Top 5 Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel syndrome

The disease Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic pain. It is generally gives abdominal pain and aches in bowel movement. It is an acute gastrointestinal issue. The disease often called organic origin. Sometimes diarrhea and or constipation turn to irritable bowel disorder. Medical professionals often called this disease a very habitual and frequent abdominal disorder. Though, the ultimate causes have not been found by medical practitioner but they say the reason are several and is not curable, but the pain can be reduced with long term treatment. Generally the diagnosis is done according to the symptoms of the disease. Some of the most common causes of Irritable bowel syndrome are mentioned below.

Causes of Brain Gut Signal

The main reasons of irritable bowel syndrome is not clear to the researchers and they believe that the brain gut signal can be one of the reason related to physical and mental issues can guide to irritable bowel syndrome. Our nerves in body and the brain interact with different signals of large and small intestines are known as gut. It manages the work of small and large intestine. When the body faces problem related to signal due to intestinal disorders, brain also faces some signal difficulties and the result is changes of bowel movement and aches in the brain- gut.

Cause of Hypersensitivity

Individual who is suffering from gas and stool related problems from a long time and have been suffering from hypersensitivity, a lower pain gateway for the purpose of bowel movement can face irritable bowel syndrome. Human brain gives various signals for pain for irritable bowel movement to the persons, because the brain and nerves are connected with each others with small and large intestine.

Causes of Mental Health

Mental Health is also one of the big issues linked with irritable bowel syndrome. Mental health like panic stricken mentality, anxiety, mental fatigue, depression, distress, agony and post-operative pain can create several causes to irritable bowel syndrome. Generally the people who are suffering from the mentioned disease are more likely to have irritable bowel syndrome. Though, scientists have not found yet the connection between the two. Researchers found people who have suffered with physical abuse can also suffer mental illness which is connected to irritable bowel syndrome.

Cause of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

There are a few bacteria present in small intestine, it is a normal phenomenon, these bacteria are helpful to human in different ways, if the bacteria grows rapidly in the small intestine tract it create problems. Studies found that these types of bacteria sometimes generate more gas, create diarrhea and create weight loss and the outcome is irritable bowel syndrome. But to find out whether it is a major cause for IBS more research is important in this context.

Improper food intake

Eating improper food is one of the major causes of irritable bowel syndrome. Foods contain with high carbohydrates, junk food, very spicy food, fatty diet, caffeine, irregular diet, alcohol and some drinks which are very bad for health and create gas and intestinal issues. It is said that these types of food create problem in regular bowel movement, hinder to pass the waste material from the body and also create problem for sugar absorption in the body.

Irritable bowel syndrome has a direct impact on life expectancy. Scientists and physicians say it is an incurable but a treatable disease. The treatment is generally starts with restricted diet, some medicines and with required psychological intercession. For treating this disease cooperation between the doctor and patient is very much important.

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