4 Yoga Fashion Tips And Trends for 2019

Yoga 2019

People of our generation are exploring the world of yoga. They may be under the misconception that yoga is just an exercise. When they seek it out, they soon learn that statement is very far from the truth.

The practice of yoga is more than 5,000 years old. Many people believe that yoga is part of Hinduism. However, the practice of yoga predates Hinduism. The best way to describe yoga is yoga is a discipline that allows the user to reach new found mental, spiritual, and physical levels. Many Hindus do practice yoga to grow their spirituality, but it is in addition to their religion.

Yoga and Dance

People who practice yoga and people who practice dance, push their bodies to limits that seem supernatural. Because yoga and dance are physically demanding, students wear similar clothes. The clothing is designed for support, movement, and freedom of expression.

In this post we will share some yoga fashion tips that can come from your yoga shop or an industry leader in dance clothes and costumes like, Just For Kix.

Fashion Tips And Trends

People have gotten used to being able to go from the studio to the street in their workout clothes. The big name manufacturers realized that and promise that trend will continue into 2019. Of course, that means really cool leggings.

  • Leggings will have a higher waist
    • This makes it easier to fit a variety of members. With plus size yoga on the rise, people will look to leggings that will compliment every shape.
    • Compression fabrics for support
    • ⅞ length (this falls a little above the ankle
  • Leggings of patterns and colors
    • You will see more animal prints this spring. This trend began in the dance studio in 2018 with tights. The trend started with fishnet hosiery and they caught on like crazy. Animal prints soon followed. By summer you will see neon colors! Bright greens, pinks, and yellows will be everywhere.
  • Sports bras for everyone
    • Sports bras are always in demand for yoga and dance, but this year you will see more variety than ever. The trend is to “feel like I’m wearing nothing.” But the sports bras will have to give support to women with heavy breasts, not just small women. The sports bras will be designed and fitted for the person wearing them. A variety of straps, and materials. Fashions will be romantic. Bras with the mock collars are going to be around with the cute sweetheart look.
  • Elephant pants
    • Elephant pants are making a come back. They are not as loose as the pants of the 1990s, but they have plenty of movement. This is part of the “studio to the street” movement. They are super cute with a crop top and sneakers.

As we get closer to the warmer months, you may be seeing more people in the new leotard with the boy-cut leg openings. A quick wrap to hit the streets is, as always, the wrap around skirt.

While the fashions for 2019 are trendy and cute, you will find there is a lot more science built into each garment. If you love yoga, you may be interested in yoga pants. It is not only beautiful but also comfortable for people practice yoga on a regular basis. It is not enough to look good, people want to feel good and nothing slows down a yogi or a dancer more than an ill-fitting outfit.

Now is the time to order your spring and summer ensembles. You don’t want to show up in out-dated sportswear. No matter why you wear them, you will be glad that you wore them, and that is what it is all about.

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