The Quirky & Empowering Naked Yoga Trend That Blew Up During Covid

Naked Yoga Benefits

During the start of the pandemic, yogis desiring an in-studio class were mostly out of luck. With studios shuttered across the globe during lockdown, many were forced to turn to online classes in order to get their flow on. Remember when dumbbells and yoga mats were sold out everywhere? Whether it was YouTube or smartphone apps, being forced to exercise mostly from home made us all get a little creative with how we moved our bodies. But even as the world is opening up again, at-home workouts are here to stay. According to recent polls, a large swath of people who exercise regularly says they’ll continue to work out at home, citing the convenience and flexibility. 

With this environment as the backdrop, True Naked Yoga, an instructional nude yoga video platform launched its subscription service at the height of the 2020 lockdown and quickly had yogis from over 82 countries signing up. While Naked Yoga itself isn’t new, pre-pandemic classes were mostly only available at a select few studios worldwide, and its online accessibility was fairly minimal. On top of accessibility issues, many yogis who may have been open to the idea of trying naked yoga benefits were still too intimidated to strip down in front of total strangers. True Naked Yoga aimed to solve this problem by bringing the practice to the privacy of people’s own homes.

Originating in ancient India, naked yoga (also known as NAGNA YOGA) has a long and sophisticated spiritual history that encouraged practitioners to free themselves of judgment, distractions, and material concerns. It is said that by removing the barriers and constrictions of clothing, one can enjoy many added benefits to those already experienced by regular yoga practice. According to practitioners, some of the naked yoga benefits include:

  • Greater sense of mindfulness due to heightened sensations and awareness
  • Stronger mind-body connection
  • Greater freedom of movement and expression
  • Acceptance and appreciation of the body just as it is
  • Increased self-love, confidence, and body positivity

The founders of True Naked Yoga hope to give more yogis access to these amazing benefits, especially those who may not be able to attend in-person classes depending on their location or financial means. Memberships are priced at just $14.99 per month (plus half-off the first month) for unlimited access to its extensive library of videos and meditations, making naked yoga instantly more attainable for those who may be curious about its rewards. 

In each video, you can expect a cinematically filmed program designed by a certified yoga instructor and guided by expert teachers, with styles and help you to understand the naked yoga benefits ranging from Hatha to Ashtanga, Sculpt, Yogalates, and more. Beginners and experts alike will find something to love. Intrigued? True Naked Yoga is offering 50% off your first month to new customers, and 2 months free with a yearly membership. Enjoy!

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