Science and Philosophy of Agni Yoga

Agni Yoga

Agni Yoga is a supreme synthesis of all highest yoga practices. This yoga is mainly practiced in India which is based on the Vedic knowledge. Agni means ‘fire’, and according to Vedic diety ‘Fire God’, Agni is invoked by traditional Vedic ceremonies and fire rituals. This yoga helps to improve in our breath and mind and to control to rise Kundalini. This yoga is well known in India and many of the yoga expert accept it importance.

This yoga was founded by Nicholas Roerich and his wife, Helena Roerich, it is very popular yoga in daily life. This yoga teaching still evident in India, New York and in Moscow. According to the recent yoga experts, the ultimate path of knowing oneself and to the highest worlds, this yoga is very much important, this yoga also emphasizes joy, beauty, knowledge, love and happiness.

Agni Yoga the path of spirituality:

The beginning steps of Agni Yoga look like those Raja Yoga: the life force, purification, striving and study of prana. A person can question how should this yoga be understood? It is to be said, as judgment of all the attaching elements of fire, which maintain the seed of all the spirit, and its approach of life.

One person may question, how can he or she appeal that knowledge? The purity of thinking and after deciding the three worst characteristics put them to the flames of Agni/blazing striving.

Now the time to choose a teacher or guru on the earth and when you get to know the teaching, try to strengthen your body with pranayama (breathing exercise) and medicines indicated. You will observe the stars of the spirit; and you will also observe the fires that refine your centers; and you will perceive the voice of the invisible guru or teacher; and finally you will move into the other facets of the ultra-fine understanding that changes life.

Agni yoga contributed a lot to the spiritual awakening of many people. The main importance of practicing Agni Yoga is to pray for the Agni, the God, God is called the infinity, this yoga is called in many ways in different languages. It improves the path to feel of God, the infinity, the path of God, community, it also encounters evil.

These are only a few of the teachings of Agni Yoga. In short, it brings spiritual consciousness into the moment. Agni yoga attracts only a certain type of people because it can be difficult to understand by everyone, if anyone wish to practice of Agni yoga, he or she needs to be open-minded, accept its purification and open one’s heart for its power.

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