5 Excellent Benefits of Bakasana: Explained!


The crow, or sometimes known as the crane pose, is an arm-balancing yoga pose. Bakasana helps you in attaining your balance and finding your centre of gravity. While you do this exercise, your hands are placed on the floor, with your feet lifted, and your shins rest on your upper arms. A bakasana pose stretches your upper back and is an excellent workout when you sit for long hours. It strengthens your core regulating your digestion process and supporting your lower back.

This exercise has several health benefits, which is why you should consider including it in your regular workout regime. We have listed below five excellent benefits of practising bakasana.

  • Overall Natural Body Workout
  • The crane pose benefits the whole body in one way or another, from the core, arms, wrists, upper back, lower back to the legs. You can gain the physical benefits of the pose by balancing on your arms, but lifting yourself from the ground with your core’s help is more beneficial. It helps you stay fit and healthy and focus on your life better.

    • Extends The Groin Muscles

    When you practice the bakasana, one of the significant benefits is that it opens and stretches the groin muscles. It protects the gracilis, which is responsible for knee flexion and hip adduction, from any injury. While performing this exercise, you also tone your core muscles simultaneously. As it works on the abdominal muscles, it also boosts your metabolism.

    • Builds Confidence

    The main focus while doing a bakasana is lifting, which imbibes confidence in you. It makes your mind believe that you are courageous and have the potential to face your fear. This crow pose helps build the mind and body connection and generates a sense of body awareness in you. It will give you a better view of your life and will equip you to approach hurdles confidently.

    • Good For Your Wrists

    Bakasana puts the focal point on the wrists, which helps in strengthening it along with your arms. Practising this yoga pose also helps to prevent injuries to the joints. It also keeps health issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, at bay and increases your arms and wrists’ efficiency. However, it will be helpful to do correctly, which otherwise may lead to injuries on your wrists.

    • Stimulates Coordination

    As this pose requires balance, concentration, and coordination, it improves your sitting and standing posture. It is also known to bring harmony to your life too. Yoga experts believe that arm-balancing brings us closer to nature. The balance also guides composure and calmness while dealing with life situations. It aligns with your physical, mental, and spiritual selves.


    A bakasana pose is beneficial in so many ways, not only for your body but also for leading a healthy life as well. It will be best to include this yoga asana into your daily workout regime. It does not take much space and requires no equipment. It will help you relax after sitting for long hours of working and will also maintain your posture.

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