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What is premature ageing? 

Ageing is a natural occurrence happens due to the interaction between metabolic, genetics and environmental factors. The rate of ageing is an energetic as well as regulated metabolic process and it is not fixed. Premature ageing refers to the unusual speed of the usual process of ageing.

Ownership of certain unnatural and unfavorable genetic alteration and or an unhealthy living-style can be the reason of premature ageing, considering the importance of well being from both the side (inside and the outside). 

Factors that speed up ageing.

Skin health coordinate with the metabolic condition and genetic makeup, and also affected by environmental by living-style and some of the environmental factors, such as personal habits, diet habits, nutrition, exercise and stress, related with life.

The cells of our body are displayed to the damage induced by some sort of internal and external stressor, such as environmental pollution, genetic variations, excessive glucose intake, heat, collagen breakdown etc. Our age is increasing day by day but the rate at which we see is determined by the capability of our body cells to manage with this damage. 

Are our lifestyles can help delay the ageing process?

Surely, a healthy living-style such as proper diet, right nutrition, sound sleep, stress free life can prevent or delay the visibility of ageing and definitely increase the longevity of the skin. If you are really conscious about your dieting habit, personal life-style, balanced diet, proper nutrition, intake of adequate fruit and vegetable then you have more than 80 percent change to prevent premature ageing.
You can practice yoga, pranayama or can do regular exercise that can help you to stay healthy, relax your mind and improve your immunity power to prevent premature ageing.

 Changes of skins are the most common and visible signs of ageing. Skin ageing is indicated by age-spots, wrinkles, dryness of skin and sagging. When the skin ages it becomes thinner, paler and less plump and it also takes more time to repairs comparing with younger skin.

Some questions come to our mind.

Are gender matters in the ageing process?

Do women age faster to men?

Yes, sometimes gender matters in the ageing process. Men Dermis layer (the skin layer) is much thicker than in women, thus men have a higher collagen density. Because collagen relates to skin ageing signs, for instance a woman’s skin looks 15 years older to a man of the same age. Men rarely use sunscreens; as a consequence ultra violet damage invalidates the benefits of slowed intrinsic ageing. 

Are genetics helping age better?

Sometimes our friends say, Oh! Your skin is so good and you look so gorgeous.

You are really unique as you got very healthy skin genetically and so on. But in reality the human genome sequence is 99.6 per cent similar in all the people, a very small genetic change or difference can occurs within an individual’s DNA sequence may have a little impact on his or her health/skin health.

You can get your genetic assessment test where you will be able to find out a clear picture of your genetic information and in relation to your health and ageing conditions. The skin might show same signs of ageing from the outside, but its metabolic and genetics regulations stand unique from the inside, there is no difference among the masses. Although you can prevent your premature ageing, by changing your life-style, if you do avoid the smoking, drinking alcohol and maintain your regular diet with proper fruit and vegetable. Yoga, Pranayam or 20-30 minutes exercise can be your best medicine to fight against premature skin ageing.

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