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Rooibos means “Red Bush” is a word originated from the scientific name Aspalathus Linearis is the long-handled brush of bristles or twigs of a leguminous plant commonly grows in the part of South Africa, particularly small heather-like tress and shrubs. The leaves of this plant are especially used to prepare a herbal tea which is called Rooibos tea or bush tea. It is very popular tea in South Africa, and day by day has been gaining an immense popularity in the other parts of the globe due its several health benefits. Researcher found several health benefits of rooibos tea.

It has been using widely to produce Rooibos tea in the same way like black tea and sometimes mixed with milk, sugar, lemon, honey etc. to get the awesome taste of this tea. Rooibos is getting massive popularity day by day especially in the western countries and also other parts of the world, distinctly among the people who are very much conscious about their health and want to get the benefits of rooibos tea. Let us have a brief look about the health benefits of Rooibos Tea

( 1) Reduces the risk of cancer:

Rooibos tea can play a major role to stop or slow down cancer of oesophaugs. Researchers found that traditional Rooibos is much more effective than that of green Rooibos in preventing cancer. Due to the presence of the most essential phemolic substance, this tea is rich in different qualities that are good to fight against cancer. Free radical can also be the cause of cancer. Hence, drinking tea which contains antioxidants can reduce the risks of cancer, and the benefits of rooibos tea is beyond question.

( 2 ) Reduces Aging:

One important health benefits of rooibos tea is preventing aging. Drinking Rooibos tea helps you to stay young, energetic and refined. Regardless of unpreventable aging process many people like to drink this tea to stay young and refined. Researchers found that cells in human body are not limited to cell divisions in a person’s life time process, when a person age 20 years or 40 years or even more, many of his cells used almost half of the person’s cell divisions. Though, this is a natural process, you cannot prevent or stop it but you can reduce the fast growing aging process. Due to the antioxidants properties found in Rooibos tea, it can help you to stay gracefully and minimize the aging process.

( 3) Boosts your immune system:

Because of its excessive level of antioxidants, like aspalathin, chromium, nothofagin and also consists of vitamin C and vitamin E and also has no caffeine  and has very low tannin levels in comparing with other black tea those are oxidized or green tea leaves can boost your immune system and make you to stay more active and refined from inside, due to the reason most of the people drink to get the benefits of rooibos tea.

( 4) Rooibos is good for gout:

The tea is really good for gout treatment. As you know gout is a disease caused by inflammation, and some other antioxidants found in this tea are the natural anti-inflammatory things that helps to treat your gout.

( 5) Repair of your sun damage:

We all know very well that excessive sun is very bad for your skin and it is dangerous to our overall health. Too much sun can harm your skin and the result is sun burn. In this circumstances if you drink Rooibos tea, its antioxidants properties vitalize your blood flow that helps you to stimulate the new cells growth. Repair your sun damage skin and helps you to look younger.

( 6) The tea is good for Scar Treatment:

Health benefits of rooibos tea is for scar treatment. Minimizing the appearance of scar tissue is one of the key benefits of antioxidants for the purpose of your skin. Different antioxidants seen in Rooibos tea are good to increase your skin blood flow that is important for scar tissues and helps to develop the new skin growth.

( 7) Helpful for nervous tension:

One of the essential benefits of rooibos tea is nervous tension. Among the cluster of health benefits this tea also carries different phemolic-compounds like, flavones, dihydrochalcones and flavanols etc. those are extensively using in dietary supplements. Rooibos is claimed to help with nervous related tension, depression, anxiety and also good for digestive issues. 

( 8) Rooibos is good for Asthma and Allergies:

Now a day traditional medicines use this tea for treating various diseases such as asthma, skin problems and allergies. If you are face problems like asthma, this tea helps to reduce without any side effects. Green Rooibos has much more higher capacity of antioxidants than that of traditional one.

( 9) Combat against Oxidative Stress:

Benefits of rooibos tea for stress reduction  is undeniable. Oxidation is a very natural activity. Rooibos tea contains with anti-oxidants that help you to combat against oxidative stress and free radicals. The tea is rich in antioxidants with vitamin C and E maintains a very low level of free-radicals that helps you to get rid of infection caused by different addiction like drinking alcohol or smoking and or air pollution.

( 10) Improves your Hair Health:

A foremost benefits of rooibos tea is hair health. Drinking Rooibos warm green tea is very good for over hair health. You may also apply warm green Rooibos on your scalp, leaving it on your scalp for at least one hour and wash it off, gives you a healthy natural scalp, also good in preventing hair loss.

( 11) Reduce Mental Stress:

At present time stress if very common among the large number of masses. Increasing mental stress day by day is just causes the life threat in the society. Due to that many people are addicted with smoking, drinking alcohol etc. and are suffering lots. Drinking Rooibos tea can helps you in quitting smoking and drinking which causes mental stress and also helps you to stay cool and calm inside your mind and body.

( 12) Prevent heart diseases:

Health benefits of Rooibos tea can give different effects to different persons according to a recent research conducted by a group of researchers. Research has shown that Rooibos tea is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants that help in preventing heart diseases. Improves the blood flow of the body and produce enough oxygen to the cells. Therefore, drinking Rooibos tea in the time of meal many be a good idea to reduce the risks of heart attack and stroke by saving arteries.

( 13) Improves liver disease and respiratory issues:

Research has found that Rooibos tea can treat in liver tissues revitalizing stupefaction occurred after a long time. It is helpful in preventing for liver diseases and good for respiratory issues like asthma.

( 14) Rooibos extract combat against HIV:

Studies found that Rooibos tea extract is great in helping for producing antigen specific anti-body. It is very good for immune response like cancer, allergy, AIDS rheumatoid arthritis and other related diseases. It has the high potentiality in preventing the damage of DNA.

( 15) Rooibos Tea prevents tooth decay:

The countless benefits of Rooibos tea has shown in different studies and researches, one of the another benefits of this tea is the capacity of preventing tooth decay. The bacteria which harm dental plaque and due to that tooth decay starts, this tea prevents in increasing bacteria and stop tooth decay.

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