Are There Any Yoga Pose That Makes Your Boobs Bigger?

Yoga For Bigger Boobs

Are you ashamed of having smaller boobs? Have you tried many different exercises to make your boobs bigger? If your answer is “yes” and you did not get any fruitful results, then this article could be your help.

Yes, we are going to discuss about yoga for bigger boobs. There are hundreds of yoga poses one can tell you to practice to get a healthy and fit body, but hardly one can tell you the exact poses or asana for bigger breasts. Not to worry at all, we are going to tell you, which poses are good to make your breasts bigger just in a few months.

Yoga will help you expand your breasts tightening your pectoral muscles. Yoga will help you improve your posture. Thus, you will get nice boobs without any side effect. Yes, if you have heard of taking breasts surgery or thinking to take some medicines, then give up all those nonsense stuffs, and try yoga.

There are a few tried and tested asana for bigger boobs that you can practice at home. These poses will give you a natural lift to your breasts and make it appear large. The poses are recommended by yoga experts can be worth practicing.

Let’s discuss about the yoga for bigger breasts!


Bhujangasana – This pose is popular among the yoga practitioners. If you are into beginner level of yoga, then you must have practiced Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose. An excellent yoga that helps in tightening your pectoral muscles and helps expanding your breasts. It is also called a dynamic yoga pose, whether you practice this yoga on a regular basis, you will surely get effective results. Your breasts size will surely improve if you practice cobra or half cobra pose.

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Headstand Pose

Sirsasana – Sirsa Asana commonly known as headstand pose. If you are practicing yoga and thinking of improving your breast size, you must include this asana in your yoga routine. But one thing, we must tell you is – this is not a beginner level yoga. It is an advanced level yoga, so you will not be able to do it at the first go, after a year of practice with the help of a trainer, you can do it. An effective yoga for bigger breasts, which improves the circulation of blood to the lymphatic system that helps sustain your health and your boobs as well.

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Warrior Pose

Virbhadrasana – This asana is also called Warrior Pose, one of the most important yoga poses in the yoga style. It is an intermediate standing pose that gives you natural lift to your boobs whilst focusing on the breasts muscles, upper arms and chest region.

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Bridge Pose
Bridge Pose

Setubandhasana – This asana is special asana for bigger breasts, also known as bridge pose. This yoga pose can give you a great stretch to your breasts region while improve the breasts’ shape. If you want to make your breasts beautiful and firm, you must practice it. A great yoga tht ensures a clean flow of blood to the breasts tissues and treat infections.

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Here, in this article, we have discussed four yoga asana for bigger boobs. There are also other yoga poses that you can try at home for further benefits. But we recommend you to start these pose and see the results and after that add some other poses in your yoga routine.

Happy Practicing!

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