focus on taking easy, deep breathing.
  • Try to stay in this yoga pose for at least 3-4 minutes.

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