Indian Science News Association (ISNA) Has Conducted Training Program on Science Communication and Media Practice 2018

9th June 2018, Kolkata – The XXXII (32nd) training program in science communication and media practice has started on 8th June 2018. The course is about 4-month, from June to September this year. The classes will be held 5 – day in a week combining some Saturdays for the purpose of the workshop as well as outside visit. The classes will be held in the evening 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM every day, so that any person of any age can participate. It is an evening training program organized by Indian Science News Association and Vigyan Prasar, Dept of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

Efforts have been made by the government of India to improve the public understanding of science. The idea is to help the science, as well as scientific culture, perforates India’s socio-culturally diverse society, and to transfigure it into a land of scientifically thinking and scientifically aware people.

There was an inauguration day on 8 June 2018. It was an excellent inauguration organized and managed by the committee held at University College of Science, Technology & Agriculture informally known as Rajabazar Science College, Kolkata. Many renowned personalities from the field of science and communication came here to inaugurate the training program. All have given excellent lectures to the participants about science awareness, communication and its impact on the society.

Science Communication And Media Practice
Science Communication And Media Practice

Science Communication

Dr. Amit Krishna Dey was the convener of the 32nd ISNA inauguration day, a great speaker, and organizer, who organized and managed the inauguration day wonderfully.

Other guests were: Prof. Biswapait Mukherjee, Prof. S.K. Talapatra, Sri Arunava Roy from (DD Bangla), Dr. T. V. Venkateswaram from (Vigyan Prasar, New Delhi), Prof. Subhendu Mondal and Prof. Amalendu Bandopadhya. And, the well-known science writer of Ananda Bazar Patrika Mr. Pathik Guha was also present there.

The sum and substance of the lectures were to integrate, coordinate, catalyze as well as support science communication and its popularization, at the macro & micro level.

The inauguration program was good enough beyond question. It has shown how essential science communication is at present day because there is an urgent need to make the activities of science communication more effective, both in terms of quality as well as quantity.

Hope the 32nd training program on Science Communication and Media Practice would give students a new dimension of thought in building awareness of science to a large number of masses. Whereas, present and future science communication endeavors have huge potential in shaping the lives of people, and at the same time making their decisions more and more informative, and rational.

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