Mind Body Connection

The Mind Body connection is that by which you can understand how to use your all thoughts in a positive manner, it influences and to understand the power of your physical response, by that means you can reduce your stress, depression and mental anxiety. Whether you can remember a time when you were happy completely and you were calm in your mind then your Mind and Body tend to relax.

Control the Power of your Mind and Body and Produce Energy

There are different exercises by which you can calm and empower your Mind and Body completely. You can get various positive results through these exercises.

  • It reduces anxiety.
  • It helps you to reduce pain
  • It intensifies you sleep
  • It helps you to reduce the use of medication for the purpose of your post- surgical pain (If you have any).
  • It greatly helps you to reduce the side effects of medical procedures.
  • It decreases the recovery time and helps you to shorten to stay at the hospital.
  • It gives you the strength of the immune system and increases the ability to heal yourself.
  • You will be able to enhance your sense of control and well-being.

Relaxation Exercises for your Mind and Body

The main objective in calming and relaxing you Mind-Body is to help you to change the path you become aware of a situation and respond to it. The Relaxation Exercises for your better Mind-Body Connection help you to feel more in control, gives you more confident and provides you to heal the body very actively. It also makes you more aware of any depression or tension, anxiety or pain, change in breathing, helps you to reduce stress. If you practice regularly for 15-20 minutes, these exercises will help you a lot in quieting your mind and helps you to become more relaxed. 

Develop Muscle Relaxation for your Mind-Body Connection

Muscle Relaxation includes tensing and relaxing simultaneously your muscles in the body and at the same time increasing your entire body.

The main objective of this exercise is to make your muscles tight for at least 5-6 seconds, until and unless you feel the tension, after that you can release your muscles for at least 10-15 seconds. You can notice the difference in how your muscles group relaxed after the exercise.

At first, you can begin this exercise for your legs and feet muscles, then you can try for our neck, shoulders, and scalp.

Mind Relaxation Techniques

At first close, your eyes, breathe normally through your nose. When you are exhaling, say silently to yourself the word “ONE” or you can say any short word like – “PEACEFUL”, or you can say any short sentence like – “I AM HAPPY” or, “I AM COOL” etc. do it for at least 10 – 12 minutes. Let your breath slow and steady. This exercise is very good for your Mind Body Connection.

Guided Imagery and Relaxation

Studies have shown that relaxation and guided imagery can reduce your anxiety, pain, and depression and can shorten your time to stay in the hospital. This is sometimes presented on an audio program by which an individual is guided in using some imagination to get peace, strength and control the mind body connection.

Healing and Touch Therapies for your Body and Mind

Generally, the Touch Therapies comprises with light Massage Therapy, Reiki and Healing Touch to help you to recover from different medical and or surgical involvement.

Massage Therapy is generally used to assist different medical condition and recovery from specific procedures. Massage is good in helping you to reduce stress, tension, pain in muscles and joints etc. It is proved that a 10-15 minutes massage can heal your Mind and Body and reduce various stresses in life and well-being.

Reiki is a therapy especially used for relaxing, balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of life. It encourages you in a profound sense of relaxation. It is one of the very good and popular therapies which work with your energy and boosts your mental health and to help your natural ability to heal.

Art and Music Therapy for Mind-Body

Art Therapy is a unique therapy for those who wish to express their creativity during the time of stress, sadness and or loss. This therapy gives you a very powerful release of feelings and thoughts that is the way to heal your Mind-Body and Spirit. The aim of Art Therapy comprises with stress reducing, relaxation, presuming insight on emotions and encourages the interpersonal understanding between the loved ones. These may include Self-expressive art, Art Studio and Legacy projects etc.

On the other hand, Music Therapy is a complete creative therapy for patients and for their family members to convey emotions within a situation of consolation and relaxation. A person can join in making music or can choose to listen or both. Different therapeutic experiences are included such as song writing, performances of music etc. For choosing these activities, one need not have a musical background to enjoy the benefits of Music Therapy. It includes:

  • Helps to change in mood, relaxation, peace, and comfort.
  • Helps in reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Helps to interact socially with family members.
  • Helps to recall memory and satisfaction of life.


Music Therapy for Mind-Body Connection

Music Therapy is widely used for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s diseases, it helps to develop socialization, helps to remember and polish the language skills and reduces the frequency of upset behavior, and it helps to control high blood pressure, control heart rate and reduce muscles tension. Music Therapy is good for children also; it helps kids to manage pain and stressful situations. It inspires children for self-expression and personal development. It inspires children developing personality and improves expression of thoughts.It helps to facilitate positive self-esteem and positive body image.It encourages the sense of freedom and feelings of control.Increase consciousness and inclination to things such as time, date and place.Increase dedication and reduce stress level.It follows step by step directions very easily.It helps to organize thoughts to take free decisions.It encourages the process of cause and effect problem-solving.

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Many people think it is mandatory to practice meditation after practicing Asanas or Yoga. Yoga is very much important for meditation perfectly because yoga poses or postures help us to skid into meditation without many endeavors. It is known that meditation is one of the important aspects of yoga. Yoga and meditation are interconnected with each other. 

What is called good emotional health for a better Mind Body Connection?

Individuals who already have very good emotional health are very much aware of their thoughts, their behaviors, and feelings. Hope they have already learned how to cope up their depression, anxiety, stress, and others normal issues that are part of our life. They may feel good enough in their daily lives and feel healthy in relationships.

Still, there are so many things can happen in our daily life and can throw us into the disorders and then we feel sad, stressful and often feel anxious. These things include:

  • Permanent elimination  of our job
  • Deal with the sorrowful situation of a loved one
  • Got divorced or married
  • If suffering from illness or injury
  • Face financial problems
  • Move to a new house etc.

Why our Physicians should know our emotions?

Sometimes, you may not feel free talking with your doctor about your feelings or any issues if you have in your personal life. But you need to know one important thing that you should not hide any emotional issues with your doctor, you need to be very honest about your health. This is important for the diagnosis too. If you have these types of issues you need to talk with your doctor freely that he or she can help you out. Your physician can suggest you the best way to treat your physical symptoms as well as help you to improve your emotional health.


How can we improve our emotional health?

At first, we need to find out our emotions and try to understand why we are suffering these problems. We need to understand the cause of the sadness, depression, anxiety and or stress in life. After that, we should find the solution for the issues.

How Our Emotions Influence Our Health?

Our body responds to the way we think, we feel and we act. This response sometimes called the “Mind Body Connection”. When we feel stressed, very anxious and or depressed, our body tries to tell us that something is not happening correctly. For instance, if we suffer from high blood pressure or a stomach ache, might grow later a specific stressful occurrence, such as the loss of a beloved one. 

Food can act as medicine, have a neutral effect, or it can be a poison to the mind and body. When food acts as poison, it creates inflammation, ache and other issues, which alters the body’s balance of nutrients, hormones, and neurotransmitters. This directly affects body’s ability to manage and heal from stress or illness. For example, ascorbate or vitamin-C is an important antioxidant molecule in the brain. However, it also has a number of other important functions. Therefore, we should take healthy food, and if necessary we should take supplements as well.

Physical indications show that our emotional health is disturbed. 

  • Back ache
  • Small change in appetite
  • Chest Pain
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Deadly Tiredness
  • Any general pain
  • Headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Sexual Issues
  • Palpitations
  • Sweating
  • Stomach Problems
  • Weight Gain
  • Weight Loss etc.

When our emotional health feels disturbed it weakens our body’s immune system, as a result, we get cold and face others problematic times. If an individual is addicted to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs that badly affect our health can be the indication of poor emotional health.

Some important and helpful tips  for mind body connection:

  • Try to convey your feelings appropriately: Whether you feel stressed, anxious or depressed then try to express your problems with your nearest one so that he or she can help you or you feel better. You can also consult with your family physician, with a counselor or might be a religious advisor for the purpose of advice and support that you can feel better and improve your emotional health soon.
  • Try to live a balanced life for better mind body connection: You should not try to hide any problems at your work, your school or at your home. If you feel stressed and depressed for any of your problem you need to consult with your superiors. You need to focus on the positive side in your life, try to avoid all negatives if you have in your life. Many types of research have shown that positive view point and positive thinking can help you to boost your happy and peaceful life. Make time for things you like to do and you enjoy.
  • Try to develop resilience: Individuals with great flexibility in mind are able to overcome with stress and depression in a healthy way. You can learn “Resilience” from various strategies. You can grow it with social support, thinking and maintaining a positive view point of life, ready for change and keeping things in a new standpoint.
  • Try to pacify and calm your mind body connection: You can do it through meditation, yoga and or pranayama (breathing exercise). These will help you to get the peace and happiness in life. And, you will be able to improve the flexibility of mind and body to fight against depression, stress and or anxiety.
  • Take care of yourself: To possess a good emotional health it is very important to take care of health. You should maintain a regular routine for eating healthy meals, fixed your sleep time and do exercise daily to fight against tension. Try to avoid over eating, avoid drugs, alcohol, smoking etc.

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