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Naked yoga benefits

Life in the 21st century is really stressful and frustrating. To get rid of this stress, frustration, tension, anxiety, and a lot more health issues we may perform Yoga to control them.

It’s really beneficial for health and it shows its impact effectively on the human body within a few days! Now in recent times a form of yoga which is known as the NAKED YOGA became very popular, it became popular for a reason, the reason is the effectiveness of this yoga, naked yoga, it’s the same as regular yoga but somewhere it’s different than the normal yoga, regular yoga poses are good but in naked yoga, you can feel your soul deeply from the bottom of your heart.

By this nagna yoga, you could feel yourself, know yourself, who are you? What are you doing? What’s your purpose?

So today we will discuss, learn and gather knowledge about Yoga, not just yoga a little more, a little better, very deep – “NAKED YOGA

Who Are You?

The way we see our body is not the same as it is, the body which we think of ourselves is a gross body made of five elements Air, Water, Fire, Ether and Earth but apart from these there are two more bodies one is this subtle or astral body and other is the causal body.

The subtle body mainly consists of mind, intelligence and ego. The causal body is pure bliss which we call as soul. People nowadays run behind the astral body but by nude yoga one can know its causal body.

What are we doing?

Living in today’s busy life all of us are running behind material desires, because we all are wanting more and more for our material body. Just like fire is covered by smoke and a mirror is covered by dust similarly our consciousness is covered by different degrees of lust and it is the lust which provokes us to run behind material desires. So to uncover ourselves, to know what are we meant for and what are we doing we need to practice naked yoga, which connects us with ourselves.

What’s your purpose?

The main purpose of our life is to know ourselves that means to know our soul which means that we need to know God first. According to some spiritualist liberation means merging of the soul into the universal consciousness (which they say as God) and to some liberation means attaining the kingdom of God. It is now up to you that which path you will choose , when you will perform nude yoga you will know you soul and yourself and that every time you will know which path you will choose and what is your purpose of life.

All About Naked Yoga

To know NAKED YOGA, first, we have to learn about what YOGA is?

Yoga was first invented in India. According to the History of Yoga Shiva was the first Yogi, the first guru of yoga, He gave the knowledge of yoga to the ” Shaptarishi” means seven people who had immense knowledge, then these rishis spread the Yoga culture in the whole world, but India recognized it more than any other country. What is yoga?

Yoga is control of the modification of the mind. Because the mind is the thing that controls your whole body. If you can control your mind then you can control yourself. It is a process of inner soul, there are many types of yoga among them which is popularizing now is the naked yoga.


Naked Yoga is also called NANGA YOGA in INDIA which is mainly performed by the ‘sadhus’, the people who leave the desire of the material world and go in search of God. Naked yoga in modern terms or Nanga Yoga’s origin has been restored in India for ages.

Stripping down for a sadhu is very much symbolic, it means the sadhu is letting himself free from this materialistic world of desire, where people don’t know what they fight for and what they strive after. A sadhu detaches himself from the earthly and the physical materials which were obstructing them to get spiritual enlightenment, moksha.


A lot of people know about Yoga. But a few have knowledge about “naked yoga”, it’s a form of yoga, where a person reaches its peak state of mind where one can find peace eternally within and out. This form of yoga is performed without clothes, without any kind of coverings, nude, so it is called nude yoga also , it’s exactly how we came to this earth purely without any patch, without any desire, without any wishes, we were just we for ourselves.

So it’s nothing but performing or practicing yoga without any kind of clothes, naked. It connects the body with the soul, most of the ‘ Naga Sadhus ‘ , people who practice yoga naked which is , “NAGNA YOGA” the name of nude yoga in India, it connects the soul and body to attain a state of mind without any materialistic desires in order to get moksha and meet God.


In today’s modern world many popular Hollywood celebrity faces perform and practice this nagna yoga to hold on to their young faces in order to maintain their body, looks, posture, and skin. This also adds a lot to their fitness which turns out to be very beneficial for them. Many people regard this act as obscene but nobody can ignore its benefits. NAKED YOGA is very much popular in countries like – the USA, CANADA, the UK, RUSSIA, SPAIN, and AUSTRALIA. There are various clubs where naked yoga is practiced in these countries. On the other hand, where yoga and all forms of yoga originated, that is India, there it is seen in a very critical aspect. There are mixed feelings about naked yoga all around the globe, so today we will tell you the benefits of naked yoga.


In Naked Yoga there is not only physical but physiological development in one human, Nude yoga multiplies the health and boosts one person physically and mentally. It decreases the rate of heart disease, controls digestion well, reduces stress and anxiety; there’s always a peace of mind with calmness, it improves the endocrine system and the immunity power of one person which is very much important in the day we are living now and in the upcoming.

This nude yoga gives a different state of mind with inner peace which is very soothing, calm, and composed through the yogic power which is generated performing the Yoga, the naked yoga. It is much more beneficial than normal yoga, it puts values in your life and you come to know a lot more about yourself, about your inner soul which is the real you. Through this form of yoga, you meet yourself from within. It’s a different feeling when you perform it.


It keeps your mind cool, calm and composed in every situation which helps in decision making. You can make a good decision only with a good state of mind and you can gain it through this unconventional form of yoga, Naked Yoga. Through this process stress is completely demolished from one’s body. There are no negative thoughts coming into one’s mind.

Practicing naked yoga gives you inner peace of mind. It makes us free from everything, it breaks all the human boundaries and brings us closer to ourselves, nudity may be an absurd concept now but just remember how you came on this earth, without anything and how you will leave the earth without anything, naked, nude; there’s nothing in this materialistic world.

By practicing naked yoga we all can know that religion, region, caste, language, color, or creed doesn’t matter at all, it doesn’t exist at all, we all are the same, doing our duties on the earth for a particular given time, it gives you a feeling of oneness you can understand things deeply. It makes us mature physiologically, it creates a special bond with the body and soul of one by removing all the unwanted, outside influences which stop you from releasing your inhibitions.

Nude yoga is not associated with sex but it improves your sex life, it builds intimacy with your partner which is far beyond sex. Naked yoga creates compassion in oneself. You see things differently which brings inner happiness to the soul. Everything becomes so beautiful, no stress, no tension, no anxiety, everything comes under control. It brings us closer to God.


 Now the question arises how to perform naked yoga?

  • To practice nude yoga you need to undress totally,
  • Take a mat and instructor of your nude yoga classes,
  • If you perform it after taking a bath then it enhances yourself mentally.
  • You can go to a Club nearby to practice it where men and women are taught separately or you can also do it solo with an instructor.
  • If you want to do it with your partner, that can also be done.

In yoga classes, your difficulties and problems are also solved. The posture and the poses given must be done carefully and accurately. It’s fun, and enjoyable learning at the same time. This form of achieving peace and health at the same time is very much beneficial for ALL.

In Oakland, United States of America; In San Francisco USA there are many popular naked yoga schools which are progressing a lot. It’s all about searching for yourself, finding a path in the mist, getting out from a lost jungle and attaining the ultimate peace and heavenly pleasure which one never felt before. It’s beyond your imaginations.

Author Bio:

Sulagna K is a veteran yoga speaker and a freelance writer. She was an entrepreneur for years and talking about yoga and healthcare for the betterment of people.

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