Why You Should Take Massage Therapy – 50 Reasons

Reasons to take massage

Massage therapy is a good medicine. You can find the right massage therapist for you to help you in diverse needs. Massage therapists are working in different countries all around the world. One of the renowned massage therapy associations is AMTA, called American Massage Therapy Association; members are the most trusted in United States. To know more about massage therapy you can read different international journals on massage therapy, read press release and sign up for hands on newsletters for free.

Reasons to Get a Massage – Your Physical, Mental and Emotional benefits of Massage Therapy

  1. Relieve stress and tension
  2. Relieve headache and anxiety
  3. Reduce postoperative ache or pain
  4. Manage Upper and lower back pain
  5. Help fibromyalgia pain
  6. Reduce muscle tension
  7. Improve exercise performance
  8. Relieve head pain, headache or migraine
  9. Improve sleep, reduce insomnia
  10. Ease the symptoms of depression
  11. Enhance cardiovascular health
  12. Minimize pain of osteoarthritis
  13. Help decreasing stress in cancer patients
  14. Improve balance in older adults
  15. Reduce rheumatoid arthritis pain
  16. Temper the dementia effects
  17. Promote relaxation
  18. Lower the blood pressure
  19. Calm body and mind
  20. Improve body posture movement
  21. Decrease symptoms of CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  22. Reduce chronic neck pain
  23. Help improve joint and muscle flexibility
  24. Reduce lower joint replacement pain
  25. Improve range of motion
  26. Reduce migraine frequency
  27. Enhance the quality of life in hospice care
  28. Reduce nausea, especially help to reduce chemotherapy related nausea
  29. Relieve sports injuries
  30. Relaxes the body
  31. Calms the nervous system
  32. Reduce heart rate
  33. Slows respiration
  34. Loosen tight muscle
  35. Stretch connective tissues
  36. Improve skin tone
  37. Relieve tired and aching muscles
  38. Relieve cramped muscles
  39. Improve productivity reducing mental stress
  40. Induce mental relaxation
  41. Improve concentration
  42. Increase tissue metabolism
  43. Decrease muscle deterioration
  44. Improve speed recovery from illness
  45. Speed elimination of metabolic waste
  46. Increase lymph circulation
  47. Strengthen the immune system
  48. Reduce swelling
  49. Enhance self-image
  50. Provide a feeling of well-being

A growing body or intensive study and research supports the physical, emotional and mental benefits of massage therapy for the above conditions, and some of the wide spread conditions like stress, fibromyalgia, lower and upper back pain and more.

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