Top 5 Causes of Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis: Causes

Ulcerative colitis is also known as Colitis Ulcerosa is a type of inflammatory bowel disease or can say a colon kind of colitis or a colon disease. The disease is generally happens in the largest portion of the intestine, including sores and ulcers. The main cause of this disease is diarrhea with the mixture of blood. It is an ulcer causes by inflammation in the large intestine. Nobody is actually sure what are the main reasons of this disease, though according to the medical findings we have included five main cause of Ulcerative colitis.

Excessive Stress

It is said that when an individual is under pressure or stress, body cogs up for the purpose of combat-or-combat reciprocation by producing certain hormones, like adrenalin hormone and molecules known as cytokines. These types of hormones generally invigorate immune system that activates inflammation. But in an individual if his or her ulcerative colitis is in cancellation, this places the phase for returning of the person’s symptoms, suddenly outburst of the disease.

Immune System

Some medical scientists believe that a virus or some sorts of bacteria may activate ulcerative colitis. When a person’s digestive patch becomes ignited or inflamed then the person’s immune system starts to combat for conquering microorganism. It is also not impossible that the inflammation can stalk from autoimmune response in that the body prepares an immune reaction despite the pathogen is still present there.

Heredity factor

Persons who are suffering from ulcerative colitis have certain abnormalities in their immune system, though this cause is still not clear, but the disease can be happened by other family members. Your ulcerative colitis can grow whether any of your members in family suffer this disease. It is said that genetics play an important role in increase this disease. Though, this suspect not always found true because most of the people who are suffering from ulcerative colitis do not have any family history of this disease.

Ulcerative Colitis
Ulcerative Colitis

Improper Food Intake

Improper food intake can be the cause of ulcerative colitis. Improper food can harm your intestinal tract and also make ill effect on your immune system that lead to this disease. Proper food intake not only helps your intestine to stay healthy but also make your bowel movement in order. You should always take healthy food like, protein, carbohydrates, grains, fresh vegetable, fish, pulses etc. you should avoid some of the worst food like dairy products, milk, cheese etc. these food increase abdominal pain, gas and diarrhea for ulcerative colitis patients.

Viral or Bacterial Infection

Ulcerative colitis is a very persistent inflammatory problem that acutely affects the rectum as well as the large intestine. The human immune system is triggered in producing the inflammation without the presence of microbes. Human immune system generally combats against infections by producing white blood cells in the body to demolish the infection. In the immune system, an amiable bacteria into the colon helps in the digestive process lead to colon and the final section of the large intestine becomes ignited.

Ulcerative colitis often called a condition related to Crohn’s disease and it is behaved towards an autoimmune disease. Treatment is done with some anti-inflammatory drugs, biological therapy, and immunosuppression directing some specific elements of the immune reciprocation.

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