Half Lotus Pose in Yoga – Ardha Padmasana


In Sanskrit, Half Lotus Pose is called ‘Ardha Padmasana’. ‘Ardha’ means ‘Half’, ‘Padma’ means ‘Lotus’ and ‘Asana’ means ‘Pose’.

Half Lotus Yoga Pose is a mixture of the traditional seated meditation yoga pose. Lotus Pose means Padmasana. This yoga posture is good for students who have less flexibility in lower part of the body. This is a seated asana.

This pose is quite easy than the Lotus Pose, this yoga pose is not for beginners. To practice this posture one needs to have flexibility of body due to that if you have good flexibility in your body and if you are advanced level yoga leaner then you can try this pose. You need to practice plenty of hip opening yoga postures after that you can try this pose. You should practice Cobbler pose, Hero Pose, Half Lord of Fish Pose etc. before Half Lotus pose.

Steps to practice:

At first sit on the ground on your yoga mat with your legs enlarged, straight your spine and arms relaxing on our sides. This is called Seated Staff Pose, in Sanskrit this is named ‘Dandasana’.

Now you need to bend your right knee and hug the knee to your chest and by this time bring your right ankle to the crease of your left hip that the sole of your right foot can face the sky. But remember your top of the foot need to rest on your hip crease.

Now try to bend you left knee and pass your left ankle in an opposite direction beneath the right knee. Now place your palms together that show like a PRAYAR position at the center of your heart. Make a circle with each index thumb and index finger.

Now close your eyes and turn your gaze inward. Stay in this position for at least 1 minute or as comfortable as you can.

When you are thinking to come out from this pose, you need to expand both of your legs along the ground in Staff Pose. You should repeat this posture with the opposite direction with the leg on top. Now you can release the pose/asana and rest in Corpse Pose for at least 4-5 minutes.

Benefits of Half Lotus Pose

The pose helps you to strengthen your back, stretches your hips, ankles, thighs and knees. Helpful for calming your mind, reduce stress depression and anxiety. This pose also improves your blood circulation in the pelvis that can ease the menstrual discomfort.

With other seated yoga postures like Easy Pose and Perfect Pose, Half Lotus Yoga pose is generally used for the purpose of long periods of breathing exercise or Pranayama and Meditation. The pose allow you for greater apprehension of your mind and body. Regular practicing this pose will helps you to bring peace in mind.


Whether you have any chronic or recent injury to your knees, hips or ankles or whether your hips ankles or hips are very tight then you can face difficulties while crossing your legs. Try to practice the modified version until and unless you feel comfortable and enough flexible in your body to start this posture. If you have any injuries then you should consult your doctor first before practicing this yoga.

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