A Guide To Acquiring The Best Blender For Your Home


Blenders are some of the most common kitchen appliances in our home nowadays and for the better. They are highly versatile and very useful in the kitchen by helping do a lot of blending kitchen tasks with very little effort.

When you think of owning a blender, you might be faced with a difficult decision in dealing with the numerous choices available for you to choose from.

In this blender buying tips, I will guide you through some of the most important considerations that you need to put in place to buy a blender that can meet your kitchen needs.

Choose The Model That Best Suite You

Countertop Models

Countertop models are among the common kitchen blenders which come in many different styles and features of the best blenders to choose from.

You can check on the settings, power, and size depending on the number of people in your home that it will serve.

Other features that should be considered also include the easy to read makings, an easy to clean, and easy to access larger mouth container.

Handheld Models

When you want to blend milkshakes or smoothies by submerging your blender, then you need handheld models that are usually thin and long.

These types of blenders can be used to puree cooked vegetables for soups in a saucepan. They are handy for quick small tasks and you should consider their multiple mixing attachment but they can’t replace countertop blenders.

Consider Features Of The Blender

Ease of Controls

Some blenders, especially many of the bestblenders, usually come with programmable controls using a keypad. These keypads are easy to clean since they don’t have holes that can trap food items.

There are most straightforward flip-switch and pulse-button controls which are easier to use but do not offer multiple options for specialized tasks and may be difficult to clean.

The Power Of The Blender

Among the most important features in a blender is how much power it has, especially the handheld ones. Less than 100-watt handheld blender may not be able to do much other than mixing juices.

Most of the  Vegan blenders have got much power that can allow them to grind off spices and crush ice while they are still cost-effective.

In deciding on the power of your appliance, remember to consider what you intend to do with it because you may go for a powerful and expensive type and then end up using it for a task that smaller powered gadgets would have done perfectly well.


The appearance of your appliances matters a lot. You may want to ensure all your appliances have a specific outlook. For example, if your current kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel, then you may want to maintain that appearance in all of your appliances.

You can also consider a plastic which gets scratches and can have food odor, or stainless steel which looks good but can’t allow you to see the progress of your food inside and at the same time thinking of a glass which is transparent with some weight that stabilizes your blender.

Warm And Frothy

Super blenders generate some heat to the content during blending due to the fast speed at which their blades move, raising the temperature of your smoothie and this may require you to bring the temperature down to a thirst-quenching level by adding ice.

For that matter, you may want a blender that doesn’t make your smoothie warm and you also don’t want to use ice, then, this will demand that you don’t buy a very high powered appliance.

Safe To Use

It is important to take some safety precautions to avoid a situation where you are in the middle of your blending, then, suddenly, your smoothie explodes, pouring all over your kitchen. This may be because the lid is off and the pulse button is accidentally activated.

This requires you to buy a blender you fully understand how to operate, and which does not pose any risk to you and your family when you are cleaning or operating.

Easy To Clean

Blenders with a motor base and a pitcher can be easy to maintain clean because they self-clean. What you need is to pour some little water, and a bit of detergent then, run at high speed.

Some blenders which don’t self-wash have dish-washer safe parts that make them more convenient for the much-needed hygiene in your kitchen.

Speed Settings

Good blenders should have at least a three-speed setting consisting of high, low, and pulse so that it is effective.

Several blenders gradually start-up then slowly graduating to the needed speed, while some have pre-programmed functions that make them suitable for specialized tasks.


What your blender is likely to cost you will depend on consideration of the above elements. The materials type and motors power combined with the number of accessories are the determinants in costing a blender.

Be careful to fully evaluate whether the cost of the blender is proportionate to its value. You can decide to buy an expensive blender that is not worth it based on its features and therefore you can decide to choose from low priced and effective blenders.

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