What Is Piles And What Are Its Benefits For Laser Treatment?


Piles Laser Treatment is More Successful than Other Treatment Methods

Piles affect one in every eight people in India. The fact that only middle-aged people are affected by this painful condition is a misconception. Studies reveal that the young population of this country is more prone to developing piles. Wondering why? The simplest explanation is a change in food habits and lifestyle. We have shifted from eating a nutritious healthy diet to high-calorie junk food items. Our work that involved lots of physical activity has been replaced with sitting desk-jobs for long hours.

Complex ailments like piles require advanced treatment options. At present, the most advanced treatment option for piles is laser treatment. Want to know the reason? Read along, as we discuss the various aspects of laser treatment which makes it a more effective option than others.

  • Painless treatment

Other treatment options such as banding, sclerotherapy or hemorrhoidectomy involve some kind of cut or incision. Although these are performed under the influence of anaesthesia, the pain relapses as the effect wear off. Moreover, you can be allergic to some home remedies that are used commonly for getting relief from constant itching or pain. But the laser treatment for piles involves no such cut or incision. It is performed under the influence of anaesthesia. Hence, you will not feel any pain during or after the surgery.

  • Faster recovery

Home remedies take over a period of two-three months to show positive results. And by the time it shows any effect, the problem can aggravate another grade. In some cases, these might not even work. Banding or open surgical interventions take over a month to fully heal. You even have to visit the doctor frequently for daily dressings.  With the most advanced laser treatment, you’ll be able to recover within two days. There is no need for daily dressings also.

  • Permanent solution

There is no certainty that with other treatment options your piles won’t return. The symptoms are only relieved as long as you follow these. The laser treatment for piles provides permanent relief. It cures the affected area completely. The laser beam coagulates the blood vessels thus, restricting the blood supply to the haemorrhoids. This shrinks them and ultimately, the haemorrhoids heal completely.

  • Daycare procedure

For any treatment option that you avail other than piles of laser treatment, you’ll have to stay at the hospital for one night or more. This is done to make sure there is no abnormal bleeding or any signs of infection. There is no such need to stay overnight after laser treatment. The doctor keeps you under observation for a couple of hours and discharges you. The risk of infection is absolutely zero. After discharge, if you follow the instructions given by the doctor judiciously, you’ll be able to resume your daily activities within two days.


There are different treatment options available for curing piles. You can opt for piles home remedies, or surgical options to cure it. But none of them is as effective as laser treatment for piles because of the several benefits that it offers. None of the treatment options provides a permanent solution to piles except laser treatment. It is important that you eat a high-fibre diet and practice some basic exercises even after the surgery. You should consult with a doctor to know more about piles and how laser treatment can be used for its treatment.

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