10 Organic Food Stores in Delhi

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As you know Organic foods are manufactured by the systems of organic farming. Of late, many countries are using these methods for producing organic foods like Japan, United States of America, Canada, Mexico and others.  A health food store or an organic food store is a kind of grocery shop which commonly sells different types of health based foods, nutritional food and accessories, organic foods and more. Organic foods are also known as health foods.

Are you searching organic food stores in Delhi? Here we have enlisted some good Organic Food Stores for shopping, almost all the things which you desire.

Have a look some of the best organic food stores in Delhi closest to you.

The Dubdengreen

All but 24 years back two corporates named, Jayashree and Ganesh Eashwar started to give something new to the world, and purchased a land just near to Bangalore and after a certain time they revolved it into an organic farm. They had begun to sell organic drinks, liquid refreshments, oils, grains and so on. In Dubdengreen, at present they have a great online supply store channel in Bangalore and in Delhi and various kinds of organic products are sold there, the products are of different types like fruits, vegetables, nutritious food, drinks, grains, cosmetic, clothes and more.

Organic Tattva

This is one of the well know organic store in Delhi, a one stop shop for all purposes of organic products and groceries. There are wide ranges of products available in the store, such as fruits, drinks, clothes, cosmetics, vegetables etc. It provides a door-step delivery at your home. You can pay by card or cash on delivery.


Navdanya established by world famous scientist as well as environmentalist Dr. Vandana Shiva.  Navdanya is a good organic store and is well familiar for its wide range of organic food products like grains, rice, and different types of pulses, millets, oils, sweeteners, cereal, fruits, vegetables, drinks etc. You will surely like the organic product at the Navdanya. The products come from its own holding in Uttarakhand; the farm spread all but 45 acres in area.

Jaivik Haat

The Haat was established with an idea for joining farmers and consumers. This organic store is initiated by Ashish and Priyanka Gupta, and it was an outcome of large-scale travels, laborious efforts and a cluster of good wishes throughout the country. Jaivik Haat’s organic products comprise with different grains, vegetables, oils, oils based products, snacks, fruits etc.

Ehsaas Organic

Ehsaas Organic store is also well-known in Delhi. The founder of this organic store thought to produce fresh vegetables and fruits that can fulfill the need of the customers and will be made without using any fertilizers, hormones or pesticides to the customers of Delhi. The store sells fresh fruits and vegetables, pulses, grains, oils etc. The store provides door step deliver services.

The Altitude Store

This is one of the most attractive places for organic products where you can purchase almost all the organic food items. Though, they do not have their own farm but they are the seller of certified organic products. The store sells lost of organic products such as, grains, rice, dry fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables, oils, oil based products, bakery, baby-food items and more. It has a especial division named “Altitude Fine Foods”, provides meats and different fishes.

Health is Wealth

This is the first complete health food store or organic food store in Delhi. There are a huge stocks available in the store, from whole grains, oils based products, baby food items, sugar, flour, cereals, fresh fruits, vegetables and more, and also provides fat free food, gluten free food products and sugar free products.

French Farm

French Farm is founded by Roger Langbour; he thought to produce for meat farming. At present time, the farm offers a wide range of products like ducks, turkeys, pigs, chickens and different organic vegetables. Their various products are also accessible through altitude store.

Say Organic

This well know organic store “Say Organic” trust in livelihood for the purpose of 70 per cent population in India. The farm mainly believes that agriculture is the main source of economic development in India. Furthermore, the farm strongly trust on Organic farming and produces wide ranges of organic products for India like fresh fruits, vegetables, creels, pulses, grains etc.


This store provides more than two hundred products. All are organic foods, vegetables, different kinds of creels, pulses, sugar, sugar based products, honey, oil, oil based products etc. The store offers Fully Certified Organic Logo, approved and verified by different national and international agencies to prove all its products are original organic materials.

The wide demands of organic foods are growing day by day due to its immense health benefits and no side effects. Generally Organic Foods are healthy enough, nutritious and free of pesticides and chemical substances due to that in Delhi more and more people now a day are choosing these kinds of products.

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