Self-Made Therapist: 5 Tips on How to Give a Good Massage at Home

Home massage

Men and women today face challenges they never expected. Many parents find they must teach their children at home and working from home comes with its own stress. As a result, many people find they are tense and their bodies feel tight. A massage becomes of great help when a person needs to relax and unwind, and certain occasions call for someone to help work out knots in the neck and shoulders. Fortunately, men and women find they can provide a therapeutic massage at home to help their significant other overcome the stress and ease the pain. The following tips become of great help when the time comes to provide a massage for a loved one.

Prepare the Setting

A successful massage requires a soothing atmosphere to provide the desired level of relaxation. Look into purchasing massage tables, as they make this task easy. Turn off overhead lights, close the blinds, and light candles. These are only a few of the many ways you can create the ideal atmosphere for unwinding. Invest in massage oils to reduce friction and ensure the hands glide smoothly over the body, but warm the oil before using it. Nobody wants cold oil when they are trying to relax.

Massaging the Back

The proper technique depends on the body part being massaged. Many people don’t realize this and use the same technique at all times. When massaging the back, the person needs to lie flat so the masseuse can use their body weight to apply pressure. Long, fluid strokes work best for this part of the body and spend 30 seconds on each part of the body when kneading the muscles. Using the knuckles, massage the lower back by rolling them up and down the sides of the spine. Take care to not rub the spine directly.

Addressing Tension in the Head, Neck, and Shoulders

The head, neck, and shoulders may be massaged while the person is sitting or lying down. Using one hand, move it up the neck, gently squeezing and releasing the muscles. Next, using both hands, move the fingers in circles while taking the hands from the bottom of the skull, down the neck, and to the shoulders. Pay extra attention to the area where the head and neck meet. Massage the scalp using the fingertips, moving them in small circles.

Pay Attention to Other Body Parts

As with the head, neck, and shoulders, other body parts may be massaged while the person is sitting or lying down. When massaging the limbs, use techniques similar to those used for the back. Don’t massage the bones and joints. Move to the hands and massage each finger before moving to the entire hand. Next, transfer your attention to the feet. Pay attention to each toe and then move to the rest of the foot. Use the thumbs to massage the sole and the fingers for the top of the foot. Don’t overlook the arches either. Use your knuckles to massage this part of the body, much as you did the lower back.

Finishing Up

Run your hands over the person’s body, using long, light strokes to relax them. Finish by offering them a glass of water. A good massage releases impurities in the body, and the water helps to flush them away. Allow them to sit and rest for a few minutes upon completion of the massage to ensure they enjoy the full benefits of being relaxed. This completes the massage.

By taking these steps, you help the person unwind and relax. They’ll feel great once the process is complete. Prepare to give them massages regularly. Once they see how wonderful they are, they’ll want repeat sessions frequently.

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