Nutrition Facts, Analysis and Benefits of Quinao Diet

quinoa diet

The Supergrain Quinoa is a kind of goosefoot, a seed, especially a cereal commonly grows seed which are fit to be eaten. This seed is a pseudocereal and quite a true cereal. This cereal has a close relation with some other species like beetroots, spinach, kale and tumbleweeds. Quinoa diet is rich in protein, absence of gluten and unbigoted of dry clay. This grain is treated more like a vegetable to grain. Quinoa has its origin in South America and the grain has been utilized in regular diet for many years. The grain contains with protein, minerals and vitamins and makes you to feel well pleased. This good food has been gaining immense popularity due to a substitute food for weight loss. Let us read the benefits of quinao diet, the super food. 

Nutritional Value of Quinoa Diet

The Supergrain Quinao Diet was a foremost food in the diet of Pre Columbian Civilizations. This grain is also known as Super Food, because of its high protein content, all but 14 percent by mass. The protein in quinoa is much higher to brown rice and many other vegetables like potatoes, barley etc. Research found that nutritional value of Quinoa is much higher and is a good source of total protein. The grain is also an important source of phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium and dietary fiber, fat, fatty acids, monounsaturated fats (which is good for heart health), omega-3 fatty acid (prevents and reduces inflammation related diseases), antioxidant etc. Due to its great features, the grain picks up in its green form to enhance its higher nutritional benefit. The grain got its high popularity in the regular diet due to its overall nutritional richness. Most of the grains are examined to be insufficient as per complete source of protein due to the inadequacy of amino acids and isoleucine that is to be considered the best source of protein in a complete diet. In contrast, the benefits of Quinao Diet has notably higher amount of protein and lysine and due that quinoa is considered one of the most widely acceptable and complete protein diet now a days. 

Health Benefits of Quinoa Diet

Millions of people these days are eating supergain quinao, becuase they are getting the benefits of Quinao diet. The Food and Agricultural Organization commonly known as FAO has considered, the year 2013, as “The International Year of the Quinoa.” It is often called Supergrain Quinao Diet. It is appreciated by many Central and South American Countries, is one of the best food with – High Nutritional Value. Quinoa seeds are very rich in nine important amino acids and an essential vitamin B12, calcium and magnesium that are helpful for your weight loss. Persons suffering from obesity can take this grain to lose weight. The seed also contains with protein and dietary fiber that satisfy you to feel fuller. The important dietary fiber helps you to prevent cholesterol and fat which is good in reducing the risk of heart attack. The seed has a very low glycemic index and quite similar to other vegetables which is good for diabetic patients. You need not think of over eating when you try quinoa because the grain is very low in calories, you can add salad and or vegetables or beans you like to eat with in your diet.

The benefits of Quinao diet are many. The Supergrain Quinao Diet can be an essential and great diet for diabetes 2, cardiovascular diseases, constipation, reduces high blood pressure, improves red blood cells, good for growth of tissues, repair tissues, alleviate migraines, produce energy in the body, organize healthy bones and healthy teeth, and atherosclerosis patients. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds are present in this grain can prevent the risk of colon cancer. One another benefit of Quinoa is to prevent allergy, especially for those people who face an opposite response to some grains and find some actual alternatives. Many physicians and dieticians are recommending quinoa instead of wheat because of its low allergy probability and good for digestibility. Due to these awesome benefits of quinoa it made a special interest among the children and adults.

Tips for Preparing Quinoa

Though Supergrain Quinao Diet is quite bitter in taste but cooking it properly can satisfy your taste. The best method to prepare quinoa diet is to place the grains in a fine locked strainer and pour some cold water in the seeds, in the time of rubbing the seeds in hands. If you want to get the benefits of Quinao diet, try to finish this process, try a few seed from it and examine if it is still bitter or not. If you still feel bitter in taste continue the mentioned process until you feel normal in taste.


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