What is Half Cobra Pose And What Are Its Benefits?

Ardha Bhujangasana

Half Cobra is an effective yoga pose in opening your shoulder and chest.

Half cobra and cobra pose are slightly different. You should practice half cobra pose and then try cobra pose. Cobra pose is also called Bhujangasana and Half Cobra is called Ardha Bhujangasana.

Half cobra has the same physical and mental health benefits of cobra pose. Whether you are a beginner yoga practitioner and have limited flexibility, you should try half cobra first in lieu of cobra pose until you develop enough flexibility to practice cobra pose.

This yoga pose gives you the benefits of a backbend, but without as much flexion of your spine. It is a backbend pose mostly practised by beginner yoga practitioners in almost any yoga practice.

Let us discuss how to practice this half cobra and the benefits of half cobra pose.

When you practice this yoga properly, you will get the benefits. Though, this thing also applicable for all yoga poses.

  1. First, keep your leg together and lie down on the stomach. If you are suffering from back pain, then try to keep your legs 1 to 2 feet apart from each other.
  2. Second, besides your shoulder, slowly place your palms and keep your head resting on the floor.
  3. Third, while inhaling, raise your head up to your naval. Try to look at the roof whether you are practising on the open ground.
  4. Fourth, Now, you are on the pose, this way keep your position 10 to 20 seconds and continue to inhale and exhale, but slowly.
  5. Fifth, with a deep exhalation, come to your original pose.
  6. You can repeat this posture 2 to 3 times for better results.
Ardha Bhujangasana
Ardha Bhujangasana

Benefits of half cobra pose or Ardha Bhujangasana

When you do yoga, you should not think that you will get the benefits just in a day or two. But practice on a regular basis will surely reap its benefits and give you immense peace from inside out.

Let us discuss the benefits of half cobra pose.

Some of the benefits of Ardha Bhujangasana are as follows:

  • Relieves back pain or backache
  • This pose is an excellent one for kidneys
  • Ardha Bhujangasana is known as stress buster yoga
  • It alleviates rheumatism
  • It is good for digestion
  • It is also good for gynaecological disorders
  • If you have slipped disc or sciatica, then practice this for better results
  • Half Cobra pose can be a remedy for the thyroid gland
  • It improves your lung capacity
  • It helps you active kundalini which is also called bio-energy potential.

Things to keep in mind about Half Cobra Pose

If you are suffering from peptic ulcer, hernia, intestinal tuberculosis, and hypothyroidism, you should not practice this yoga posture. Apart from these issues, you can practice this yoga. It would be better if you consult with your physician and a yoga trainer, a yoga therapist to avoid unwanted injury.

Benefits of Half Cobra Pose On the Ground of Ayurveda

Many believe yoga is a separate subject, but they hardly know that it is a part of Ayurveda. Both Yoga and Ayurveda have their origin in the Vedic tradition. Ayurveda treats diseases with substances which are neutral but effective and has no or little side effects.

If you do not have a yoga trainer at home, do not hesitate to practice this half cobra pose. This asana is safe, effective and very natural. Along with the benefits of half cobra pose discussed above, this asana is also good for the following:

  • Helps to tone your abdomen
  • Helps to increase your flexibility
  • Helps to strengthen your shoulder and arms
  • Helps to improve your menstrual irregularities
  • Helps to elevate your mood
  • Helps to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Helps to improve blood circulation
  • Helps to strengthen your spine
  • Helps to improve your digestion
  • Helps to ease the symptoms of asthma

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