Half Moon Pose increases stability of mind and body


The name Half moon pose comes from the words Half moon (Chandra) in Sanskrit, means, here Half MoonHalf means ‘Ardha’ and Moon means ‘Chandra’, the luminous and the Posture means ‘Asana’.

In a word the half moon yoga pose is said ‘Ardha Chandrasana’ in Sanskrit.

The moon and the sun are the symbolic forms of Yoga mythology. Hatha yoga sometimes uses the words the SUN and the MOON in the syllables ‘HA’ and ‘THA’ represents solar and lunar energies. We know that ‘Yoga’ means ‘Yoke’ so ‘Hatha Yoga’ is yoking together of lunar and solar energies. Here, in Hindu mythology the Sun and the Moon are considered as Gods. These gods help us to increase the stability and durability of our mind and body.

Practice this pose

Stand in Mountain Pose yoga. Now try to take a big step with 3-3.5 feet with your right foot. Now turn your foot towards the side of your yoga mat, when you are keeping your left toes forward. Now you see both of your hip points are facing the side of your yoga mat.

Now take your arms shaped like a ‘T’ with your palms and points down.

Now place your right hand easily at the waist. Now you need to bend your left knee and comfortably shift your weight into your left leg, when you are lifting the right foot off the ground. Try to maintain an equal weight in your, forefoot, heel of the stand foot, and inner and outer arch.

Now allow your left hand towards the ground so that you can allow your finger pads with fingers spread. Your hand should not be 11-12 inches ahead of your left foot. Now to reach out of the top of your head, you should encourage the length in your neck and spine. And, points your toes that can keep to the side wall.

Breathe easily and comfortably at least for 4-5 breaths.

Benefits of Half Moon Pose:

There are several health benefits of Half Moon Yoga Pose. This yoga posture expands your shoulders and your chest, increase the mobility of your hip-joints, helps to increase the mobility of your neck, lengthen your spine muscles, tone muscles of your thighs, helps to stretches your groin muscles and hamstrings.

Improves digestive issues and menstruation issues (if you have any). Helps to relieve stress and depression and good for your legs.

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