Kilimanjaro Climb Dates & Cost Comparison: You Need To Know!

Kilimanjaro climb cost

It goes without saying that spending a quality time outdoors reduces stress. There is a reason why athletes, hikers and nature lovers smile and feel good after they have come back from an adventure.

When you consider the extensive range of Kilimanjaro climb cost, dates and all, keep in mind that most trekkers book a climb with their travel operators opt for one of the two routes, such as: TK Lemosho or TK Rongal that they principally recommend.

Actually, Trekkers or climbers choose these routes so that they can be accustomed to a new climate or new condition. Also, they can avoid the energy sapping that usually happens due to height loss, though that is avoidable.

Here, in this blog, we will help you get some of the best Kilimanjaro climb dates and cost comparison in 2022! You will be able to choose the climbing packages as per your budget and need. Believe, you have been searching for the best Kilimanjaro climbing packages.  Needless to mention, getting a good Kilimanjaro climbing cost adventure package will help you maximise the chance of your success. That’s possible when you choose a reliable travel outfitter.

Key to Kilimanjaro Climb Cost

The below mentioned two things are considered properly when you compare Kilimanjaro climb cost.

  • For groups or climbers who want to keep their climb totally private
  • For groups or climbers who want to open their climb to other climbers

Your travel operator will help you in this regards, but the climb cost to Kilimanjaro is determined by the size of the group or climbers, but not necessarily the number of persons who ultimately climb together.

Normally, Kilimanjaro climb cost includes, camping gear, fees payable on park, camping and rescue fees, meals, porters, and guides, to name a few.

Kilimanjaro Climb Cost 2022: A True Price

Dreaming of setting foot on Kilimanjaro? There are many things to know. But two questions are very important here. What does it cost to climb Kilimanjaro and the cost of Kilimanjaro trek 2022?

Needless to say, climbing Kilimanjaro cost or the prices vary wildly. To climb it can cost you anything around $1500 to $5000 or higher. It depends on the route you select and the travel company you choose. Some well-known packages available are:

  • Six days Marangu route package
  • Seven days Rongai route package
  • Seven days Machame route package
  • Eight days Lemosho route package
  • Nine days Northern circuit route package

And, lot more packages available, you can choose as per your budget and need. Oh yes, there are many travel operators offer cheap packages to Climb Kilimanjaro 2022. But we would like to suggest you to choose the higher package, if possible. You will see why we are asking you not to go below two thousand dollar package.

Some Factors Affect Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost

There are various factors affect the Kilimanjaro climbing costs. In actuality, the price quoted for a Kilimanjaro climbing package may sometimes a hint to what your climbing experience will be. You shouldn’t depend on it. Even, the cost of Kilimanjaro climbing has many hidden, in fact, essential components.

With individual safety and a memory for life-time, you shouldn’t choose the cheapest travel package or the operator. Honestly speaking, it is quite impossible to organize a safe as well as comfortable Kilimanjaro climb for less than $2000.

Two types of costs are made up of the price of Kilimanjaro climb, such as:

  • Fixed cost, i.e. park fees per head.
  • Variable cost, i.e. transfers and equipment that are usually shared between all persons in a group.

The final price of your climb shall include the prices of the following things:

Kilimanjaro national park fees

First thing first, Kilimanjaro national park fees can’t be change. You have no option to cut the price from there. For instance, you choose a 6-day or 5-night camping Kilimanjaro Trek 2022, and you pay approx eight hundred dollars alone. Special forest fees are also applicable on Rongal and Lemosho routes.

Logistics & Supplies

Most reputable travel outfitters sold climb packages that are inclusive of logistics and supplies, like transfers, water, re-supplies, three meals and lot of important items that add to the overall Mt. Kilimanjaro climb cost. Fairly standard cost for industry in Tanzania is – $55 per climber.

Kilimanjaro Crew Wages

Crew wages are the next most essential component of Mt. Kilimanjaro climb cost. The rates paid to the client may vary, but a guide normally gets $20 to $40 per day, a cook and porter gets $ 10 to 15 and $7 to 10 respectively.

Costs of Camping Equipment

Sleeping bags, mess tents, tables, cookers and some kitchenware included in the camping equipment. Operators usually take care of the equipment, so that you get properly clean items. The average cost of camping equipment is $50 per climber.

Licenses & Taxes

Licensed travel operators pay a number of taxes and fees on a yearly basis, so that they can legally operate the tours in Tanzania. You need a special license to climb a mountain, and your travel operator ensures it, for which they pay taxes annually. The estimated fee is more or less $60 per climber.

Comfort of Climbing

If you are fit enough but have not had a good night’s sleep, you may be risking your experience in Kilimanjaro. Moreover, sleeping bags, fresh ingredients, cell phones, oxygen and other emergency items could men all the difference to make your Kilimanjaro climb successful. The price for these extra things would be not less than $50 per climber.


You don’t need to have special skills or training to climbing Kilimanjaro. But you need to have special safety, and for that matter an estimated cost of climbing safety adds something extra, like $40 per climber.

Accommodation Before & After Kilimanjaro Climb

A reliable travel outfitter always concern about the accommodation before and after the Kilimanjaro climb. Luxury hotel in Tanzania will cost not less than $100. Therefore, accommodation will raise the cost of your Kilimanjaro trip, estimated around $150 before and after the climb.

Kilimanjaro Full Moon Dates

Whether you and your traveller friends want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro during the full moon, then you are at the right place. We have presented the full moon dates here, but keep in mind that full moon dates are busier than other times. 

Trip starts 2022Full moon date  
11th April 202216th 
10th May 202215th
9th June 202214th
8th July 202213th
6th August 202211th
5th September 202210th
4th October 20229th
3rd November 20228th
2nd December 20227th

The full moon dates mentioned here are the best estimates. If you want to experience the full moon, get in touch with your travel operator for a perfect gateway!

Kilimanjaro New Moon Dates

Remember, new moon or full moon dates are by far the most crowded, but popular. Now, we are going to mention the new moon dates, considering these dates are the best estimates for the travellers.

New Moon Date 2022
13th January
12th February
2nd March
1st April
30th May
28th June
28th July
27th August
25th September
25th October
23rd November   
23rd December

Please don’t rely on these dates as gospel. We recommend you to get in touch with your travel operators that will help you in this regards.

Kilimanjaro Group Dates

Group climbing is no doubt great, especially if you are travelling solo. If you want to experience climbing Kilimanjaro with other travellers and enjoy a lot, then choose no other than group climb. You can choose for the below mentioned group packages

  • 6 days Marangu route
  • 7 days Rongai route
  • 7 days Machame route
  • 8 days Lemosho route
  • 9 days Northern Circuit

Here, we have given some packages for group climbing. It would be better if you contact your travel operator to know for a particular date, number of persons in a group, and its availability as per your requirements.

Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost is not that Cheap!

The temptation is big for sure, especially to go hunting for the cheaper Kilimanjaro climb. You shouldn’t start your search for a Kilimanjaro climb cost 2022 by looking at the price first. Whether you do it, you might end up paying the ultimate cost, or somebody else like you may have to pay it for you. When travel operators cut down the total cost to climb Kilimanjaro; they also have to cut down the expenditures to stay profitable.

Many travellers and climbers believe cost comparison for Kilimanjaro 2022 trek is essential before they choose a travel company and a package. Actually, the amount you save is directly coming from Kilimanjaro porters, and their wages are not the only place where amounts are saved at their expense. So you should think twice, before you book a cheap package.

Summing Up

Last, but certainly not least, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is an experience of life-time. So choosing a reliable travel company is essential, for that matter. They can make your Kilimanjaro trip unforgettable. They are well-known for top-of-the-line safari, climbing adventure, relaxation on beaches and accommodations, tailored specifically to meet your travelling needs.

We hope you will have a nice trip on Kilimanjaro and the Kilimanjaro climb cost will be as per your needs, and that’s too without any complications. For more information on Kilimanjaro climbing packages, including schedules, departures, dates and costs, feel free to browse our blogs on Tanzania travel or just travel.

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